Can You Put Pegs On Any Bike? (Must Know This)

Can You Put Pegs on Any Bike

The essence of bike pegs is to allow the rider to perform cool tricks and stunts that they can’t perform on regular bikes.

Generally, street racing bikes and BMX bikes are the most common bicycles that come with support for pegs. 

However, newer bikes now come with certain improvements that could make it possible to use pegs. Which leads to the question: Can you put pegs on any bikes? 

You can only put pegs on bikes with the proper wheels to support them. To verify if your bike can, search for an exposed screw head on your bicycle wheel where the spokes come together. If the peg screws onto the open head and fits comfortably on the wheel, your bike can hold a peg.

Can I Put Pegs on a Mountain Bike?

No. You can only put pegs on a mountain bike if the bike has long bolt-on axles. However, mountain bikes are generally not designed or supposed to hold pegs on their wheels. 

Can You Put Pegs on Any Bike

If you attach pegs on your mountain bike, you risk damaging many parts, such as the frame and fork.

Pegs are mainly for street racing/stunt bikes. Below are a few reasons why you should not put pegs on a mountain bike:

#1. A Fragile Derailleur

Pegs mount a huge amount of stress on the rear wheel. Using the mountain bike for a stunt activity like Grinding can damage the rear derailleur completely.

It can also damage the wheels and spokes if the derailleur breaks and smashes into the wheel. 

#2. Hard Installation

Naturally, pegs are not to be on mountain bikes. However, you can successfully attach pegs to your mountain bike by using bolt-on axles or screwing the pegs to the fenders.

To do this, you would need to remove the follow-come axles your mountain bike came with and replace them with bolt-on axles. 

This alternative is very costly and may not be worth the risk. It is also hazardous as most bikes may not be compatible.

Screwing the pegs to the fenders is potentially disastrous for the bike’s frame. The aftermath of doing this may result in a completely damaged frame. 

#3. Undue Stress On Fork And Frame

Pegs put a lot of stress on a mountain bike’s fork and frame. Using the pegs for stunt activities can damage these parts.

Most parts in a mountain bike consist of aluminum or carbon, hence don’t fare well with heavy impact or stress. 

You also have to consider that if you install pegs on your mountain bike and it gets damaged, the manufacturers of your mountain will automatically void your warranty due to misuse. 

Street racing bikes and BMX bikes are much better suited to handle pegs’ stress. They have thicker steel frames made of shorter and much more rigid tubing. 

Can You Put Pegs on a BMX Bike?

Yes, you can safely put pegs on a BMX bike. Although, there is a chance BMX race bikes don’t support pegs.

Some BMX bikes come naturally with pegs. However, for the majority, you may need to buy and install them as separate parts.

Choosing the right pegs for your BMX bike is very important as there are many options. 

When choosing, you should note that Pegs are of several metals. Some are made from aluminum alloy, while others are from Chromoly steel.

Steel pegs are stronger and less expensive, while Aluminum alloy pegs are lighter but more expensive. 

Pegs come in different variations as well. There are pegs with flatter tops that offer more grip, and there are some that spin freely in the axle.

Your choice of pegs would depend on your stunt preferences. Pegs with rubber surfaces offer great traction.

Even though the surface is rubber, the peg is still wholly steel or aluminum. The rubber is to give a tighter grip. You can also select from a variety of options for smoother grinds. 

To help you distinguish and make better choices, below is a table that contains a few of the highest quality pegs available for BMX bikes and their materials:

25NINE AluminumAluminum
Novatec SteelSteel
Odyssey GraduateChromoly core with plastic sleeve. 
Odyssey MPEGSChromoly
MotorAluminum Alloy

How to Put Peg on a Bike with Gears?

Below are a few steps you have to take to put pegs on a bike with gears. 

  • Pegs for the rear axle and the front axle come in different sizes. The smaller pegs go on the front axle while the bigger-sized pegs go on the rear. 
  • Install the front pegs first by unscrewing the washer on the wheel. The reason is that the pegs serve as the washer after installation. 
  • Slide the peg directly into your fork, drop it out, then gently screw it onto the wheel. Ensure it flushes perfectly and fits tightly on the wheel. Do the same for the opposite side of the wheel. 
  • Unscrew the rear axle nut and dispose of the washer on the rear axle. Then, carefully slide the bigger-sized pegs onto the fork, drop out, and tighten properly. Crosscheck that the pegs line up comfortably with the gear and brake pads.

You could support the gear and brake pads with your hands before screwing in the pegs to ensure they align properly. Do the same for the opposite side of the wheel. 

Can You Put Pegs on an Electric Bike?

Yes, e-bikes have specific pegs that are compatible with them. E-bikes come with rear-wheel hub drive motors and a wire that cuts across the rear axle. It makes it quite difficult to use traditional pegs on e-bikes. 

However, e-bike rear pegs come with a small hole that prevents the peg from getting in the way of motor wire.

Below are some features of e-bike pegs:

  • Aluminum alloy or steel build.
  • Plastic or rubber sleeves
  • A small cut allows the wire to connect the rear-wheel hub drive motor.
  • Replacement sleeves

Below is a table of a few good quality e-bike pegs and their prices:

E-bike PegsPrices
24T/26T Chrome 3″ L x 1″w Beach Cruiser Low Rider20 US Dollars
Fit PC Sleeved Pegs 4″ Long Pegs26 US Dollars

Can I Stand on Bike Pegs?

Yes, you can stand on bike pegs. However, having a passenger stand on bike pegs for long distances is not advisable.

Carrying a passenger on long distances while they are standing on the bike pegs can cause the rack to wobble and ultimately damage the pegs. Carrying lighter passengers is still not advisable.

The weight can still cause damage due to the stress heaped on the rack and the pegs. It would be best and safer to use pegs solely for stunts.

If you do carry passengers while they stand on the bike pegs, ensure to follow a few steps to minimize the risk of damage:

  • The bike should be perfectly balanced before setting off while riding. 
  • The passenger should wear a safety helmet and a boot on their feet. 
  • The passenger should lean forward slightly to relieve the pegs and rack stress while riding. 
  • Avoid potholes or bumps while riding. Maneuver carefully and drive slowly.


Bike pegs can’t fit into just any bike. They are for street racing and BMX bikes. However, you can install pegs on mountain bikes if you remove the stock axles from the wheels and install bolt-on axles.

It, however, is not safe or advisable to do this. Remember to tighten pegs properly after screwing them onto wheels.

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