What Is A Shimano Flight Deck? (Must Know This)

What Is A Shimano Flight Deck

Before now, it was difficult for bike racers to be conscious of the speed they rode on, the kind of hill they were up against, and the number of steps they took per minute while running.

But the invention of cycle computers has brought clues about the seeming difficulties. Diverse cyclo computers are mounted on bikes to display the calculated trip information. 

Shimano flight deck is a wireless cyclo-computer designed to calculate and display the bike user’s speed, altitude difference, and stride rate. This bike feature helps to make exercise with bikes more worthwhile since you can keep an accurate account of your strides rate.

Shimano Flight Deck Instructions

What Is A Shimano Flight Deck

If you want to enjoy using the wireless Shimano flight deck, there are instructions you must follow. These instructions include.

  • You can use the all-clear (AC) button to clear the main unit memory
  • Do not disorganize the main unit, as you cannot reassemble it.
  • The main unit design survives wet weather conditions; however, do not intentionally dip it in water.
  • Do not expose the main unit to severely hot weather conditions.
  • Control the main unit carefully, and do not subject it to any shocks.
  • Avoid using materials soaked in strong solvents to clean the main unit and sensor, as they may fade the part casings. Rather use a cloth soaked in a weak solution of detergent and water.

What Are Shimano Flight Deck Shifters?

A Shimano flight deck shifter is a mechanical device to engage or disengage gears. It is one of the major components of the gearing system. 

Some time ago, they set shifters on the down tube of a racing bike.

Accordingly, if one were to shift gears, the person would have to remove her hand from the handlebars and try to change gears on a guess. The practice was risky and inefficient. 

But recently, brake levers and shifters have been incorporated, and you can easily locate them on the handlebar.

This configuration has improved the efficiency of gear shifting, and Shimano Flight Deck shifters are an excellent example of such systems.

You will need some time to learn to master the use shifters, but you will appreciate it the moment you master them. 

Shimano STI: Riders can shift to larger sprockets by clutching the brake lever sideways and downshifting by clutching a small, different lever just at the back of the brake lever.

Except for a few lower-end groupsets, which use a small lever inside the brake cover clasped with the thumb. 

The price and additional elements may vary due to the size and color of the product. Shimano flight deck shifters cost $17 to $41.

How Do You Use A Shimano Flight Deck?

Before using the Shimano Flight Deck, understand that there are two modes on the cyclo-computer: automatic and manual shifting.

The former is a riding mode in which the gears can is selected automatically depending on the bike’s speed.

While the latter allows the rider to shift the gears according to his choice.

#1. Display Select Switch

Press the display select switch on the infotainment screen, and the following be displayed: speed; clock; gear; traveling distance, and cumulative distance.

#2. Suspension Mode/Gear Shifting Select Switch

The Suspension mode select switch is on the left side of the Flight Deck screen and is AUTO by default settings.

The suspension changes to hard and soft modes depending on the riding speed and the position of the front and rear gears.

On the other hand, the Gear shifting switch is on the left side of the Flight Deck screen, where you can select the riding mode of your choice:

When you select among Ds, D, and L, you activate AUTO gearing, but when you select MANU, you are in manual mode.

The table below outlines the operations that some people confuse with problems.

#3. Shimano Flight Deck Operations

Situation Explanation
Incorrect speed displayYour setting for tire circumference is not correct. Reset to the correct number
It’s impossible to shift gear manually when the flight deck is In AUTO modeThe manual setting is disabled, and you can only enable it by resetting to Manual mode
The back gear Manual shifting is not possible even though I selected MANU ( The Pedals are still)When the pedals are not turning, gear shifting will be impossible. Press MANU when the pedals are turning

Note: There can be problems if there’s a cut in the Flight deck wiring 

How To Shift Gears With A Shimano Flight Deck Shifter?

You may need more practice to master using Shimano flight deck shifters in shifting gears. You should first know about:

Specify the kind of Shimano shifters you have. Some hybrid and older mountain bikes possess grip shifters incorporated into the handlebar and twisted to shift gears.

Some modern hybrids and mountain bikes will carry indexed thumb shifters mounted on the handlebar, which you click with your finger, and thumb to shift gears.

The shifters on newer bikes are incorporated with the brake levers.

#1. Front Gears

Ensure to put your hand on the shifter on your left side. The gap between your forefinger and thumb should rest on the brake hood.

Additionally, wield sufficient force on the brake lever so it can pull it into the bike.

This circumstance will displace the brake lever from the small chain ring to the large chain ring. It will become difficult to pedal the bike since you’ve created a larger gear ratio. 

However, apply force on the small lever at the back of the brake lever so that the brake lever will shift into the bike.

This will displace the chain to the small chain ring. This will enable easier pedaling since a smaller gear ratio has been created.

#2. Back Gears

Put your hand on the shifter on the right side. Like you did before, the gap between your finger and thumb should rest on the brake hood.

Exert some force to the brake lever so that you can push it into the bike, and if successful, it will create a small gear ratio. 

Don’t be confused by the cog size when it returns to gears. A big cog will create a small gear ratio, while a small cog will create a large gear ratio.

On the other hand, exert significant force on the smaller lever to go to the back of the brake lever.

When you do this, it will create a greater gear ratio. The larger gear ratio will be a result of the small cog.

It will be a bit tougher to pedal, but your bicycle will cover a considerable distance per revolution.

It will not be very easy to pedal, but you can rest assured that your bicycle will cover a greater distance per revolution.

#3. Tips

Practice using your shifting your gears on level grounds before stepping up your game. And do not attempt it in the company of friends.

It is better to shift before starting to climb a hill, so you don’t work out yourself. Then you can shift again if need be.

What Is Flight Deck Compatible?

Flight Deck varies; therefore, its variation can be compatible with specific group sets.

For instance, the Flight Deck SC-7900’s battery, among other things, is compatible with the Dura-Ace Di2 7970 and Ultegra Di2 6770 groupsets.

Flight Deck is compatible when the shifters function with the flight deck cyclometer. Compatibility requires easy and accurate communication between either component.


Technology has improved biking in many visible ways. It has contributed to the field, making it less stressful and thus more enjoyable.

Riders pride themselves on their ability to cover miles within a short space and climb hills. Cyclo computers volunteer that information to them

The Shimano Flight Deck provides the necessary information about racing and helps ease the work for riders.

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