Cannondale Aluminum 3.0 Series (Things you Must Know)

Cannondale Aluminum 3.0 Series

Are you wondering what kind of bike to purchase that will be durable, effective in your daily routine, and low cost? The Cannondale 3.0 aluminum series is one of its catalog’s best models.

This article will tell you all about the Cannondale aluminum 3.0 series.    

The Cannondale aluminum 3.0 series is undoubtedly a fantastic bike series that offers an impressive balance of strength and stiffness and weighs less. However, aluminum frames are less susceptible to crashes or accidental damage than other structures.

Cannondale 3.0 Series Aluminium Price

Cannondale Aluminum 3.0 Series

The prices for the Cannondale series aluminum vary. It depends on individual choices or preferences.

To decide on the bike you want, you must check if the comparable price is worth the wear and tear. The Cannondale 3.0 series aluminum price varies concerning regions.

 For a well-tuned-up bike, the cost could be from $75-200 dollars, hinging on how well the Cannondale series aluminum is maintained.

The Cannondale aluminum 3.0 series has different brands; below are ten of its favorite models from Cannondale’s brand.

1.Jekyll 291It has a 65-degree head angle with a 150mm travel front and rear. Riders can reduce rear travel to 120mm by the presence of a trick up in their sleeve in the form of a switch.$6,850
2.Synapse Neo SEIt has 650b wheels and cushy 47mm tires. It has a quiet pedal assist and is ready for less traveled dirt roads.$4,400
3.SuperSix Evo Hi-Mod Disc Ultegra Di2 It’s comfortable, aero, and convenient for a race bike. The SuperSix Evo Hi-Mod Disc Ultegra Di2 cheats the wind when in motion. $7,750
4.Topstone Carbon Force eTap AXSIt is made mainly for speed and comfort. It has a kingpin rear-triangle leaf-spring suspension system to move over bumps smoothly.$6,500
5.SuperX Force 1It’s a double impact bike in the sense that: it’s a capable gravel bike and also a fast weekend racer bike.$4,100
6.Chapel-SI Hi-Mod 1Its evolution is to handle challenging courses. It travels dimensions of 100mm in the front and rear.$7,900
7.Habit 4The Habit 4 is a bike for every trail. It’s a tall bike with 29-inch wheels, a 1x drivetrain, and a super short chainstay for traction.$3,150
8.CAAD Optimo 105It has a racing geometry and a high building performance. It’s an entry-level racing bike with speed-inspired features.$1,255
9.Trail 2This type has confidence-building features. Mountain bikers mainly use it.$1,575
10.Bad Boy 1The Bad Boy 1 is a good-looking bike with an attention-grabbing lefty rigid fork.  $1,950

Cannondale 3.0 Criterium Series Aluminum

The Cannondale 3.0 Criterium series aluminum is one of the various types of bikes built for a Criterium racer.

For a Criterium series aluminum bike to be considered a good bike, it must have the following properties; short wheelbase, steep angle, high bottom bracket, and stiff frame.

Because it’s so important, it is easy to get a comfortable road bike, but when it comes to handling and precision, Cannondale 3.0 Criterium series aluminum is the bike of choice.

Furthermore, the Cannondale Criterium series has suitable geometry and handling. 

This bike has a solid frame but can only move for a short distance; hence, it is terrible to ride a long distance.

Some present with a comfortable seat carbon-fiber fork to smooth the ride when in motion. 

The ‘Criterium’ part is known as the frame size, popularly called compact presently.

The Criterium wheelbase is short, and the bottom bracket is somewhat higher than the racing frame, making it possible for the rider to negotiate tight corners, which is standard for Criterium racers.   

Cannondale Bicycle 3.0 Aluminum Series

The Cannondale bicycle 3.0 aluminum series is a bike for sports, comfort, and agility, ideal for workouts and recreational activities.

The Cannondale bicycle 3.0 aluminum series is made from a lightweight aluminum frame, making it very swift when in motion.

The Cannondale bicycle 3.0 aluminum series frame is from a light aluminum and carbon fiber fork, which is reflective when looked upon its surface.

It also has an 18-speed drivetrain with hydraulic disc brakes and an inbuilt connection with Cannondale App.

A few characteristics are:

#1. Versatile

 It is a bike of all trade and spheres. It can withstand hard riding to keep the rider in good health.

Numerous reflective parts and good fenders make it easy to ride within the city.

#2. Comfortable and Capable

 Its relaxing nature is made possible by its ability to absorb shock when moving over a bump. It also has an efficient speed.

#3. Premier Performance

This performance is due to its lightweight gearing, confident handling, elegance, and comfort with fast tires. 

Cannondale 3.0 Series Aluminum Mountain Bike

The Cannondale 3.0 series aluminum mountain bike is one of the best bikes for climbing up the mountain.

Its primary color is black and green, with a wheel diameter of about 26inches and a frame material of aluminum. 

This series aluminum mountain bike possesses a 21-speed aluminum mountain bike front and rear center pull brakes.

In addition, it also has the following features:

  • Bottle cage
  • Flashlight holder
  • Front and rear bags
  • Tire pump seat post
  • Black with green accents
  • Tube mount USB rechargeable tail light
  • Bell bike computer
  • Bike mount holder

There are various Cannondale 3.0 series aluminum mountain bikes; you could choose depending on the price, gears, suspension, and tires.

Below is a table showing these disparities in some mountain bike models:

Trek Marlin 7RockShox XC 30 (100mm)$7903×929×2.2 inches.
Cannondale Trail 6SR Suntour XCM-RL (100mm)$8252×929×2.25inches. (27.5 inches. XS and S).
Giant Talon 29 2SR Suntour XCM HLO (100mm)$7202×929×2.2inches.
Kona MahunaRockShox 30 Silver (100)$9991×1029×2.25inches.
Co-op Cycles DRT 1.2SR Suntour XCR (120mm)$8993X927.5X2.2inches.

Cannondale 3.0 Road Race Series Aluminum

Undoubtedly, the Cannondale 3.0 road race series is one of the leading bike brands that create coveted machines for people plying the roads and mountains.

Aluminum is an ideal material for constructing a road race bike because it is cheap, light, and very well. 

The aluminum road bike frame possesses the shortest fatigue life of any materials used in manufacturing a bicycle frame.

Typically, an aluminum frame has a life expectancy of five to ten years. Cannondale 3.0 road race series aluminum is preferred to steel because it is corrosion free and has no worries about painting.

#1. Road bikes Vs. Mountain bikes

These are two of the most popular bike styles. However, there are more differences than similarities between these two bikes.

Firstly, their frames look entirely different; the mountain bike has a thick tire while the road bike has a thin tire. Their handlebars also come in different sizes and shapes.

Road bikes navigate city streets, cycle paths, country lanes, etc. They are lightweight, aerodynamic, and very fast when running in a straight line but can also be fast uphill.

On the other hand, the mountain bike is fashioned for off-road riding and ideally suited to help one stay upright on rocky and muddy trails.


The Cannondale aluminum 3.0 series is quite a remarkable bike series that offers an impressive balance of strength and weighs less.

However, aluminum frames are less susceptible to accidental damage than other structures. Their price varies depending on the individual choices.

The Cannondale 3.0 Criterium series aluminum is one of the bikes built for a Criterium racer.

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