Does Fitbit Versa Count Step When Biking? (Let’s See)

Fitbit Versa Count Step When Biking

Fitbit is one of the biggest names in the wearable smart technology fields, aiming to promote a healthy lifestyle. The Versa is an advanced model of Fitbit with modified features.

Fitbit is mostly used for tracking your steps when performing your day-to-day activities such as running, jogging, and walking. You might wonder if Fitbit counts steps when you ride your bike.

Fitbit Versa counts steps while riding your bike without wearing the device on your ankle. Since this device can observe the movement of your arm, it then interprets each movement of the arm as steps. 

Does Fitbit Versa Count Step When Biking?

Fitbit Versa Count Step When Biking

This Fitbit counts steps when biking through the assessment of your arm.

Fitbit versa (the short form of versatile) is made mainly for women with portable and lighter bodies plus specific female health tracking features.

It looks like a standard watch and is one of the best fitness trackers. Although made mainly for females, the watch is suitable for men who prefer a smaller watch case.

Fitbit versa has a big screen for a simple stat display and interactive workout section through Fitbit coach.

The Fitbit versa is for various people. Such as a casual walker, devoted runner, cyclist, swimmer, or someone that gyms regularly.

This device also focuses on other gentler aspects of general health aside from fitness. These aspects include calmness, sufficient rest, and other detailed female fitness tracking factors.

The Versa measures numerous health components like the steps, duration, calories, various floors climbed, and the minutes spent.

When you set reminders to move, the watch will help you cover a minimum of 250 steps once an hour (during the daytime)  

The Versa is equipped with a Fitbit’s purpose heart-rate monitor mounted on the wrist for improvement in the efficiency of your training, exercises, and slumber.

This feature can also help monitor your heart rate.

How Does Fitbit Versa Track Biking?

Fitbit Versa tracks your bike rides using a technology called Smart track. The smart track acknowledges and notes any high-movement activities automatically.

It then classifies it as a certain type of workout.

This smart track feature will notify you that your workout is recognized automatically when you engage in a supported exercise for approximately 15 minutes (you can modify the  duration of the exercise in the Fitbit app.)

Although the smart track tracks bike rides, it doesn’t work perfectly because GPS is off. Making it unable to record distances covered accurately.

So, do not use the auto-recognize feature when riding your bike to get accurate tracking information. Instead, always use the Exercise app because it allows GPS.

The Fitbit versa uses either the GPS built-in or the GPS from your phone connected to the watch (called Connected GPS.)

They use this type of GPS because the tracker on your arm will not know what your bike wheel is doing, so they can’t record an accurate distance.

For better tracking when biking, make sure you put the following in your mind;

  • Always ensure your Fitbit is not too loose on your wrist.
  • Be sure your Fitbit is synchronized to your phone a few seconds before you commence the ride (Open the app, synchronize and close)
  •  Before biking, make sure your GPS is connected to your phone

To access all your bike tracking activity on your Fitbit app, you need to synchronize your exercise by doing the following; 

  1. Continue pinching the button until you see the Exercise screen on your tracker.
  2. Press the screen to find the bike section
  3. Tap the button and drag it down to begin your exercise. The phone icon at the top indicates that the exercise needs a connected GPS, and your appliance is connected to a GPS signal. 

However, if the phone icon reveals a line, it shows that your watch is not connected to your phone. It might also mean you haven’t linked your phone to a GPS signal.

Anytime the phone icon has a vibrant dashed line, it confirms your gadget is trying to find a GPS signal.

  1. Your tracker will show you your real-time stats or time of the day during exercise. Just tap the button when you want to check.
  2. Press the button when you want to halt your workout or resume the exercise.
  3. When you finish your training, press and hold the button to stop recording. When you stop the recording, you will see a banner icon and a congratulatory message.
  4. Then click on the button to see an overview of your results. 

How to Get Steps on Fitbit When Cycling?

When cycling, your hands are mostly stationary, so your Fitbit won’t get as many steps because Fitbit counts steps based on how the arm swings.

The calorie burned depends on the heart intensity rate. Set the Fitbit indoor cycling mode, which will time your steps, monitor your heart rate, and estimate your calories burnt. 

When you walk 10,000 steps, it is the same as burning around 300 – 400 calories.

Seeing the number of calories you have burned will help you calculate when you have done the equivalent distance on your exercise bike.

Although the Fitbit device is not 100% accurate, it can help you oversee your progress.

Another way to know your cycled step is by converting your cycled miles to steps. Converting  your cycled miles into steps involved four steps;

  1. Stand enclosed with your hip separated from each other. Use a  paper tape of 12 inches in front of your toe. Then move ten steps ahead. After moving, close your leg and put a different paper tape on your front.
  2. Calculate the two tape distances. Then divide the answer by ten to know the average step length. For example, if you have 25 feet as the distance between the two tapes, the average walk length will be 25 divided by ten, giving us 2.5 feet. 
  3. Furthermore, multiply the cycled number by 5,280. It will change it to the cycled feet. If you ride four miles, your solution will be 4 ×5,280 = 21,120 feet.
  4. Feet cycled/ the average step length, so 21,120 cycled feet divided by 2.5 feet. This division gives 8,448 steps, representing the step cycled.

The best fitness tracker for cyclists is the Fitbit Charge 4. It has integrated GPS, a SpO2 sensor, support for Fitbit Pay, and many more.

With this watch, you can track your activity, receive alerts from calls and texts, and track your rest. 

Also, this model is waterproof up to 50 m. With the waterproof feature, you don’t have to worry about covering the tracker with sweat while cycling.

Another feature that makes it the best fitness tracker for cyclists is that the battery can last up to seven days and has a built-in GPS that can record each cycling session.

Why Does My Fitbit Count Step When Cycling?

Your tracker may register steps on bumpy roads, causing your Fitbit to count steps when cycling. On the other hand, it might result from the movement your body makes at that moment. 

If you have a Fitbit with a multi-sport mode and want to track your activity when cycling, specify this before you get on your bike.


When you need the best fitness tracker to record your health and biking, you can never go wrong choosing a Fitbit.

You can also use it to multitask while your wrist remains comfortable. These trackers are very versatile and are very affordable.

If you want to start cycling or you have been doing it, Fitbit will help you.

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