Revealing Cycling Shorts (Beginners Guide)

Revealing Cycling Shorts

Cycling shorts aren’t supposed to be revealing because no Cyclist will invest in them since they will fail to cover nakedness.

In fact, without underwear, the shorts should keep the genitals unexposed. Although, after repeated use, it will begin to lose some of its good features, such as elasticity and firm padding. 

Nevertheless, a good-quality pair of biking shorts will withstand stretching when wearing and washing for a long time and won’t allow one to see through at all.

Cycling shorts seldomly reveals as a result of the wearing out of the elastic threads of the shorts due to continuous cycling or wearing. Although, you might be unlucky to get low-quality shorts that reveal your body earlier than you got them or brightly colored shorts. Besides, if you notice your shorts are becoming transparent, replace them with new ones.

Why are Cycling Shorts See-through?

Revealing Cycling Shorts

Several factors contribute to the cycling shorts being see-through. Most importantly, the duration and quality of the biking shorts.

Low-quality shorts end up being revealing after cycling with them a few times. In detail, these factors are discussed in this article. So, keep reading!

#1. Your Cycling Shorts might be Small in Size

When you wear small-sized cycling shorts, they tend to expand more than they should to cover your body properly and become too clingy. So, getting a bigger fit one is the only remedy to this.

#2. Your Shorts Might be Made from Low-Quality Material

Shorts made from Low-Quality fabric won’t stay long before you can see through them. In addition, these shorts can’t withstand constant stretching due to their weak material.

I advise you to forsake those cheap shorts you see around.

They might be pocket-friendly but can’t match up with costly ones in terms of durability and thickness. Saving up to purchase the expensive ones will save you from embarrassment.

#3. Your Cycling Shorts Might be Worn out

There’s always an end to every cycling Shorts. They will wear out eventually due to the weakening of the stretchy fibers after wearing them for some time.

Also, frequent washing stresses the elastic texture of the fabric till they break down completely, and seeing through them becomes easy.

#4. Wearing Underwear Underneath Your Shorts

The above isn’t a good practice because biking shorts do not need underwear beneath them before they operate.

Cycling shorts have their in-built padding that comforts the cyclist when on the saddle.

Wearing cycling shorts on undies is just an alternative to consider to satisfy your desperation for a ride with your only see-through shorts.

#5. You Have a Bright-Colored Cycling Shorts

The bright color of the shorts also contributes to this disadvantage. For instance, it’s easy for someone to see through a light cloth due to the transparency of the color.

But, on the contrary, it’s difficult to see through dark colors. The reason is that dark colors aren’t transparent at all. So when you next want to purchase shorts, opt for a dark one.

What Do Male Cyclists Wear under Their Shorts?

Male Cyclists wear nothing underneath their shorts because cotton-like undies will cause discomfort during the ride and create unnecessary layers after the skin.

Moreover, a pair of men’s cycling shorts come with in-built padding – chamois below them.

The chamois helps prevent saddle sores – injuries resulting from hard saddles and cramps from restriction in the movement of the legs.

Wearing underwear beneath cycling shorts isn’t hygienic. While riding, you’re prone to sweat profusely, and the underwear will absorb all the sweat and cause infections around your genitals.

In contrast, the Cycling shorts have a quick-dry ability when without underwear.

However, there is padded underwear made for cycling alone. Padded underwear is usually worn under mountain bike shorts, shorts, or pants that lack the chamois.

These cyclists need something to absorb the shocks and vibration from the saddles. If you put on the Cycling Shorts, you should still not wear the padded underwear.

How To Wear Cycling Shorts Properly?

As a cyclist, irrespective of gender, you should ensure to wear bike shorts the right way.

So, to avoid people saying things like “Hey! You wore your shorts wrongly” It’d be embarrassing, right? So, follow the following steps.

#1. No to Underwears

Do not consider putting on underwear before wearing your bike shorts. They oppose all the functions of the in-built padding.

Undies cannot control friction and manage moisture, unlike the chamois.

Uncontrolled friction will restrict the free movement of the cyclist and cause cramps and fatigue, while poor moisture management leads to rashes, among other sorts of skin irritation. 

#2. Wearing the Bibs

Not all bike shorts have Bibs. But, if yours do, you have the responsibility of taking care of it too. Everyone doesn’t have to know that a bib is attached to your cycling shorts.

So, when wearing your shorts, the bib shouldn’t go over the cycling jersey but the other way round. 

How Do You Make Shorts not See-through?

It’s time to end the embarrassment that the revealing cycling shorts attract. But, to ensure you achieve your goal, I decided to assist you with some tips.

I’m confident you can’t wait to learn from them.

#1. Opt for Dark-Colored Shorts

It’s crystal clear that bright colors allow people to see through your shorts. So when you next want to buy shorts, go for dark-colored ones.

Light cannot pass through dark-colored clothes, unlike bright-colored ones. So drop white for black.

#2. Test Them before Purchasing

When you get to a store to purchase your next set of cycling shorts, before you pay, request a mirror. Put on the shorts without removing your undies.

If you can see a reflection of the underwear, then the short is a see-through one. 

#3. Wearing Mountain bike Shorts on your Cycling Short

Anyway, if you think getting mountain bike shorts is the answer, you could be wrong because firstly, mountain bike shorts lack the in-built padding, you’d have to get one.

Secondly, mountain baggy shorts don’t allow the free flow of air. Instead, they’re worn to keep the rider warm while crossing cold forests. Breathability isn’t an issue in forests with plenty of air. 

But if you’re so anxious for a ride, but your shorts are too thin, and there’s no suitable alternative than the MTB shorts, you can decide to wear baggy shorts.

#4. Correctly Wash the Shorts

No Cyclist can do without laundering his precious shorts. But unfortunately, washing gradually relaxes the stretchy fibers of your shorts till they break down totally and leave your shorts for every eye to see through them, no matter how durable it is.

Finally, however, there’s a solution!

Wash them according to the manufacturer’s direction to extend their life span and retain their quality till you garner money and change it.

Last Thoughts

Cycling shorts have various benefits that cut across its friction control, easy breathability, swift dryness, and injury abhorrence.

But, it’d be so embarrassing if, with all the benefits, there’s still one big flaw – being see-through.

However, you can curb this issue if the right shorts (black biking shorts) are gotten and worn properly.

Josh Matthews

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