Are BMX Bikes Cool? (How Cool Are They)

Are BMX Bikes Cool

Today, road and mountain bikes are the most common type of bike worldwide. But that doesn’t make the BMX bikes inferior. 

BMX bikes have been around for decades; they are off-road bikes used for extreme sports. But with the advancement and various changes in sports, are BMX bikes still cool? 

Yes, BMX bikes are a perfect example of coolness and style in the cycling world. Every aspect of this two-wheeler makes it one of the rider’s perfect options that offer something for everyone. However, it still depends on your taste and preference. 

This article explains the BMX bike’s various features, popularity status, and some riding ideas that make it enjoyable. 

Are BMX Bikes Still Cool?

Are BMX Bikes Cool

BMX bikes are still cool today. Therefore, for whatever reason you want to ride a BMX,  you will enjoy an exhilarating ride. 

It looks different from ordinary and regular bikes for obvious reasons. However, if you don’t mind being different, you can look cool and classy with your BMX bike.

Bicycle motocross (BMX) is one of the most popular bikes used in extreme sports. But not all BMX owners use it as a racing bike. 

Some people mainly use it as a commuter for transporting themselves to and fro. 

Over the years, BMX bike producers have added new features, such as inventive suspension designs, making this bike more fantastic and fun.

Their simple frame setup and thicker tires give it an advantage- enhance traction and shock absorption. 

The design style of this two-wheeler makes it bear the high stress that comes with aggressive riding styles using only limited body parts. 

Various types of BMX two-wheeled vehicles offer different styles and unique features that make them extraordinary. 

These types include

#1. Racing Bikes 

These are also known as the original BMX bike and can perform fast, high-velocity sprints around a dirt track which involves several jumps and turns. 

The racing bike’s lightweight gives it an advantage in stability and maneuvering. Thus, you are in control while riding at a breakneck and competitive speed. 

The racing bikes are similar to the motor cross bikes but have different engines. The wheel of a racing BMX is always 20 inches and mostly thin. 

This feature makes it easier for riders to race on a dirt course without compromising speed. Another vital feature of racing bikes is a longer crank. 

The petite and strong rear hand brake offers a greater control level of the braking system. You can also use this bike for casual riding. 

#2. Freestyle BMX Bikes 

This bike type is mainly for stunt riding in skate playgrounds, on ramps, and on the street. It has a more oversized steel frame that can withstand the high tension of trick riding. 

The freestyle BMx ride consists mainly of shorter tubes and wheels between 18 to 20 inches. Thus, you can easily maneuver your freestyle bike, making the ride more fun. 

Another essential feature of the freestyle bike is the rotor, which allows the rider to perform any complicated stunts and swirls. 

#3. Dirt Jump BMX Bike 

Just as the name implies, this bicycle is for performing jumps and tricks on dirt routes. It has a sturdy frame and fork, making it comfortable for the bike to deal with the landing result. 

Also, the broad wheels and knobby cords provide traction on the floor surface. Furthermore, their shorter wheelbase offers more precise navigation in the air, making your ride fun. 

#4. Flatland Bikes 

Flatland BMX bicycles are lightweight with smaller wheels for easier navigation and acceleration. So it’s unsurprising that you can perform tricks on a balanced exterior. 

Also, this BMX type consists of a free coaster hub that enables you to roll back without stepping on the pedal. 

Another cool feature of this bike is a gyro system that allows riders to accomplish challenging stunts and twirls. 

#5. Park Bikes 

This particular BMX is mainly for riding in state parks and ramps. These bicycles have a similar feature to the flatland bike- lightweight, smaller wheels, and a gyro system. 

Park BMX two-wheelers have pegs you can bind to the axles, thus giving room for achieving scrapes and slides. 

Is BMX Riding Losing Popularity?

It’s hard to determine if BMX is losing its popularity. Although BMX riding may not be as popular as before, it still has loyal fans, with various worldwide contests and events. 

Besides. Many people have become interested in the sport in recent years,  with a series of new riders and BXM lovers joining the game. 

Regardless, BMX riding faced more challenges that reduced its popularity. 

Here are some reasons popularity decreases; 

  • Some people feel the game is less exciting. 
  • The bicycle is more expensive than the regular one, so it scares potential riders away. 
  • Riding a BMX requires more skill than a simple bike. 
  • Some countries limit permits to BMX parks due to safety considerations and lack of funds.

Though some of these reasons ultimately reduce its popularity, it’s still many people’s favorite sport and hobby. 

The BMX community is enthusiastic, and many riders with different skill levels gather to showcase their love for the sport. 

Therefore with the support the BMX receives from fans and organizations, it will remain vibrant and maintain, most likely increasing its popularity in years to come. 

What Age Group Ride BMX Bikes Most? 

BMX is primarily common among young riders. However, these bikes remain a popular choice among cyclists of different ages. 

The table below shows the bike sizes and the category of people that fit

BMX Bike SizesFits
MiniIt’s for individuals between four to six years. 
Junior Are for those between the ages of six to nine years. 
ExpertFor individuals within the age range 9-13 years.
ProAre for people above 11 years. 

5 Cool BMX Riding Ideas 

BMX riding is one way to be active and have tons of fun. It has many activities you can participate in and an avenue to showcase your skills while enjoying yourself. 

Here are some cool ideas you can try on BMX rides. 

#1. Manual or Wheelie 

Manual freestyle is when you raise the front wheel of your bike when riding on a flat surface. To achieve this idea, you must balance your body positioning well on the bike. 

As a beginner, it takes you some time to master this idea, but once you have, you will surely enjoy doing it. 

#2. Bunny Hop 

This hop is another elementary idea you can look forward to as a beginner. The bunny hop requires a small jump. You must squat on your bike and jump while pulling the front handlebars. 

Then you will hop like a bunny. However, your jump timing and the pull must be the same to avoid smaller jumps. 

#3. 180 and 360 Spin

This idea is complex, so it needs your total concentration. 180 spin is a half bend in mid-air that requires you to rotate out and back into the ramp. 

To perform the 180 spins, you must create a torque – you fling your body and the bike perpendicularly to your travel path. 

But it would help if you exercise caution so you would not over or under-rotate, which might result in an accident. 

The 360 turns are almost the same as the 180 turns. However, the 360 turns are a whole spin you must fling yourself aggressively to achieve.

#4. Bar Hop 

This unique freestyle enables the rider to jump over the handlebars. You end up at the bicycle front and continue to journey forward. 

So you control the handlebar behind while looking straight ahead. Of course, to achieve this riding idea, you must have decent speed skills. 

#5. Superman 

The Superman idea is one of the tricky stunts in BMX riding. This freestyle stunt needs you to expel yourself from the bicycle body. 

You only need to hold the bike handle and balance the bike so that you can come back on the bike while you are about to land.

Once you have the skill needed, you can try any ideas on your BMX bike. 

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