How Much Psi Is In A CO2 Cartridge? (Let’s See)

Psi Is In a CO2 Cartridge

When it comes to knowing the parameters of gaseous matter, a new, intimidating topic has surfaced.

Carbon dioxide, among several other gases, has found use in grounds of diverse fields of human endeavor.

Therefore, knowing the basics of CO2 makes it easy to understand how much is required for a particular purpose. Let’s dive into the use of CO2 in cartridges noting the things worth knowing.

A standard is that at about 70 degrees Fahrenheit, CO2 reaches a pressure of 852.8 psi for a cylindrical cartridge. It means that the amount of pressure measured in psi is dependent on the unstable temp change of the CO2 at that moment. Therefore, the exact amount of pressure is a function of the temperature.

Amount of Psi in CO2 Cartridge

Psi Is In a CO2 Cartridge

At room temperature of about 70 degrees Fahrenheit, the gaseous CO2 stands at about 852.8 psi standard measurement.

But then, CO2 compressed in a vessel such as a cartridge will fluctuate in pressure due to a temperature change. It is based on this knowledge that the cooling system in refrigerators works.

Any slight change in temperature value will affect the pressure of the CO2 since it is confined in a cartridge.

Furthermore, the temperature and pressure of gases, according to experimental analysis, show a direct variation relationship.

Thus, an increase in a gas temperature will cause a resultant increase in the pressure of that gas. 

Therefore, it is possible to have the CO2 pressure below 852.8 psi as the temperature drops below room temperature.

But then, a pressure gauge above 852.8 to 900 psi is when the temp rises above room temperature up until the critical point.

Therefore, we’ll agree that CO2 doesn’t have a constant pressure value even when confined in a cartridge as temperature varies too.

At this point, it is worth knowing that CO2 used in refrigerant cylindrical vessels best functions at 70 degrees Fahrenheit above.

It means your refrigerator works best at room temperature and slightly above. However, about 88 degrees Fahrenheit is the critical point of gaseous CO2.

Question now! What then happens at the critical temperature of a gas such as CO2? At about just the critical temperature of CO2 gas, the pressure stands at about 900 psi.

Now, at the critical temperature of CO2 gas is that state where we have highly pressurized gas-liquid enough to cause a burst.

How Much Psi Is In a 12g CO2 Cartridge?

There is about 90 psi in a 12 grams pressurized gas/liquid CO2 cartridge. The CO2 contained in a 12 grams cartridge is in a state of gas to liquid equilibrium hence that amount of psi.

But as well established, a confined CO2 matter changes pressure due to unstable temperature change.

Now, it should interest you to know why such a small 12 grams volume has that much pressure.

One major use of the 12 grams cartridge is to inflate flat tires, hence the need to have such pressure. Thus, 12 grams CO2 cartridges are also known as bicycle tire inflators.

Also, these CO2 cartridges normally come in different sizes, whereas the smaller size serves for smaller tire wheels.

For example, a 12 grams pressurized CO2 cartridge can inflate tires up to about 90 psi. But then, a larger automobile wheel will demand the use of a larger cartridge, of course.

How Much Psi Is In a 16g CO2 Cartridge?

A 16 grams CO2 cartridge can inflate a tire to about 100-110 psi. Speculatively speaking, a pressurized gas/liquid CO2 cartridge has up to 130 psi.

The 16 grams CO2 cartridge will pretty much serve normal full-sized automobile tires.

But for most tire sizes, a 16 grams CO2 cartridge will serve to inflate the flat tire.

In addition, it is possible to reuse a 16g CO2 cartridge since it is possible to regulate the pressure of the gas.

Using an inflator, you can start and stop the pressure of any cartridge if the allowance is provided.

How Much Psi Is In a 25g CO2 Cartridge?

The 25 grams CO2 cartridge is mostly used for heavy-duty flat tires that require more than 200 psi. A 25g CO2 cartridge is large enough to inflate a tubeless tire to at least 50 psi.

You can easily inflate a normal full-sized tire to about 80 psi within seconds with the 25g CO2 cartridge.

Plus, it isn’t worth trying to refill the cartridge yourself, especially for smaller cartridges. However, larger vessels such as washing paintball tanks come with valves that give room for refilling.

One important thing to note is that not everyone can refill a cartridge just like that.

How Much CO2 Is In a CO2 Cartridge?

The cartridge’s volume determines how much CO2 will be present in a CO2 cartridge.

For example, a 12 grams cartridge will have about 43.3 grams of CO2, while a 16 grams cartridge will have about 56.8 grams of CO2.

Hence, the amount of CO2 measured in grams that is in a CO2 cartridge depends on the volume of the cartridge.

But then, a good way to know the exact amount of CO2 in any CO2 cartridge is by taking accurate measurements.

So, take the cartridge available and check the weight before and after use. By doing so, you can be certain of the exact amount of CO2 in that cartridge.

There is a debate whether refilling a CO2 cartridge after use is possible. Yes, the truth is that for some cartridges, it is possible to refill but not always a wise choice.

Not to say much, but I’ll recommend leaving that job for those who are professionals in that area.

You must get to know everything about refilling to avoid unnecessary casualties. For example, CO2 refilling must be done by measuring weight alone, not pressure, as a novice will presume.

Yes, refilling based on pressure measurements will likely cause the cartridge to be overfilled, which can be disastrous.

But with the aid of adapters online, you can refill a cartridge that provides that allowance.

Nevertheless, even with the aid of the adapters, there are issues of rupture disc burst, which you wouldn’t want to experience.

Nonetheless, as mentioned earlier, leave the refilling work for the professionals.

At What Temperature Does a CO2 Cartridge Explode?

A CO2 cartridge shouldn’t be intentionally heated above 88 degrees Fahrenheit as it can explode.

At this temp, the pressure of the gas stands at its critical point, which happens to be its zenith.

An increase in temp at this point will only cause the gas to explode.

CO2 is credibly common yet very useful primarily because of its unique properties. Like other matters, it changes state as the surrounding temperature changes too.

Since it is a gaseous matter, it is usually compressed in vessels before use.

A CO2 compressed in a cartridge is usually in a pressurized gas/liquid state equilibrium.

Therefore, a temperature change will favor one of the matter states and the other compensation for the loss.

For example, a temperature decrease means more gases will turn into liquid and vice versa.

It means that a temp rise will cause the liquid to change to gases that move with much higher velocity.

At 87.9 degrees Fahrenheit, you’ve got strictly pressurized CO2 vapor moving randomly and rapidly. Above 88 degrees is the definition of the big bang theory.


In many ways, we have had contact with CO2, producing it thousands of times over as we breathe.

Over the years, carbon dioxide has been quite common but has diverse uses and supports life. Therefore, it is important to have a good knowledge of its diverse applications.

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