Does Riding A Bike Count As Steps For Hatching Pokémon Eggs?

Riding A Bike Count As Steps For Hatching Pokémon Eggs

Having to cover miles of ground to hatch eggs on Pokémon Go is quite tasking. The game might be fun, but walking for hours can suck out the excitement.

In this article, you’ll learn if riding a bike can hatch Pokémon eggs and other ways. 

Riding a bike has worked fine for players and has been able to hatch eggs. Riding counts as steps if players can fix their phones onto the bike’s handlebars and ride under 15 mph. Any speed above that won’t work as the game will think the movement is too fast to count as steps.

Do Pokémon Eggs Hatch On Bike?

Riding A Bike Count As Steps For Hatching Pokémon Eggs

You can hatch Pokémon eggs while riding a bike. The tracking instrument in Pokémon Go uses GPS. That means it calculates the distance covered against the steps moved.

However, it doesn’t mean you can speed down the road like you’re in a race. You have to maintain speed under 15 mph to prove to the game that you’re correctly playing.

To do this, you have to get a smartphone mount. It will enable you to have a hand on the bike every time. One other thing you need is some snacks and water for the journey.

Add a power bank, too, so your phone won’t get dead while playing. Having safety lights is great for night riding too.

Once you’re prepared and ready, you can start pedaling. However, it is essential to note that biking ventures are safer for only egg-hatching.

Any serious Pokémon hunting will require riding using one hand, so it isn’t recommended. You’ll want to have a safe and pleasant experience, so ensure to watch out for traffic.

Riding a bike is a productive way of hatching Pokémon eggs. You also accumulate XP and still uphold the game’s spirit of having players explore their environment and the world. 

Does Riding A Bike Count As Steps In Pokémon Go?

Niantic produced the game to function when any method of pedestrian movement is done. So biking, skating, walking, and boarding count as steps in Pokémon Go.

Maintain low speeds, so the game doesn’t glitch out and lose internet connectivity.

In addition, there are some other ways in which you can simulate steps in Pokémon Go. They include;

#1. Slow Moving Traffic

Traffic movement is one way to hatch Pokémon Go eggs. Some in-built software tries to detect the form of movement the player is performing.

It does this using a Global Positioning System and accelerometer to read how fast the movement is. 

If it is too fast, it concludes that you’re not walking and does not count the movement.

However, the game will believe you’re walking if you’re caught up in traffic where movement is 5 mph at most. Thus, this means it will count any movement in that slow traffic as steps.

#2. Using a Model Rail line

A model rail line is another fun way to hatch Pokémon eggs. The rail line cars move at roughly the same pace as walking.

Placing your phone on it will make the game think you’re walking and record any progress made.

You can find a way to keep your phone from falling off the railroad car and run your rail line to hatch eggs.

#4. Riding a Skateboard

Using a skateboard is another way of hatching Pokémon Go eggs faster. You can put your phone inside your pocket while riding a skateboard.

Ensure that you roll at a pace similar to walking, so the game doesn’t fail to count it as steps. It is easier to cover more distance and is quite effective if properly done.

#5. Turntable Usage 

If you know where you can find a turntable, you’re in luck. This device that plays records can hatch eggs.

The turntable’s movement covers a circumference that will make the game think you’re moving in circles. 

You can place the phone at the edge of the turntable and start it. Allow it to turn before checking if the eggs are hatching. If they aren’t, adjust the phone and try again.

Does Riding A Bike Make Eggs Hatch Faster?

Riding a bike lets, you cover more ground in a similar period. It is a noble way to hatch eggs faster, especially when utilizing the flame body or magma shield.

The eggs will hatch faster when you use the flame body and maintain speeds under 15 mph. 

Hatching eggs faster in Pokémon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl involves having a Pokémon with flame body powers.

With this Pokémon in your group, you’ll have eggs hatching faster. Although you have to exercise some patience before getting results.

Some of these Pokémon include;

  • Ponyta
  • Rapidash
  • Slugma
  • Magcargo
  • Camerupt
  • Magmortar
  • Magmar

The Pokémon’s ability can operate without being close to the egg. It can also be located wherever in the team.

A rare Pokémon egg will require some time to hatch. Using a bike through Sinnoh’s Cycling Road close to Eterna City will also get it to hatch faster.

Pokémon that get hatched from eggs will usually have greater friendships than those caught in uninhabited places.


Riding a bike can count as steps for hatching eggs in Pokémon Go if the movement isn’t above 15 mph. It is a faster way of hatching eggs.

You can also hatch eggs by riding a skateboard, placing the phone on a turntable, and using a model railroad.

The speed limit for hatching eggs is a good thing since walking and playing the game are safer. 

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