Can Adults Ride 20-Inch BMX Bikes? (Let’s Find Out)

Can Adults Ride 20-Inch BMX Bikes

A BMX bike is a good option if you’re looking for an efficient and fun way to get around town. 

When it comes to biking, size does matter. However, choosing the right size for your BMX bike can be tricky. 

If you’re an adult considering a 20-inch BMX bike, you may wonder if it’s the right choice. After all, these bike manufacturers designed them for younger riders.

So is a 20-inch BMX bike a good fit for adults?

Adults can ride a 20-inch BMX bike. Ordinarily, this bike size is for kids, but adults also ride it. However, this bike might not be the best size for a tall adult of about 6ft but suitable for adults of average height between 5’3-5’7ft. An adult can ride a 20-inch BMX bike in their neighborhood but not for long distances.

In this article, I’ll explain whether or not adults can ride a 20-inch BMX bike and how tall you need to be to ride it. I’ll then further explain which BMX bike is the best for an adult.

By the end, you will know if you can ride a 20-inch BMX bike as an adult. You’ll also know which bike is the best to buy.

Will Adults Be Able to Ride 20-Inch BMX Bikes?

Can Adults Ride 20-Inch BMX Bikes

Definitely! Adults will and can ride a 20-inch BMX bike. Although some adults might be able to ride a 20-inch BMX bike, it is generally not recommended. 

BMX bikes are designed for manoeuvrability and agility, making them ideal for young children and teenagers. 

Therefore, manoeuvring a 20-inch BMX bike will be difficult for an adult, as it may not fit their body correctly, especially if the adult is tall. 

However, there is provision for longer tube lengths that makes it easier for adults to ride on the BMX bike. You can find a 20-inch BMX bike that will suit a 6ft adult.

Generally, adults should be riding 24-inch or 26-inch BMX bikes as they will provide more stability and control. 

However, if adults want to ride a 20-inch BMX, they should take safety precautions and use helmets, pads, etc.

If an adult insists on riding a 20-inch BMX bike, they should at least be no taller than 5’3″ – 5’7.” 

That is because the 20-inch BMX bike manufacturers didn’t design them to handle the weight and height of an adult.

In addition, the components on a 20-inch BMX bike are also not for adults. The frame of a 20-inch BMX bike may not be strong enough to support the weight of an adult. 

Also, the brakes and tires may not be able to handle the speed of an adult. For these reasons, a 20-inch BMX is okay for an adult, but a 24 or 26-inch would be better. 

While they may be able to get by with a 20-inch bike, a large-size bike is more suited to their body type and riding style.

What Size of BMX Bike is Ideal for Adults? 

Choosing the right size BMX bike for an adult can be daunting, but getting the right size for your height is necessary. 

Factors such as your height, frame geometry, and riding type affect what BMX bike size is ideal for you. 

For instance, if you are over 6 ft, your top tube length will be long to accommodate your height. Also, a 20-inch BMX bike is best suited for adults 5’6” or taller. 

MX designers designed the wheels and frame to be larger, making it easier to maneuver and balance. In addition, the larger size allows for better handling when riding at higher speeds. 

Anyone can ride a 20-inch BMX bike. However, those shorter than 5’6” may find it harder to control and should opt for a smaller size.

If you’re looking for a BMX bike that offers more stability and comfort, you may want to consider a 22-inch BMX bike. 

This bike size is best suited for those 5’9” and above. The larger size allows for more control and better maneuverability, making it easier to pull off tricks. 

With a 22-inch BMX bike, you can go bigger and faster and have more fun on the track or in the park.

The table below shows different riders’ heights and their suitable BMX top tube lengths.

Rider Height (FT)BMX Top Tube Length (Inches)
5.0 – 5.418.5 -19.5
5.2 – 5.619.5 – 20.0
5.3 – 5.820.0 – 20.75
5.7-6.020.75 – 21.25
6.0 upwards21.25 – 22.0

How Tall Should You Be for a 20-inch BMX Bike?

You should get the right size bike for an adult, as it will provide better control and performance while riding. 

For a 20-inch BMX bike, the average rider should be at least 5 feet tall. However, you can ride a 20-inch BMX bike if you are slightly shorter. 

When considering the correct frame size, you must also consider your body proportions, such as the length of your legs and arms. 

A rider proportionally smaller than average may ride a 20-inch bike comfortably with shorter arms and legs.

Generally, short riders of less than 5 feet should look for bikes with a smaller wheel size, such as 18 inches or 16 inches. 

That will provide better control and a more comfortable ride. However, this does not mean you can’t enjoy riding a 20-inch BMX bike if you are under 5 feet tall. 

With practice, you may find that you can ride 20-inch bikes comfortably. You can ride the bike safely if you can reach the ground when sitting on the seat. 

Even if you cannot reach the ground when sitting, you may still be able to adjust the seat height. That way, you can reach the ground with both feet while standing on flat terrain. 

In addition, you may want to consider changing the handlebar stem or handlebars to achieve a lower position when riding.  That way, it’s easier to reach the ground while standing. 

If you feel safe and in control when riding, you should feel comfortable choosing a 20-inch BMX bike.

Other factors like your preference and riding style will affect you when choosing the bike size suitable for your height.

What Are the Best BMX Bikes for Adults? 

The best BMX bike for you depends on your riding needs, personal preference, budget, and your riding style. 

The best BMX bikes for adults are 24-inch bikes, perfect for those looking for a more stable ride than a 20-inch bike can offer. 

These larger bikes give more stability and control, making them better suited to tricks and aggressive street riding.

When selecting a 24-inch BMX bike for adults, riders should look at their height and weight to determine the correct frame size. 

In addition to size, you’ll want to consider the type of riding you plan to do. Freestyle riders may want to look at lighter bikes with shorter wheelbases. 

Street riders should go for heavier frames with longer wheelbases that offer more stability when grinding rails and hitting jumps.

Finally, ensure you choose a bike with quality components and good brakes. 

Many of the best BMX bikes for adults come with sealed bearings and hydraulic brakes that provide better stopping power and keep maintenance costs low.

By doing your research and selecting a quality 24-inch BMX bike, adults can enjoy the same freedom and fun that kids experience when riding BMX bikes.

Here are some of the best BMX bikes that an adult can buy.

#1. Mongoose Legion L20 Freestyle

This freestyle BMX bike is lightweight and stylish, enabling them to stand out.  It also has a Hi-Ten metallic frame making them more durable and able to withstand rigorous riding.

It has removable brakes and a 20.25-inch long top tube, making it easier to maneuver when doing stunts. 

Overall, the bike designers made it with high-quality components to improve their performance and durability. 

If you have the means, the Mongoose Legion L20 Freestyle BMX  is the best BMX bike to buy.

#2. Mongoose Freestyle Legion

If you are a beginner, this bike is the best bike to start riding on. This bike is versatile, and you can ride it anywhere and use it for activities like park riding, street riding, dirt jumping, etc.

The bike has a 25x9T gearing system providing a smooth and consistent ride for the rider. 

The Mongoose Freestyle Legion features a 20-inch top tube, and its designers designed it with high-quality components.

#3. Redline RL-275 BMX Bike

This BMX bike is great for someone who wants to race with it. It features larger 27.5-inch wheels that enable you to handle it better in different terrain and have a smooth ride.

It has a 22.2 top tube length. The designers equipped it with a Tektro mechanical disc brake, making the brake very responsive and reliable.

There are many BMX bikes to select from, and your choice depends on your preference and other factors.

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