Does Bike Riding Count As Steps In Pokemon?

Bike Riding Count as Steps in Pokemon

A Pokemon player is always adamant about moving because the distance covered is what matters in the game.

You need to take many steps to hatch eggs fast and unlock more powerful characters in the game.

Most people get confused about how the steps are calculated because they feel it is only the ones on foot that count. Distance is the most important thing considered to hatch Pokemon eggs. 

Sure, bike riding counts as steps in Pokemon. It is the most effective way of getting your eggs to hatch quickly. Hatching your eggs is based on the distance moved in km. You can travel farther when you use a bike than on foot, an edge to increase the distance covered. 

Does Riding a Bike Count as Steps in Pokemon go

Bike Riding Count as Steps in Pokemon

Yes, riding bikes count as steps in Pokemon go. Any distance traveled is recorded and counts as steps if the application is on in the background.

However, when you go beyond the default set speed limit, your steps will no longer be useful to hatch Pokemon eggs.

The set speed limit in Pokemon go is 6.2mph which is approximately 10km/h. So if you travel beyond this distance during your quest to hatch eggs fast in Pokemon, it will not count.

It curbs greedy players who would love to cheat to hatch more Pokemon eggs.

Always make sure to ride your bike within the range of the set speed margin, or else the steps you have been working hard for will not count.

Pokemon go works with GPS to track your distance. So it can be said to be a GPS-based app that uses the navigation systems on your phone to keep track of your distance.

However, it does not entirely depend on the GPS to perform its function. Pokemon go also uses the built-in health sensor to hatch Pokemon eggs.

The built-in sensor in Android devices is google fit, while Apple health is utilized in Apple devices.

One important feature of Pokemon is the Adventure Synchronization, popularly known as Adventure Sync.

This component does not rely on your steps to hatch Pokemon eggs. For example, I can sit comfortably in my room without standing up, and my steps will still count.

It surely sounds interesting as it reduces the stress associated with hatching Pokemon eggs. All you have to do is enable the Adventure Sync feature and shake your phone.

The movement made when you shake your phone will now count as the distance covered. Notwithstanding, certain factors may limit the functioning of the Adventure Sync.

One of the factors is the availability of sensors. Adventure Sync works directly with your device’s health sensors, which are the google fit for Android and Apple health for Apple.

The other factor is your location. Always ensure your location is always on, even when the app is closed. 

Even though the Adventure Sync feature does not hatch eggs fast or like how riding counts, it is also an important feature.

As much as riding bike counts in Pokemon, you must ensure to stay within the speed limit. 

How Many Steps do you Take on a Bike Pokemon?

You take about 16 steps per second on a bike in Pokemon. So to calculate the steps you take per minute on a bike would be 16 * 60, which is 960.

It would be 57600 steps per hour on a bike. It is way faster than moving on foot and also acceptable.

The steps to hatch Pokemon eggs for the different kinds of Pokemon vary across the type of Pokemon you play.

It takes approximately 222 steps to walk on foot per minute, and if you are running, the chance will be that you will move 420 steps within the range of a minute.

So be careful of the distance you travel when playing Pokemon go.

Pokemon go has a set limit which I already talked about in detail. You should always use a bike as it helps to hatch eggs fast and eases the stress of playing the game.

The difference between the steps you take on foot and the bike is very clear. The best you can do on foot is 3.7 steps per second, but on a bike, you can go as many as 16 steps in one second. 

How Many Steps Does it Take to Hatch a Lucario Egg?

It takes approximately 6000 steps to hatch a Lucario egg in Pokemon. The pedometer poker tech is commonly used to hatch Riolu’s egg.

The way some factors hatch eggs fast in Pokemon, Riolu’s Lucario egg also has what makes it hatch faster. It even takes half of the approximate steps needed to hatch.

There are two ways of slashing down the steps needed to hatch a Lucario egg;

  • Using the flame-bodied or magma-armor Pokemon 
  • Cycling in Eterna city

Flame body and magma armor effectively combat abilities possessed by some Pokemon.

For example, a flame body can burn a combating Pokemon, while magma armor is a shield that prevents you from getting frozen.

So, you can hatch a Lucario egg in half of 6000 steps using a Pokemon that possesses either of these features.

Naturally, cycling helps to hatch eggs fast. Go to Eterna city and keep cycling forth and back in a straight line till you finally hatch your egg. It is Riolu that hatches and not Lucario.

Lucario is a product of an evolved Riolu. All you need to do to ensure Riolu changes to Lucario is train it to achieve a certain happiness level with its trainer then you will get your Lucario.

Then, when you play the fourth-generation Pokemon, you would not have much stress getting Riolu.

In Pokemon brilliant diamond, pearl and platinum are available in the city of Sinnoh with a Pokemon trainer called Riley.

So, when you get to the city, Riley will give you Riolu’s egg. Unfortunately, it will now become a task of 6000 steps to hatch the egg, and it can take even less time to hatch Pokemon eggs. 

Does Biking Count as Steps Pokemon Brilliant Diamond?

Yes, it does count as steps in Pokemon brilliant diamond. And it is way more effective to hatch eggs fast. For example, your trainer walks a distance to hatch a Pokemon egg.

But since the bike is allowed and the distance covered by it counts, it becomes a fast way to hatch Pokemon eggs.

Biking outclasses walking on foot in Pokemon brilliant diamond. Unfortunately, a bike does not come free; you will have to earn it by defeating a gym leader named Jupiter.

He is in charge of team galactic and should be beaten before you can access a bike.

You will be gifted a bike by the character that Jupiter was bullying when you defeat him. You can then begin exploring faster and more efficiently with the bike as you continue your mission.

So, you should be focused on getting to Eterna city to defeat Jupiter to get a bike. Once you finally get a bike, the time to hatch Pokemon eggs will automatically reduce. 


Distance traveled is the key tactic in the Pokemon game. The game can not count your walking steps, so it relies on the sensors in your phone to keep track of your movements.

So biking counts as steps to hatch Pokemon eggs. However, there is a maximum speed limit of 10km/h in Pokemon go to control any form of cheating.

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