How Much Should I Sell My BMX Bike For? (Explained)

How Much Should I Sell My BMX Bike For

BMX bikes are useful for sports and leisure riding; they are lightweight and easy to handle. As a result, many people buy more BMX bikes than other types of motorcycles.

Your motorcycle can still give you the kind of value you expected when you purchased it, but you may decide to sell it.

Then the question of how much you should sell your bike pops up.

The price you sell your bike depends on the bike’s condition, but as a general rule, second-hand bikes are worth 50% of the purchase price. However, keeping the bike in good condition would help to increase the value.

How Much Is a Used BMX Bike Worth?

How Much Should I Sell My BMX Bike For

Generally, a BMX bike will lose 45% of its value after a year and 2.7 % every year after the first year.

Therefore, a second-hand BMX bike is usually worth 50% of the initial purchase price, but the bike must be neat and well maintained to attain this value.

You can also check the bicycle bluebook to get the prices of second-hand bikes based on their current condition.

Again, use the bike model as the search term, and select your bicycle conditions and features to get the worth.

Finally, you can use the value you found on the bluebook search to know if you can sell your bike for less or higher than the market value.

 If the bike is in terrible condition, it loses 20% of its value, and you may have to sell it at a lesser price without profit.

Furthermore, you can search for how much a  new BMX bike costs online using the brand name and model as search terms.

Weigh the money you have spent on servicing the bike, and subtract the service fee from the selling price (50% of the cost price).

If there is still some profit left, the bike is worth selling. 

However, you should make sure the bike looks clean and well-kept before placing the selling price.

A badly looking and poorly maintained bike won’t give you the price value you intend.

If your bike is not in good shape and has issues like worn brake pads, bent handlebars, and so on, you have to be open to negotiating.

However, you should determine the lowest price you intend to sell your bike before negotiations so that you do not end up selling at a price that won’t profit you.

How Do I Sell My BMX Bike?

You can sell your bike to a local bike shop that buys used bikes or a pawn shop. You can also sell it online on various marketplaces and sites like eBay, Craigslist, etc.

Selling your bike online helps broaden the buyer’s list and gets you a better bargain.

A local bike shop would help you get it sold faster but won’t offer much for a second-hand bike.

You can also go to a sporting goods store that buys used bikes.

A sporting goods store may offer a higher price than a local bike shop because they have lesser knowledge about bikes.

A consignment shop also helps to sell goods and takes some commission from the selling price.

However, before putting a bike up for sale, it is essential to understand some basic information like the brand of the bike, the model, the product year, and the frame size of the bike.

If you can’t get the model, the serial number is mainly printed under the handle; you can use that too.

 Whoever intends to buy the bike would surely demand this information, and your response would determine how much and how soon it gets sold.

In addition, the brand and the model name should appear on the frame.

If the frame size is hard to get because the sizing sticker is missing, you can measure the length of the head tube or top tube with a tape rule.

Check the internet for ‘Geometry Charts for bikes’; you can narrow the search with the brand name.

It would help if you considered some tips to put your bike in perfect condition.

#1. Clean Up the Bike

Looking neat and well-kept is an essential quality in selling a BMX bike. So first, use a rag and dish soap to clean the bicycle frame.

Next, use a soft-bristled brush and spray-on bike cleaner to wash the wheels. Finally, rinse the bike with water but be careful when doing this.

Water can damage the bike’s bearing, suspensions, and other moving parts. 

Therefore you should avoid using a pressure washer. Instead, remove the lubricant and oil from the chain with a degreaser.

Then, wipe the bike dry with a towel or dry cloth and re-oil the chain with a waterproof lubricant after leaving it to dry correctly for some minutes.

Replace worn out or damaged parts; it is advisable to take the bike to a professional to check it properly and do the necessary replacements.

For example, replace the cables to improve the brakes and gears performance.

New cables would fix the issues of stiff gears and brakes. It is a cost-effective and easier method to fix these components.

Inspect the tires for cracks and worn spots, and if the rubber has perished, you would need to replace the tires. Inflate the tires to their marked pressure range.

#2. Servicing

Take the bike to a bicycle mechanic at a bike shop to get it checked. The mechanic will check if it is in good condition and if the parts are still intact and safe.

You may need to replace some parts and get them serviced, but you should always mention the parts that need replacement, and you didn’t replace them in your listing.

#3. Take a Picture

A good photo would help to sell your BMX bike quickly. Please take a photo of the bike in its current condition.

Make sure the picture is clear and neat. Do not use the manufacturer’s photo or photos from the internet.

The buyer would think you are dishonest if the picture is different from the physical look.

A buyer would want to see the bike’s current condition before buying it. To get a quality picture, take the photo in a well-lighted environment.

For example, taking the picture early in the morning or before sunset would give you the perfect lightening effect. 

Take the lead photo on the drivetrain or right side of the bike.

Take pictures at the level of the motorcycle because taking the picture from a different height may give the wrong size perception.

Use a clean background when taking pictures. You can use a stand or stick to support the bike if you can’t find anything to lean the bike against.

Make sure only the bike appears in the photo to avoid distractions; the motorcycle needs to capture attention.

Take pictures at different angles to show the entire bike, do not include any accessory that isn’t included in the sale.

Also, do not hide any scratches, dents, or repair cosmetics on the bike.

#4. Listing

If you intend to sell the BMX bike online, you need to enter your details, relevant information on the bike, and the selling price.

Your title should include the brand, model, year, and size of the bike. List the key features such as the frame material, age, upgrades, and accessories included in the sale. 

Use simple and detailed language to describe a clear picture of what is being sold. Give an honest and detailed description of the product. You may also know how to identify if my BMX is fake.

Let the buyer know the issues, scratches, the Parts that need replacement, and any changes made to the bike.

You should also include your reason for selling the bike.

Reinstall the parts you removed before listing your bike; the buyer may want a complete BMX bike.

If your bike has a big problem, you must consider selling it for parts.

How Can I Sell My Bike for More?

To sell your BMX bike at a higher price, you need to ensure that it is neat and well-maintained.

The better the condition of the bike, the higher the selling price. It is also better to sell to individuals than to a bike shop.

The bike shop will offer you less because they know a lot about the bike, but the person will negotiate based on personal interest and reason, offering you more.


Selling your BMX bike is not as difficult as it may seem. You need the right contacts and methods to get a reasonable price.

Many people buy second-hand bikes if they cannot afford a new one. When you finally decide to sell it, always maintain it while using it to get a reasonable price.

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