Can You Raise The Seat On A BMX Bike? (Must Read First)

Can You Raise the Seat On a BMX Bike

The key to having the best riding experience is bikes that are the right fit. Usually, riders choose bikes based on their frame sizes to match their unique height and weight.

Also, the bike seat’s height should match the rider’s physical build. That’s to allow easy use of the pedal and free movement of the knees.

But riding your BMX bike will be less fun if these measures are not in place.

You can raise or lower your BMX bike’s seat if the height is an issue. With that feature in place, riders can be sure of having the best riding experiences on their BMX bikes. That’s true because you can change the height of your bike’s seat anytime to match your riding needs.

Are you having trouble using the seat of your BMX due to its height? Don’t worry; this article will help get you out of that fix. Now, you know that you can alter the seat’s height.

You’ll also learn how to make your bike’s seat height unique to your build. Doing that will make it a better fit and help you have more enjoyable riding experiences with your BMX.

Are BMX Bike Seats Adjustable?

Can You Raise the Seat On a BMX Bike

Yes, BMX bike seats are adjustable. The adjustable seat is helpful because riders can get the best riding experience.

That’s because the seats allow riders to make the height unique to their build and thus have a better fit. But all that isn’t possible when dealing with a stiff bike seat.

The first, and sometimes the only idea many people have about BMX bikes, is using them for stunts. So they believe that such riders barely use the seat of their BMX bikes.

Although that idea is evident in how BMX bikes come with low seats, there are other purposes besides that. 

For example, BMX bikes are still fit for rides around the block, at the park, or on a trail.

So in such cases, the rider will indeed have a cause to use the bike’s seat. Even midway during stunts, riders often need to rest on their seats. So imagine the seat’s height being a problem.

Well, that’s why BMX bikes come with seats that riders can raise or lower to suit them. Thus, anyone can change the height if the setting from the factory doesn’t suit them.

But since the seats usually come with a shallow setting, riders must primarily raise them. However, you’d still have riders who would like to lower the seats.

That’s mostly when you barely have to use your bike’s seat. It mainly serves as an occasional support and not for resting during rides.

To get the best out of BMX bike seats, you’d have to raise them well. Otherwise, you’ll enjoy little or no comfort when using them as a seating point.

Also, besides adjusting the seat of your BMX bike, you can change it entirely if you please. The width and material of the seat may not suit you. There’s an easy way around that.

So you can always opt for a seat with features that are more convenient for you. All you’ll have to do is replace the original BMX seat with a product that suits your needs.

How Do I Make My BMX Bike Seat Higher?

First, you need to undo the seat clamp to make the seat of your BMX bike higher. Sometimes you’ll find the seat clamp at the top of your bike’s frame, below the seat.

In other cases, the clamp is directly under the bike’s seat atop the seat post. So you’ll have to look and see where your bike’s seat clamp lies.

You should note that undoing the seat clamp helps you adjust the seat height. So that means you’ll also have to undo the seat clamp if you need to lower

 the seat.

You’ll need an Allen wrench or key to undo the seat clamp. It helps to keep a set at hand in case one size doesn’t fit your bike’s seat clamp.

The first step to undo the seat clamp is to fit the Allen key into its hole. Next, turn the key counter-clockwise to loosen the grip. Then the seat post will be free to move up or down.

So you can adjust the seat height to the level once you can move the seat post freely. Since you’re making the seat higher, raise the seat post to a convenient size.

While adjusting the height helps to hold the seat with one hand and the key with the other. That way, you can easily make the seat post firm at the height you want to set it to.

Once you set the height, turn the key clockwise to tighten the seat clamp’s grip. But be sure to keep the hold tight enough. That’ll make loosening it harder the next time.

Instead, turn the key clockwise until it takes a lot of effort to ride it again. That way, you can ensure the seat post will not slide into the bike’s frame.

Also, it’ll be easy for you to loosen the seat clamp when next you have to adjust the seat height.

How High Should Your Seat Be on a BMX Bike?

The height you should set the seat on your BMX bike depends on the rider’s height. Usually, taller riders set their seats higher, and shorter riders set their hearts lower.

But besides that, the bike’s seat should be at a height that allows the rider to pedal conveniently. As such, you would want to set the seat at a reasonable price.

However, you’ll face an obvious problem if the seat is too high or low. Here’s an instance; shorter riders will have difficulty reaching the pedals when the seat is too high.

Even if they reach the pedals, taking them in cycles will be the next issue. In that case, the only way to pedal will be to get off the seat and stand on the pedal all through.

But that’s not convenient in any way. Next, taller riders face their fair share of trouble when the bike’s seat is too low. They end up bending their knees too much on the pedal.

On the contrary, riders should bend their knees just through a slight angle when pedaling. It helps to reduce the effort you exert when riding your bike.

Besides exhaustion, you have a greater risk of injuries as another effect of riders bending their knees a great deal.

While the rider’s height is the main factor in setting a bike’s seat height, other factors can come into play. One is if the rider will be doing stunts with the BMX bike.

So a rider may choose to have the bike’s seat lower or higher, depending on the tricks to be done.

But conversely, a lower seat height will afford you more clearance.

That way, you can quickly move your legs and not knock the bike away. An instance where the extra room is helpful is when doing tricks like turn-downs.

On the other hand, a higher seat height is helpful when doing no-handed tricks like bar spins.

In that case, you pinch the seat with your knees more quickly than when the height is low. So here, the seat’s height depends on the nature of the tricks the rider has in mind.

Considering all these factors, there’s no standard seat height for all riders, even those of the same height. However, the setup is directly related to the rider’s height.

As such, we’ve provided a guide to help you determine the height of your bike’s seat. The table below shows suggested seat heights based on the rider’s inseam.

Inseam Length (CM)Seat Height (CM)

How Do I Make My BMX Seat Comfortable?

BMX bike seats are different from the standard when it comes to comfort. So you may have difficulty with them if you have to sit down when pedaling.

You can adjust your BMX seat or even change it to get a better feel. Below are some ways to make your BMX seat comfortable.

#1. Adjust the Seat Angle

Added to the seat height, the seat angle can also determine the comfort level during rides. For example, you’ll experience soreness on your buttocks when the seat angle is steep.

So, it’s always best to set your seat at a slight angle. That way, it’ll feel level when you sit on it. In that regard, ensure not to tilt the seat too much to the front or backward.

#2. Use a Bike Seat Cover

Original BMX seats usually don’t have any layer on their plastic material. That makes them hard to sit on and worsens on longer rides.

But by using a padded cover, you can make them less tough on your skin. The most common material riders opt for is foam, so you can get a cover that suits your seat’s width.

#3. Get a New Bike Seat

Replacing your original BMX seat is usually the last resort because you must ensure the product’s quality. You can be sure of how durable the original BMX bike seats are.

But the same doesn’t go for other seats you can get on the market. Regardless, careful searching will yield a suitable bike seat.

One such product is the Velmia Bike Seat. You get a bike seat made of memory foam. That’s a great deal of comfort. Added to that, it’s also very durable.

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