Does Bike Riding Count As Steps In BDSP? (Let’s See)

Bike Riding Count as Steps in BDSP

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Pokémon Shining Pearl are perfect for gamers who love Pokémon. The motive behind gaming is to secure a win.

Therefore, it is apt to wonder if biking in Pokémon brilliant diamond counts as steps to haste breeding.

Yes, biking counts as steps in Pokémon BDSP. A bicycle as an in-game item helps to speed up breeding when used rightly. In addition, by taking steps with your bike, your egg can hatch in any location while raising friendship levels with your pokemon.

Does Biking Count as Steps Pokémon BDSP?

Bike Riding Count as Steps in BDSP

Steps are essential in Pokémon BDSP as they are akin to your progress. While walking may slow you down, riding a bicycle will definitely give you faster steps.

So, riding your bike definitely counts as steps

When riding, one forward tile step with a bike is equal to two steps on foot. Hence, biking is an effective alternative to accumulating steps if you’re in a hurry or need to save time.

However, you won’t get a bike upon starting until you get to Eterna City. 

There are some hurdles and tasks to complete before you get a bike. To begin, you have to attain victory over Gardenia, the gym instructor.

Once you defeat her, you’ll get a forest badge and the “cut” move. You will then proceed to the headquarters of Team Galactic and battle the members.

Finally, you must free a local man from “Jupiter’s” oppression.

After reaching the man, he will show his gratitude by inviting you to a shop south of Eterna City, the Pokémon center.

The shop is called “Rad Rickshaw Cycle Shop” and belongs to the locals. Then the man will offer you a bike as a means of appreciation. 

The bike will be stored in the inventory under the key items menu. So, all you have to do to fire your bike is select it from the menu. It’s that easy, ride and increases your steps easily.

Does Riding Bike Help Hatch Egg BDSP?

To hatch eggs in Pokémon brilliant, you must walk a certain number of steps successfully. The number of steps depends on the species of Pokémon.

Though this process can be long, boring, and tiresome, you can cut it short by biking.

Rather than walking 1,280- 10,000 steps and counting with the pedometer, you can just cycle. Riding a bicycle can help you cut the chase and hatch your eggs within less time.

However, it’s just one out of many ways.

Now that you know biking counts as steps, here’s another exposé for faster hatching. Ride around Eterna city, through Sinnoh’s cycling path in particular.

You can also opt to add a flame body Pokémon as a member of your team. This trick is easy since it works even when the Pokémon is far from the egg.

Pokémon with the flame body ability include Magmortar, Slugma, Camerupt, Pontya, Magmar, Rapidash, and Margo. 

Though hatching an egg quickly requires effort, the pros are many. There will be a closer bond and less training.

Check the Pokémon status or use the egg watch app to monitor the egg’s growth.

Does Riding Bike Increase Pokémon Happiness BDSP?

Raising friendship in shining pearl BDSP is important. Normally, your Pokémon will be happier and develop more affection as you travel together.

Whether biking or walking with your Pokémon outside, its poke ball increases happiness and raises friendship levels.

There are other ways to make your Pokémon happy and attain higher friendship levels.

Allowing your Pokémon to hold the soothe bell leads to a significant boost in friendship. Luxury balls increase the prospect of friendliness. 

If you want to try more ways, you should give your Pokémon protein, carbs, and other vitamin items. A well-fed Pokémon is akin to a happy one.

However, note that some berries increase happiness while lowering the effort values.

Other things that guarantee the happiness of Pokémons include registering them for super contests and giving them puffins to consume.

You can also let them engage in battles but be watchful, so they don’t faint.

You should make your Pokémon happy so it can get battle bonuses. These bonuses can help you maneuver tactical situations. Also, certain Pokémon only evolve when you raise a high friendship level.

Examples are Eevee, Cleffa, Pichu, Rioulu, Budew, Munchlax, Topegi, and Azurill.

Does Bike Color Matter BDSP?

I mentioned earlier that in appreciation for saving Jupiter’s victim, you will be given a bike. Well, the bike comes with a perk- you have the freedom to select any color of bike you want.

Yellow, red, blue, and green are the available bike colors.

You may wonder if the color holds any significance. The colors are just a way of adding fun and beauty to the game.

Other than this, no special features or hidden meanings are linked with the various colors.

All you have to do is pick your favorite color and enjoy the ride. You could choose red, yellow, blue or green as they are your choices.

Remember that the color you pick has absolutely no implication and means nothing. So, confidently make a choice.

You can preview the bike color. However, note that you won’t be able to change the color once you select it.

That’s all about the color, have a nice chat, pick what you like best, and ride along. To ride, select the bike from inventory.

You should also know that you can change gears while on a ride by pressing ” B.”

The third gear enables you to assert more control over the bike. On the other hand, the fourth gear accelerates your speed and helps you climb steep slopes smoothly.

How Can I Remove BDSP From a Bike?

You can ride a bike for as long as you’d like, but you’ll want to stop at a point. You may find it challenging to do so, but I’ll tell you how.

Luckily, getting off a bike is as easy as getting on in Pokémon brilliant diamond shining pearl. 

There is no actual button to just get off the bike. So, to get off, simply go to the key items menu and select your bag. Then, select the option that reads “get off the bike.” 

Another way to alight from a bike is by registering the item to the “+” button. Elaborately, you can press the menu button at the top of your controller and select your bag.

Then, scroll down to the final section, where you will see an image of your bike. 

You can click the “A” button to confirm and then register it. When you do, it will be added to a wheel.

If this is done, simply pressing the “+” button will help you get off the bike while safely keeping it away in the inventory.


Exploring the city of Eterna, the region of Sinnoh in Pokémon’s brilliant diamond shining pearl, is an adventurous task.

You have to walk to ride to hatch eggs fast and skyrocket the friendship level between you and your Pokémon.

However, with your Pokémon and other key items, you can easily run through the game.

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