Are Target Bikes Good? (Must Know This)

Are Target Bikes Good

If you are serious about taking up cycling as a sport and training regularly, you need to invest in something substantial.

Whether you want an affordable or a high-end performance bike, there’s something for everyone.

However, a cheap or second-hand bike will do fine if the cycle is for daily commuting. 

The main differences between bikes in Target and department bike store bikes are the price and other minor details.

In addition, there are specific types of bikes designed for particular uses. Target offers some of these bikes at the lowest price possible with one of the broadest product offerings. 

Target bikes aren’t as good as Walmart, Pacific Cycles, and other stores’ bikes. Though affordable, you might pay more for maintenance and care in the long run than a more costly but effective second-hand. Their local bike shop offerings are also notorious for having hidden costs of ownership and safety issues.

Are Target Schwinn Bikes Good? 

Are Target Bikes Good

Schwinn’s bikes have made a name for themselves for years as a trustworthy bike brand.

However, in recent years due to a change of ownership, you might not exactly get the best from them in terms of frame, handlebars, and flexibility.

What they offer now is an affordable entry-level variety of bikes.

The Schwinn bikes are easy to use. They comfortably fit your legs and necks, so you wouldn’t stress yourselves and become fatigued quickly.

They are also good because their tires work on dirt and tar. In most Target stores, the Schwinn bikes are assembled-ready for you.

Recently, even if you want stationary bikes for your cardiovascular exercise, Target Schwinn bikes are the best bet because of their affordability and comfort.

Pacific Cycles also offers Schwinn,  beach cruisers, single-speed, and even recumbent bikes for kids. 

The Target Schwinn bikes you can get from local bike stores are called retail Schwinn bikes.

They are usually known for their durable build and extended warranty coverage. However, if you want the best, you must buy Signature Schwinn bikes.

The signature Schwinn bikes are available at select stores with the Pacific Cycles brand. 

Is Target a Good Place To Get a Bike?

Target is an excellent place to get a bike if you want to get it cheap and easily affordable.

You can get bikes for as low as $150. Affordability should always be at the back of your mind, especially if you buy the bike in the quest to learn to ride.

Many bikes are available at Target, ranging from kid-friendly to mountain ranger.

So, if you aren’t sure of what to look for, a Target shop might be where you can safely determine what cycles fit your needs.

Also, unlike other popular stores, Target allows you to return a purchase if you are unsatisfied within 90 days.

It will come in parts if you buy a bicycle online from Target. However, if you get it from your local Target store, it might be assembled, but you would find problems with the assembling.

Because most times, typical employees are the ones who assemble it without the necessary expertise or know-how.

Sometimes you might need accessories with your bike, like gloves, chains, or even a knee cap.

Target has established itself as a one-stop shop, so you most likely get them at a discounted rate.

 However, if you plan to use your bike for a long time, no matter how enticing a target bike is, its construction and quality are unsuitable for any amount it is labeled.

Things to Check in Target Bikes While Buying Them

The world of bikes has a lot to offer for all tastes and needs if you want to buy your bikes at the big red dot.

Your reason for buying bikes can go a long way in determining where you want to purchase them.

Here are some things you must watch out for when buying Target bikes:

#1. Size

When buying bikes from Target, you must purchase the size that fits you. This caution is not only for comfort but even for your welfare.

The distance between your handlebars and the saddle determines the correct size. It is sometimes called the ‘bike cockpit.’

Before you buy, ride the bike, if you feel cramped or stretched, you could ask for frame extension, or you could try another cycle.

However, do not buy an uncomfortable bike. If you do, you only increase the risk of injury to yourself.

#2. Tires

The tires indicate how long the bike would likely last before repair costs pile. If you notice any wear and tear, ask for a tire change.

The wear and tear is a symptom of deeper troubles with the wheel. And a lousy wheel means the bike isn’t good.

Tires should also fit well with the bicycle. A slack tire can make the ride in bumpy areas not only bumpy but tiresome.

In addition, it could cause injuries and sometimes sudden lock in the brake.

#3. Accessories

Before you buy the bike, you should have a clear mindset of the accessories you want your bicycle to have.

For example, is there a provision for customization of fenders, racks, saddlebags, or even night lights?

Accessories can make the difference between your bike being an enticing bike or a boring bicycle.

Ask the Target department store if you can customize your bike with them. If the answer is no, an independent contractor might be willing to customize it but at a higher cost.

#4. Check the Drivetrain

The drivetrain and its components are essential parts of a bike and, if fixed wrongly, could cause injury and extreme discomfort.

If you order online, Target bikes do not come assembled, so keep an eye on available drivetrain parts while checking out its features. 

Suppose you are buying them from your local bike store. Check if the pulley, chains, crank set, and wheels seem worn out or incorrectly assembled.

Ask that it should be adjusted if it seems off or try to get another bike if the bike is beyond redemption.

Target Bikes That Cost $300 or More Quality

Most Target bicycles are below $300. So there would always be the nagging desire to know if buying a bike above $300 is wise.

Bikes sold above $300 tend to have better quality than their lower-priced siblings.

But the price sometimes reflects materials used, accessories added, and consistent demand. 

Typically, your bike would last longer than those sold below $300. Unlike local bike shops, Target doesn’t sell fairly-used bicycles.

Therefore, you can trust that the bicycle wouldn’t break down suddenly before use.

However, adding more and getting a bike for about $450 at specialized bike shops is also an alternative you can consider.

If you are not sure how much bikes cost. Here is the average price; most stores sell bicycles:

BikesPrice ($)
Kid Bikes150-200
Beach Cruiser200-350
Single-speed Bikes300-400
Road Bikes350-700
Recumbent Bikes1500-2000


Whatever bikes sold on Target lack in quality, they offer variety and affordability.

So if you have a child multiplying, or you are just a casual cyclist, Target circle offers are your best bet.

However, remember that you would have to devote some of your resources towards maintenance to enjoy the best it offers.

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