Here Is How To Identify Trek Multitrack 750!

How to Identify Trek Multitrack 750

As a new or seasoned cyclist, you may sometimes be overwhelmed as to how you can identify a Trek Multitrack 750; worry not.

The good news is that it’s much easier than it seems to identify Trek Multitrack 750, among others.

However, keep reading to find out everything you need to know to identify Trek Multitrack 750.

All trek bikes have a stamp that reads “TREK,” available in one or more places within the frame. To identify Trek Multitrack 750, find the six-digit serial number at the bottom of the bottom bracket shell, then go to the serial number page to get your bike’s year, model number, and frame size.

How can I Tell what Model Year my Trek is? 

How to Identify Trek Multitrack 750

From about 1982 onward, you can easily tell the model year of your Trek by comparing its color against the model/year/color listings.

Now, check the frame’s serial number. The frame serial number is hidden at the bottom bracket (usually covered by a cable).

If the number is hard to read, kindly flash some lights from different angles. If you still can’t read the number, rub candle wax in the area.

The candle wax color should not be the same as the frame’s color. There, under the bottom of the bracket shell, you may see a seven-character alphanumeric or a six digits number.

If it’s the former, check the results of your serial number decoding project. While in the latter, you can proceed to the serial number page to get the model number and the year of your Trek. 

The six digits number (which ranges from 000000 to 270975) tells you the model number, frame size, and year of the Trek.

See the table below for more illustrations.

ModelFrame sizeSerial number Year 
75054010766 – 0107861983
75052011451 – 0114671983
75062017458 – 0174571983
62025113648 – 1136481983
62025113499 – 1135981983
62024113399 – 1133981983
56022113249 – 1134981983
56021113149 – 1132481983
56019111584 – 1163331983
50021111634 – 1117331983
50022111734 – 1193311983
77052108127 – 1081311983
77054108132 -1081361983
77056108137 -1081511983
77058108152 – 1081661983

What do Trek Numbers Mean? 

Before 1980, Trek used a seven-character alphanumeric as their serial number. The seven characters consist of three letters and four numbers.

The characters are in the form of XYXYXYY. Where X stands for letters and Y stands for numbers. The first letter in the characters indicates the model designation. 

210TX200TX300530TX500510TX700TX770710730TX900910930412and 414610,613,614950

Following the first letter is a number that indicates a frame size or a custom size, depending on the year:


The third character, a letter, represents the serialization month of the frame. 


The fourth character, the second number, denotes the last digit of the year, e.g., 6, 7, 8, 9 (for 197X) and or 0 for 1980.

The fourth character, however, may sometimes be the serialization date, not necessarily the model year.

The last three characters: The fourth character, the final letter, ranges from A to Z. The last two numbers range from 01 to 99.

On the other hand, from late 1980 to 1986, Trek changed to another numbering system, especially for frames built in the U.S.

The numbering on the frames was sequential, beginning with the number 000001. The list ended in November of 1986 with the number 279975.

Though in reality, this system of serialization extended through at least 1997. The record of the assembly runs was a documented journal.

How do you Read a Trek Serial Number? 

Depending on the manufacturing country, there are several ways in which you can read and write the serial numbers.

Read below for examples.

  • Trek made in Japan Trek begins with the letter “J.S.” followed by six digits numbers. 
  • Trek made from the U.S. may contain numbers, a five, six, or seven digits code, depending on the model year. For example, serial 81765 corresponds to the 22-inch frame size, 400 model number, and 1983 was the manufacturing year.
  • Consequently, made in Taiwan Treks have an eight or nine serial number; generally, Taiwan used this form of numbering from 1987-1993. The S.N. starts with the letter T, followed by a number, then one or two letters again, then the remaining four or five numbers follow the letters. 

The “made in Taiwan” treks serial number, as suggested by Sean Hickey, is read as: 

The first number is the year of manufacture, then the letter that follows is the month of that year. Suppose your Trek has a six-character serial number.

In that case, the first character is the model designation number, the second is the frame size, the third is the manufacturing month, and the fourth is the last digit of this manufacturing year. 

The fourth character, the last letter, maybe a run designation, while the last two digits may be the frame number in that run.

Therefore, if your Trek has a serial number A4D7, then you have;

  • A: 210 Model designation. 
  • 4: 24″ frame size
  • D: April, the month of manufacturing
  • 7: Last digit of the manufacturing year, i.e., 1987
  • B: Run designation
  • 01: Frame number of run B. 

The Trek with the above serial number has a model designation of 210, a frame size of 24 inches, and was manufactured in April 1987. 

What is the Chain Size for my Trek Multitrack 750? 

The Trek multitrack 750 has a 6/7/8 speed chain. The speed there refers to the Sprocket’s number in the rear cluster.

It also has three front gears and seven rear gears. Generally, manufacturers sell chains with extra links, meaning they are longer than a bike needs.

Therefore, you can cut the chain to a suitable length and join them before you install it on your bike.

To determine when to change your trek chain, buy the park tool chain checker here. Alternatively, you can measure the chain’s wear.

You can measure precisely 12 inches between the two chain pins on a brand-new chain. If the distance is 12 1/8 inches or more, your chain is worn out and needs replacement.

You should inspect your chain every few months and replace it if necessary before it becomes too damaged.

Regular chain replacement will extend the lifespan of other drive train parts, saving you money and time.

Simply continuing to ride will cause the chain, cassette, and even the chainrings to wear out.


There are several varieties of Trek bikes available. However, with the knowledge you gain from this article, Identifying a trek multitrack 750 won’t be a daunting task.

Not only but also reading and knowing fully what each character on its serial number stands for. So go out there and enjoy your ride with Trek multitrack 750.

Josh Matthews

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