19mm Rim Max Tire Size (Everything You Should Know)

19mm Rim Max Tire Size

Nowadays, bicycles with 19mm internal rim width have become popular among bike owners.

19mm rims are medium-sized rims mostly for light bikes that don’t shoulder much weight.

You can use a 19mm rim on the road, mountain, or other similar bikes. However, is there a max tire size for a 19mm internal rim width?

Yes, there is max tire size. The max tire size you can use on a 19mm rim is 2.1 inches (55mm). It doesn’t mean your 19mm rim can’t shoulder wider tires, but it is the standard size to avoid the risk of your tire ripping off at high speed.

What is the Widest Tire that Can Go on a 19mm Rim?

19mm Rim Max Tire Size

The maximum tire size you can use on a 19mm rim is 2.1. However, there are situations where you can go for a tire size bigger than 2.1, depending on how narrow your 19mm is or the kind of tire you want to install to the rim.

But this is at your own risk, as your tire has a high chance of ripping off your rim while you are at high speed. I recommend sticking to the 2.1 max tire size to avoid mishaps during rides. 

Also, using a tire wider than a 19mm rim makes the tire too round and tall, like a lightbulb, giving you the feeling of walking on eggshells. It equally causes fading and tearing on your tire.

Remember that this is only an estimate of the maximum tire size that should fit into the 19mm rim. Even so, tire brands have their directions, and you should also adhere to them. 

What Size of Tires Go on a 19mm Rim?

The tire sizes on a 19mm rim are 1.9, 2.0, and 2.1. These are the standard tire sizes for your 19mm that fits perfectly with the 19mm rim.

This estimation creates a balance because if the tire size is too wide, it will cause low durability, excess tire rolling, and burping.

On the other hand, if your tire is too narrow, it might damage the wheel or cause pinch flatting.

However, you should know that the tire brands might have their directions, and you should pay heed to their guide.

Can a 25mm Tire Go on a 19mm Rim?

Yes, you can use a 25mm tire size on a 19mm internal rim width. However, 19mm is too wide for a 25mm tire, and you might have issues using it on your 19mm rim.

It might also fit in perfectly, depending on the tire brand. The 25mm tire size ranking is very near to the requirements of 19mm rims.

Hence, you can ignore the little differences and forge ahead to install the 25mm tire to your 19mm rims. 

However, there are many possibilities that it might turn out bad, especially if the installation isn’t in line with the guide of the tire brand.

After installing a 25mm tire to your 19mm rims, some downsides might appear.

Firstly, It might cause damage to the side walls of your tire because a wider rim draws the tire’s side walls to the ground, leading to damage.

Since the tire’s side walls continually have contact with the ground, they keep growing thinner and stand a high chance of puncturing.

Also, a wider rim makes the tire thinner over time, lessening the gap between the rim and the ground.

This issue can lead to difficulty in riding because the tire won’t have the luxury of changing its shape to meet the demands while riding.

Thirdly, It might also lead to a slow cornering if the rim is wider than the tire; this has to do with the tire becoming flat over time.

Furthermore, a smaller tire with a wider rim can cause damage to the rim and the inner tube.

Since the rim barely has contact with the ground, the rim and the inner tube might have forcible contact, leading to damage.

Lastly, if the rim is wider, it stretches the tire, leading to a flat crown; due to continuous contact with the ground, the tire wears off at a neck-breaking speed.

However, there might be no downside to installing a 25mm tire size to your 19mm tire because the tire, rim make, and air pressure might suit each other perfectly.

There are many possibilities, but you should stick to the rules to avoid unnecessary mishaps.

Bicycle Tire Size Chart

You would have a general overview of how the bicycle tire size charts work. It would help you figure out how to install your tire to the internal rim width. 

However, keep in mind that this is just a general assessment, and you should adhere to the instructions from the tire brand. You can find this instruction on the sidewall of your tire. 

#1. Bicycle tire size chart for Mountain Bike (MTB)

Internal Rim Width (mm)19mm20mm21mm22mm23mm24mm25mm26mm27mm28mm29mm30mm31mm32mm
Tire Size 1.9 
Tire Size 2.0
Tire Size 2.1
Tire Size 2.2
Tire Size 2.3
Tire Size 2.4
Tire Size 2.5 – 2.7 
Tire Size 2.8 – 3.1 (Plus)

#2. Bicycle Size Chart for Road Bike

Internal Rim Width17 – 19mm20 – 21mm22 – 23mm24 – 25mm
Tire Size 23 – 25C 
Tire Size 25 – 28C
Tire Size 28 – 30C
Tire Size 30 – 33C
Tire Size 33 – 35C
Tire Size 35 – 38C
Tire Size 38 – 40C
Tire Size 40 – 43C
Tire Size 43 – 45C
Tire Size 45 – 48C
Tire Size 48 – 50C

#3. Bicycle Tire Size Chart for Fat Bikes

Inner Rim Width55 – 65mm70 – 85mm
Tire Size 3.8 – 4.2
Tire Size 4.3 – 5.0 

As said before, this is a rim compatibility experiment using well-known tires.

Hence, this is only a comprehensive guide because the tire brand, rim model, and air pressure are the main factors that can affect your choice.

So, you should follow the instructions of the tire brand so that you can be on the right track.

Final Thoughts

If your bicycle rim is a 19mm internal rim width, do well to stick to the standard guide, which requires 1.9 to 2.1 inches as the standard measurement, unless the tire brand instructs you otherwise.

It would help keep your bicycle rim and tire from damage. It can also prevent you from bodily harm.

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