Can You Ride The Mountain Bikes On Animal Crossing? (Let’s See)

Mountain Bikes on Animal Crossing

A lot of controversies have emerged in the fan community of Animal crossing. Mountain bikes are the subject of the debate.

While some argue that players can use these bikes to facilitate mobility on the island, others argue otherwise. Hence, the need for clarity to clear the skepticism.

You cannot ride a mountain bike in Animal Crossing. They are mainly static furniture used to add a sense of reality to the island. Transportation in ANCH is done with other mobile vehicles or by foot.

How Do Players Acquire Mountain Bikes?

Mountain Bikes on Animal Crossing

These mountain bikes are orderable in both New Horizon and New Leaf. In New Horizon, they are sold for 5100 bells at Nook’s Cranny.

In New Leaf, players can acquire them at Nookie’s Stores for 3380 bells. In addition, players may choose to sell back the mountain bikes to acquire more bells.

The bikes can be sold for 1275 and 875 in  New Horizon and New Bells.

It is possible to trade the bikes with your fellow gamers online. However, there are no static prices for the bikes if you sell them to the ACNH gamers.

Players can interact with each other on the message board. You can also assess the switch wiki guide for details on reaching fellow ACNH gamers.

Six bike color variants (green, black, white, black, blue, and pink) each go for the same price. However, there will only be one color variant available for purchase at Nook’s cranny.

The animal crossing has rocketed in the market in recent years. Although Nintendo kept us all in a long wake, the wait was finally worth it.

To keep the fanbase addicted and enthused, manufacturers upgrade the setup regularly as time passes. 

The mountain bike was introduced in the new animal crossing horizon; it is also available in New Leaf.

Towards the end of 2021, Nintendo sent out a free update, and a more revolutionary model of these bikes was created. 

Revolutionary motorbikes were not the only upgrades made in the 2021 update. Several vehicles were also introduced to spice up the 3D thrill. 

However, just like the motorbikes, most of these vehicles were also static and can be categorized as furniture.

These vehicles include Luxury cars, delivery trucks, watches, skaters, wheelchairs, excavators, etc.

Can Happy Paradise DLC Give you Mobile Mountain Motorbikes?

Happy Paradise DLC cannot be used to make your mountain bikes mobile. The DLC is majorly used to play with the interior elements.

However, exterior features can also be adjusted. The DLC feature has nothing to do with the mountain bike or any vehicles made available via the upgrade.

Happy paradise DLC was created to give players all the thrills of interior design. Using the themes available in New Horizon, players can renovate any of the six rooms into a 3D paradise.

You are at liberty to choose the character you want to design a room for. Once the decor is done, you earn some Poki that you can use to purchase rare items further in the game.

Furthermore, the DLC gives the ability to thread through various animal crossing horizon switches.

This creates the illusion of a giant paradise when in actual sense, players are only exploring diverse universes.

The wiki switch guide contains detailed tips on the various methods of tweaking interior decor using the Happy Paradise DLC. 

With this guide, you’d learn how to unlock specific features that an average ACNH gamer cannot. Plus, it helps you access several planning teams.

These planning teams sell furniture, such as mountain bikes. 

You can purchase from any of them instead of going down to Nook’s cranny.

The planning teams also link you with other gamers who can feed you helpful info on how to complete your interior decor.

There are several hidden features in the Happy Paradise DLC. All you need to do to unlock these features is remain consistent.

More of these features will be made available as you progress through the game. 

The DLC is paid for, and you can purchase it from the Nintendo e-shop for $24.99. Alternatively, you can order it from Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack.

Can Mountain Bikes be removed from ACNH?

You can’t ride a mountain bike, but you can’t dispose of it either. Currently, no available feature allows players to do away with these bikes.

Imagine going on a run or trying to catch up with a bad guy, and there’s a bike lying around.

You run to it, only to discover that it’s just static. That sucks, but unfortunately, you can’t get rid of it.

Nintendo did not intend these bikes to be used as a means of transportation. Consequently, only a few of the vehicles available are mobile.

The rest, such as the motorbikes and the wheelchairs, were added for environmental flair. They were meant to give the setting some originality, and they have served this purpose well.

You may wonder why players go on ahead to spend their hard-earned bells when one can’t even ride a mountain bike.

But, of course, there’s no harm in throwing some into Nook’s Cranny’s account when you’ve got enough balls to spare.

Besides, these motorbikes are available in various color variants for flair, and they are less expensive than most other furniture.

Can ACNH Mountain Bikes Be Customized?

Model versions of the ACNH can be customized and delivered to fans on-demand. Unfortunately, these models can be pretty expensive.

But is there a price too big to pay so you can acquire a piece from your favorite game?

The customized bikes can come in any bike color variant in ACNH. The fun part about these is that you can ride them!

These bikes are available in various online stores and Nintendo-approved walk-in stores. 

You can make tweaks and additions to the bike once you’ve received it for a personalized look. Be sure to show your folks that you’re a more ardent Nintendo fan than they are. 

Final Thoughts

Almost everyone thinks the mountain bikes in ACNH should be mobile, but Nintendo currently has different views.

These mountain bikes can be classified as static furniture, and players can acquire them just for fun. However, other mobile vehicles are included in the game to ease transportation.

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