46/30 Crankset 9 Speed (Must Know Things)

46/30 Crankset 9 Speed

Are you wondering which gear would go right with your bike on any terrain? The numerous options can be tricky to get the right gears that’d offer the speed you want.

This post focuses on a good option, the 46/30 crankset 9 speed, and discusses all you’ll need to know about it.

With the 46/30 crankset 9 speed, you’ll be riding on the gear teeth of 46/30 with a crank speed of 9. This gear would offer you speed at a slick hyperactive performance level with a smooth and strong road drive. One unique thing about the 46/30 crankset is that it is lightweight and has replaceable hyperdrive chainrings.

What Is 46/30 Crankset 9 Speed?

46/30 Crankset 9 Speed

The 46/30 crankset 9 speed is a two-piece crankset with a lightweight design with an external bracket axle system.

Its lightweight makes it a product of choice for wide applications because no one would want to get a chainset that adds load to their bike.

If you buy this chainset, you’ll surely have durability and strength while riding your bike on any terrain.

I’d recommend the 46/30 crankset nine-speed to you because, aside from other things, it’d offer great drive efficiency and stable rhythm.

Also, 9-speed cranksets have rings with teeth that tend to function better with narrower chains.

There’d be a risk of having the narrower chains running hard on the inside of the wider chains.

So, it isn’t possible to swap chains of teeth that go with narrower chains with those of wider chains.

The only exception would be ensuring their generations aren’t so far apart. This crankset has unique specifications to make it stand out amongst other chain sets in the 46/30 series.

They include;

PurposeYou can use this crankset for an MTB ride or trekking.
SeriesThis chainset belongs to the 46/30 series.
Q-FactorThe 46/30 crankset nine-speed has a Q-factor of 180mm.
GearThis chainset has a gear of 9.
Construction A 2-piece design.
CompatibilityIt is compatible with 
Bolt Diameter The bolt diameter is in a riveting form.
Chain LineThe chain line is approximately 60mm.
Guards For ChainIt has a chain guard.
MaterialsApart from the aluminum crank arm, every other part of this crankset is steel.
Chain Arm LengthIt has two variants of chain arm length; 170mm and 175mm.
ColorIt almost always comes in black.
CompatibilityThis crankset is compatible with HG 9 speed.

Having a crankset with the right combination of cassettes would give you different ranges of gears to pick.

However, your particular range depends on the terrain you’re riding. The crankset is unique in that, at first glance, you’d think it’s less complex, but it’s not. 

The 9-speed 46/30 chainset has numerous complex specifications, so you’ll need to take care while handling the crankset. 

Finding a 9 Speed 46/30t Chainset

When you’re looking for a replacement for your 9-speed 46/30 chainset, you’ll most often find it difficult and stressful.

This need often springs up when your chainset submits to wear and tear, necessitating a swap.

Also, after trawling the internet for this solution, you might resolve to go for individual rings.

That’s an option if you don’t want to replace the whole set, although you’ll need to be sure of the brands.

If you eventually spend on getting the wrong brand of rings, you’ll lose a lot because you won’t achieve the ultimate purpose.

Also, from my knowledge of bikes, I’ll recommend that you get an alternative crankset rather than buying individual rings for your 46/30 9-speed.

If your crankset is faulty, you can get another compatible set with the 9-speed 46/30 crankset.

Some of the compatible cranksets include the 10-speed  and the 11-speed cranksets.

So, with those cranksets in mind, you’d have a ton of chainsets to pick from to have those wheels rolling again.

However, with the 46/30 series, it’d be easy to find replacements for your 46/30 crankset.

That’d depend on if you know the number of bolts it comes with or the type of its BCD.

Besides the 10- and 11-speed chainsets, you can seek the 7- or 8-speed cranksets because they aren’t all that different from the 9-speed.

The decision to change the whole set or replace some parts is important in determining the number of cassettes.

You can choose to go with three chains for one cassette and two cassettes for a chain ring.

Thus, you can decide to replace your chainrings every six months to avoid untimely damages. 

How to Use 46/30 Crankset 9 Speed?

To use the 46/30 crankset 9-speed, you’ll have to learn to navigate the gears of the crankset.

First, you must understand that this crankset comprises four important components.

  • Rear derailleur.
  • Three external and internal gears each. You’d find the controllers of these gears close to the handles of your bike.
  • A chainring.

To maneuver the gears, you can either use the external gears or the internal gears.

#1. External Gears

Maneuvering the external gears is easy because you’ll need only to click left or right to get an increase or a decrease. 

  • Click right for an increase.
  • Click left for a decrease.

To use the external gear, ensure that you’re still pedaling before shifting the gear.

#2. Internal Gears

The same procedures go for the internal gears, only that they have opposite results as the external gears. 

  • Click left to increase.
  • Click right to decrease.

You’d have to stop pedaling for the internal gears before shifting the gear. After the gear shift, continue pedaling

#3. How to Combine Gear Speed?

Combining gear speed will help you achieve three different speeds depending on the terrain you’re riding. 

SpeedsExternal Gear LevelsInternal Gear Levels
Uphill speedAll the speed levels will give you a variety when you combine them for an uphill ride.You can use the first level of the internal gear with all three levels of the external gear. These combinations will give you three different speed levels in all.
Cruising speedThree, two, and one level of external gear speed will give the right speed here.The second internal gear speed, in combination with the external gear speed, will give you a cruising speed.
Toughest SpeedThe same combinations of three, two, and one happen here.Combine the external gear speeds with the third speed of the internal gear speeds to get fast combinations.

Where to Buy 46/30 Crankset 9 Speed?

You can get a 46/30 crankset nine-speed at Amazon stores for approximately $37. You can also find it in local stores for a lower price.

However, you’d have to ensure that you get the original versions. 

If you lack the experience to discern the original product, you can also go to an expert bike dealer to help pick the right crankset for your bike.

Is 46/30 Crankset 9 Speed Good for a Bike?

The 46/30 crank rings are good for road bikes but too small to fit on a compact BCD.

In this case, you’ll have to change the entire chainset to have newer and better rings for the BCD cranks.

However, pairing the different cranksets is important because this would tell if you’d be able to ride on a particular terrain.

The ability to ride a 9-speed 46/30 crankset on a specific terrain depends on your ability and the specifications.

It’s factual that most road bikes tend to pair up with higher cranksets, say 50/34 cranksets. However, it can be a 48/32 crankset for medium derailleurs with large enough cassettes.

However, you might give a little bias to the type of crankset you choose to ride due to your kind of terrain.

The 46/30 crankset might not be ideal for mountain roads; the 50/34 series cranksets would serve better here.

Whatever the case, if you have good abilities plus the right gear, you’d be able to ride any ground.


You can ride any terrain if your abilities are optimal with the right crankset in your bike and appropriate gear.

However, it becomes devastating having to look for cranksets to replace your 9-speed 46/30 chainset.

Before buying a crankset, have an expert check it out so you don’t get the wrong set.

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