BMX Bike For 5’8? (Beginners Guide, Must Read)

BMX Bike For 5'8

Does bike size matter? Yes, but it’s not a case of more significant being better. The top tube length is the most important when shopping for a new BMX bike.

This length is more significant than the size of the wheels, and the rider’s height and age determine this.

These styles and sizes are usually divided into ‘Race’ BMX or ‘Freestyle’ BMX and are often used for racing or stunts.

Although The most frequent and proper size for BMX is 20″TT wheels, for race BMX, bike size for people ranging from 5’3 – 5’8 is pro 20.5″ TT, and for freestyle BMX, bike size for people who are 5’8 is  20.5″ TT or 21 TT. 

Number Of BMX Bike Sizes for 5.8 Feet Height

Listed below are some size BMX bikes available for 5.8 feet in height.

#1. MTB Hardtails

BMX Bike For 5'8

MTB Off-Road use has a compact frame to withstand cornering in rugged terrain while also climbing well.

However, it is advisable to Choose a one-size-larger frame for increased comfort and stability if the bike is used for leisure or city cycling.

#2. Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

Bikes with full suspension are built to handle more demanding terrain. At more incredible speeds, stability is crucial.

If your theoretical frame size falls between two sizes, you should use the larger size. Shorter stems and broader bars also aid with confidence building.

#3. Hybrid & City Bikes

These bikes are made to provide the most comfort when cycling. As a result, the frame should be large enough to let the rider sit comfortably between the seat and the handlebars.

#4. Junior Bikes

Although these bikes can accommodate people 5.8 feet tall, they are not designed for adults.

As the name implies, junior bikes are meant mainly for kids. They are a series of BMX bike sizing available to accommodate different riders. 

BMX bikes come in various designs and are available from various manufacturers. The various options may make getting the best bike designs from a quality brand harder.

As a result, both experienced and inexperienced riders may require some aid in learning about BMX bike manufacturers before deciding on the ideal brand.

It is undoubtedly true that anything too cheap will not last. The same is true for bicycles.

Any inexpensive gear, whether camping, mountain, or motocross, will not last long.

Branded bikes have outlasted their cheaper counterparts in value for money and time.

 Some of the most popular BMX brands are listed below.

#5. Elite

Founded by David Greenfield and Richie Cortez in 1993. Elite is the BMX brand of choice for many professionals worldwide.

Elite BMX Bikes are well-known brands in the BMX industry. They make fantastic budget-friendly BMX models for both professionals and amateurs. 

But the best part is that they never sacrifice quality since they’re famous for producing high-end devices.

This BMX manufacturer will provide you with all you require in a motocross bike.

Although Elite has several color variants, high quality, and simple assembly, one thing people don’t like about this bike is its restricted hand motions.

#6. Kent

Now presently located in Parsippany, New Jersey. For the past few years, kent has been the world’s second-largest bike accessories and bike maker.

Founded by Abraham Kamler, a German immigrant who arrived in the United States in the early 1900s. In New York City, he began restoring bicycles.

 After a few years, Kamler opened his bike shop on the Lower East Side in 1909, and as the business grew, he moved to Newark, New Jersey.

The Philkam Cycle Company changed its name to Kent International in 1947. This all-American BMX Bike brand has been producing bikes since then.

A good thing about kent products is they are stylish, attractive, and highly affordable. 

#7. Mongoose

Started by Skip Hikes, the Mongoose brand is among the most well-known BMX bike companies today, with a 46-year history.

Dorel Industries owns this brand, which has continued producing high-end MTBs and BMXs.

The first Mongoose BMX was created in 1974, in Simi Valley, in a modest workshop, in California State. It was a MotoMag One Wheel created by Skip Hikes from his garage.

Although assembling this bike is challenging, it has a comfortable, Lightweight, and experience-based buildup.

#8. Diamondback 

The Diamondback BMX is made by Raleigh and is slightly less expensive than the Mongoose BMX versions. They’re famous for their toughness and Longevity.

Founded by the western state imports in 1977 and located in Newbury Park, California, diamondback bikes are of good quality, and their spare parts are readily available. 

Diamondbacks are extremely common, and their BMX bikes have caused quite a stir in the biking world; hence they have one of the best size BMX bikes.

What is good about these bikes is their Low cost, durability, and strength they possess.

#9. Mafia 

Founded in 2009 by Mac Ferrari Guy, they are located in the UK. These Mafia motorcycles are very new to the BMX scene.

Presently the company is owned by Marc Brotherton. Stomp Racing Ltd is the umbrella company under which it operates. 

This company has earned great popularity, an incredible reputation for budget-friendly production, and incredible workability from all of its global riders and distributors in the previous 12 years since its establishment.

Although these bikes are not ultimately comfortable for long rides, they are Sturdy bikes with modern designs. 

#10. Redline

Since 1970, Redline Bikes have been a behemoth for BMX bikes.

They make bikes for serious beginners and pro-bikers in the categories of race bikes and BMX freestyle biking.

However, the most extraordinary thing about this company is its company-owned riding teams, which test the bike’s performance, build, durability, make, and quality. 

Founded in 1970 by Mike Konle and Linn Kastan in Chatsworth, California, this brand contains all unique Cyclocross, Mountain bike size, Freestyle, and BMX riders.

Although the Seats are firm and sturdy, Redline has ideal bikes for competitive and everyday rides. 

#11. Eastern

Eastern is an excellent option In the BMX world. The company started in 1996 in North Carolina, founded by Jon Byers and Mike Corley. 

Eastern BMX bikes are better known as beginner’s bikes. They have bike size charts that are inexpensive and suitable for beginners in the category of bicycle motocross.

They’ve been making one of the most reliable BMX bikes for over two decades, providing choices for experts, intermediates, professionals, and beginners.

#12. Razor

Razor got its fame in 2000 due to the razor scooter they produced. It gave them worldwide notice.

Within six months, 6 million popular street riders had crawled into the hearts of fans. 

However, they have recently entered the motocross arena, focusing on the younger potential customers with the help and collaboration of a well-known bike brand, Kent.

Carlton Calvin is the founder of this bike brand, located in Cerritos, California. 

A good thing about this brand is that they are dependable and provide good prices, but riding is challenging for taller people as most designs are for kids.

#13. Dynacraft 

Dynacraft is an American band formed in 1984. They began producing reasonably priced, dependable bicycles.

They began gaining popularity in Puerto Rico, Canada, and the United States. Currently located in Port Wentworth, Georgia, and founded by Jerome Berman.

Although they are heavy, some good things about this bike brand are Longevity, toughness, cost, and warranty.


Getting a new BMX frame is a thrilling experience for any BMX rider. Riding an adequately sized bike is more comfortable, efficient, and enjoyable.

Knowing the right BMX bike size also greatly depends on various criteria such as bike type, height, and riding style.

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