Converting Downhill Bike To All Mountain? (Must Know This)

Converting Downhill Bike To All Mountain

Biking is a great way to relieve stress, lose some weight and stay fit as long as possible. There are different types of bikes for various purposes.

As a biker, you can decide to experiment a little with installing new parts or converting them.

When it comes to downhill bikes, they serve as the best option for mountain trails and not-so-smooth paths.

Consequently, if you wish to convert a downhill bike to an all-mountain, you must know certain things. You need to know if it is a possible task or if you will end at a dead end.

So, we will discuss everything you must consider when converting a downhill bike to a mountain bike.

Converting a downhill bike to a mountain bike is quite an achievable task. Although it will cost you a few thousand dollars to replace the gear, align the geometry and reduce the weight. You have to replace essential parts because of the stark differences between enduro bikes and downhill bikes; in the end, it’s up to you.

Is it a Good Idea To Convert a Downhill Bike To an All Mountain Bike?

Converting Downhill Bike To All Mountain

Converting a bike depends on the conversion cost and your ability to replace the parts. In my opinion, it’s not an entirely good idea to engage in such extreme transformations.

There are specific issues associated with altering the ideal framework of one structure to another.

 For instance, it’s absurd to consider converting a toaster to a sandwich maker, although they both serve similar purposes but are different.

So, do not consider some alterations even when proven possible, but it won’t stop a curious biker from trying.

It’s important to note that downhill bikes are semi-mountain bikes with increased durability, more weight, and stability. Read more to know if you can ride The Mountain Bikes On Animal Crossing?

Aside from speed, a few features distinguish a mountain from a downhill bike.

#1. Gearing 

The downhill cassette is looser than the all-mountain bike. Therefore the grip is not as tight as the enduro bike.

During conversion, increase the cassette from about 7mm to 12mm; increase the grip. Mountain terrain is rough and requires more energy to go uphill than downhill.

#2. Weight 

By default, most mountain trail bikes weigh 10 pounds more than all-mountain bikes. So, the first thing to do is to discard dead weight.

The full suspension of downhill bikes enables them to be sturdy, fast-paced, and the best choice.

#3. Geometry 

Mountain bikes have larger wheels and not full suspension, but they serve their purpose. The mountain’s terrain requires extra features to climb uphill.

As a professional bike rider, it’s no news how steep, uneven, and tricky to go uphill.

Unfortunately, even the best mountain bike will need more push while riding up the mountain to maintain stability. 

Also, downhill bikes have shorter seats than all-mountain bikes, so you have to replace them with the appropriate ones.

Benefits of Converting a Downhill Bike To All Mountain

Surprisingly, converting a downhill mountain bike to an all-mountain bike might benefit. I know the idea of changing a motorcycle from one form or the other is quite challenging.

So, we will highlight these benefits no matter how little they may appear.

  • The task of creating innovation is exciting, inspiring, and beautiful. 
  • It brings about a sense of accomplishment that you can put your technical knowledge to use and make something of it.
  • Long hours fixing bolts and screws, not to forget switching positions in-between; crouching and standing are exercises.
  • A new project brings enthusiasm, contentment, and happiness, especially when you get what you want.

As much as there are some benefits, there must be some cons. So, let’s discuss a few pros and cons.

Cons of Converting a Downhill Bike To All Mountain

One important thing to note with purchasing any bike is that you must be passionate about biking.

Of course, if you have a knack for riding outdoors, living close to the woods is sensible. There’s no need to spend more than a few hundred bucks to get a DH bike.

Whether you intend to convert the bike to an all-mountain or leave it in its default setting depends on your choice.

Speaking of bad ideas, it’s not an entirely good idea to do such a conversion with or without supervision.

Why not just go to a store and purchase an enduro bike? The good thing is there are lots of options to choose from when it comes to bikes.

Companies have invested a great deal into making different bikes for whatever purpose you can phantom.

So, it’s best to purchase a mountain bike without going through the stress.

#1. Cost:

Buying a new cassette, wheels, or seat extension is off the roof. In essence, it’s best to buy a new bike than convert one to another.

So, it’s left for you to choose if you need to go ahead and be adventurous or get a specific motorcycle.

#2. Stress;

Yes, there is a lot of stress involved with assembling and disassembling anything and bikes are not an exception.

Even though you work with your goal in mind, it doesn’t mean you won’t find it stressful. Consequently, expect to experience unfruitful moments and learn to overcome those times.

#3. Prone to accidents;

This point is one of the most valid points in this type of conversion. First, an all-downhill bike is initially made for tracks and going downhill.

It’s looser around the neck than an all-mountain bike.

 Therefore, even after converting this bike, you might experience some difficult moments. Consequently, you’re prone to accidents, whether minor or significant.

Generally, everything depends on perspective, and some people are more curious than others.

The world is a better place because people do things differently, and there’s beauty in our diversity. Lastly, ensure to wear your safety gear while riding.

Final Thoughts

In my opinion, converting a downhill mountain bike to an all-mountain bike is not good. However, if you insist, there’s nothing wrong with satisfying your curiosity.

In addition, there are lots of testimonies from people who have successfully converted a downhill bike to a mountain bike. So, do not let anything stop you from getting innovative.

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