How Long Does It Take To Bike 9 Miles? (Explained)

How Long does it Take to Bike 9 Miles

Bicycles are a quick means of transportation within city centers, on and around the mountain, and one can use them to make a quick dash.

A lot comes into play when considering biking for a distance. Have you tried figuring out how long it will take to cover a distance of about 9 Miles on your bike?

All your heartfelt questions must have been answered by the end of the article.

It takes about 36 minutes to cover a distance of 9 Miles on your Bike if you are moving at a pace of at least 15 miles or more per hour. However, you can reduce the time to cover that distance if you’re physically sound and the bike is in good condition.

How Long Should a 9-Mile Bike Ride Take? 

How Long does it Take to Bike 9 Miles

It takes about 36 minutes for you to cover a distance of 9 Miles on your Bike. However, when you’re not riding on a flat surface, it could take you at least 45 to 50 minutes.

Many factors are put into play when biking for any distance. These factors could be the bike type, the biker’s fitness, the technical know-how of the biker, and the Terrain.

We will take an in-depth look at the factors you must consider when attempting to cover a distance of about 9 Miles on your Bike.

Below are the factors in detail:

#1. Type of Bike

The type of Bike you have has a great role when considering biking 9 Miles. The two main types of bikes are road bikes and mountain bikes.

You use the road bikes majorly for long-distance riding. The reason is that they are very light and fast but are not very efficient when you ride them off the road. 

However, mountain bikes are known for their trails in the dirt with good suspension.

The mountain bike tires are fat and perfectly designed for traction off-road. Overall, mountain bikes are known for their weight. 

There is also a hybrid bike that can thrive through any terrain. This Bike is a combination of mountain and road bikes.

A city bike is best for an urban environment. A city bike is very quick and affordable, and it’s a good choice of Bike for beginners with low maintenance fashion for long-distance rides.

#2. The Terrain 

The Terrain determines how fast you cover a 9 Mile track. The path could either be a cycle path or a straight path.

If the path is straight, it will take a lot less time to cover your 9 Miles than when the path is a cycle due to numerous bends.

Your Terrain affects your speed, and your speed, in turn, affects the time taken. Different terrains could affect the time taken to cover a 9 Miles track.

These terrains are rocky slopes, unpredictable turns, and Terrain with stairs. Manufacturers equip most of these bikes with sturdy tires and a good braking system.

The narrow wheels and the curved handlebar makes navigating through bends with your Bike easier.

#3. Weather Conditions 

Cold or hot weather affects the cyclist. Good clothing could make it a lot easier when the weather is cold.

And for hot weather, light clothing is the ideal outfit for a cyclist. When the weather is wet, you will likely double the tracking time due to less friction between the ground and the Bike tires.

Wind also plays a great role in determining the time you can cover a 9 Miles track. 

During hot days, the asphalt becomes excessively hot, making traversing Terrain trickier and can also wear the tire, affecting the traction.

When you traverse through the snow, a journey of about 30 minutes could be about one hour 30 minutes.

#4. Experience

The cyclist’s experience plays a major role in determining the time it takes to cover a distance of 9 Miles. For a beginner, a speed of at least 10 mph/16kph per hour on a road bike is not bad.

However, you require constant training to help increase your speed and agility to cover your distance in the shortest possible time. An experienced cyclist will cover a 9 Miles track in ten to 15 minutes.

How Many Calories Does a 9-Mile Bike Ride Burn?

Your body size, the duration you cover, and speed play a key role in the number of calories your body burns on a bike ride.

On average, you use up about 50 to 60 calories per mile. Therefore, for 9 Miles, a bike ride burns about 450 to 540 calories. For 10 miles, you expect to burn an average of 500 to 600 calories

You should know the variability in your body weight, the intensity of the exercise, and the duration. The table below will show how many calories bikers burn / cycle per mile / Km. 

10 mile/16.1 km476635
3 mile/4.8km143191
15 mile/24.2 km714953
Five mile/8 km238318

The table below shows how long It takes to Bike for some certain miles with a certain speed of 18mph. 

Distance How Long will it take to Bike with a Speed of 18 mph
9 miles30 Minutes 
10 miles33 Minutes 20 seconds
11 miles36 Minutes 40 seconds
12 miles40 Minutes 

Biking is a healthy exercise for great cardiovascular performance. Bikers have good blood circulation, giving bikers a full-body workout. 

#1. Health Benefits of Biking

There are many health benefits associated with biking. Below are a few of them. 

  • It improves mental health.
  • The anaerobic metabolic system is responsible for weight reduction and contributes to burning calories. The biking speed plays a major role in this process of weight reduction.
  • Constant biking encourages muscle building. During biking, you build the muscles of the calves, gluteus, quadriceps, and hamstrings.
  • There is a reduction in diseases of the heart.
  • As a biker, you improve your navigational skills.
  • One of the health benefits of biking is a night of better sleep.
  • It boosts the thinking skills of bikers. 
  • It also increases spatial awareness. 
  • Boost your immune system by increasing the blood flow.

Is 9 Mile a Long Bike Ride?

The distance you cover in a 9 Miles bike ride is relative. The less the speed the cyclist uses, the longer it takes to cover 9 Miles.

Hence, the more the biker speed, the less time is taken to cover 9 Miles. However, 9 miles a day is possible if the road is good enough, the Bike is good, and you are in good condition as a biker.

So, if you check all these factors, you are home and dry to get your 9 Mile covered.

How Long to Bike 10 Miles?

It takes at least 45 minutes to one hour for you to cover a distance of about 10 miles.

However, the individual, whether a beginner or an experienced cyclist, plays a key role in timing.

Over time, when your speed increases, the time taken to complete 10 miles will reduce.

You require an average speed of at least 20mph if your target is to cycle 10 miles in 30 minutes

However, a beginner needs to consider some of these factors to attain his required speed per time. The factors are the road, the type of bikes, and your fitness as a cyclist.


It takes about 36 minutes for a bike to cover a distance of about 9 Miles. Suppose the cyclist moves at a pace of at least 15 miles per hour.

Many factors are put into play when biking for any distance. These factors are bike type, the biker’s fitness, experience, and the Terrain.

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