BB-RS500 Upgrade (Things You Should Know)

BB-RS500 Upgrade

Improving your experience is the primary objective of upgrading your crankset, necessitating modifying or replacing the crankset to get the desired effect.

In other words, your bicycle needs this requirement to function properly. The crankset is the portion of the bicycle that includes the chainrings, crank arms, and often the bottom bracket.

A crankset is also known as the pedal set. It converts the effort exerted by the rider’s leg on the pedal. 

A bb-rs500 upgrade is a great way to improve your bike’s fitness because a crankset poses many benefits to your bike. The upgrade of the bb-rs500 makes your crankset stiff, smooth, and easy while riding on any terrain. Due to the cost of purchasing a new crankset, many go for an upgrade to save cost.

BB-RS500 Press Fit Upgrade

BB-RS500 Upgrade

If you can continue using the press-fit that you already have, you can pocket a significant amount of money, which is the price of upgrading to the most recent components group.

Be aware that it will not be like new components because manufacturers often redesign parts and improve features for every upgrade.  

On the other hand, you should consider keeping it if you value economy and the crankset and the bottom bracket is in good condition.

It’s based on what components are available and what you intend to upgrade to, but in many circumstances, it is possible to leave with it. 

You could have been told this is impossible since the chain gets narrower the higher the number of gears in the drivetrain.

This shows that the 10-speed chain is incompatible with the  9-speed crankset since it is too small.

While this was a concern with old cranksets (the chain could tend to drop between the chainrings and even get blocked), the vast majority of modern drivetrains can be modified to work perfectly with thinner chains.

Therefore, if you are on a tight budget and want to make an effort to save the expense of purchasing a new Shimano hollow tech crankset.

You can always give it a shot and see whether it does the job, and you should only get the new crankset if necessary.

Pros and Cons of BB-RS500 Press Fit Upgrade 

Cups are cheaper to make than threaded shells, even with fine finishes and tolerances.When bearings are replaced often, press-fit connections wear out faster.
Press-fit bearings go on faster. The change is little yet noticeable when assembling thousands of motorcycles.Bearings with cup mounting flaws that don’t last as long.
A new standard is always a terrific chance for the advertising department.Rethreading a damaged bottom bracket shell thread is easier than replacing press-fit cups.
Installation rarely requires tools; however, they’re sometimes recommended.Bearing removal needs the skill to protect the cup surface.

BB-RS500 Upgrade Tips

Suppose your previous unit’s chainrings and bottom bracket are both worn out.

In that case, you should probably consider upgrading to a new setup rather than purchasing all of the individual components that make up your old one. 

In addition to obtaining anything compatible with the rest of the components, you will also be certain that you are striking brand-new crank arms.

On an antique crankset, there is no way to know how much strength it still has. In addition, cyclists can break crank arms every once in a while.

Please pay attention to your crank arms while walking beside your bike and lifting it over obstacles like curbs and steps. ‘

If you don’t do that, you could end up hitting the ends of the arms on a solid object, creating a weak area right at the axle of the pedals and could eventually cause them to fracture or break.

As soon as you decide to improve your Shimano hollow tech cranksets, you are free to make other modifications if you so desire.

You might want to experiment with different gearings, such as the trendy 52-36 sub-compact gearing that has become increasingly popular.

Or perhaps your bike fitter suggested varying the length of your crank arms to improve the smoothness of your pedaling or increase the amount of power you have. It’s time to give it a shot right now.

How to Upgrade BB-RS500?

Most time-worn can be why your bike no longer works as it should. A crank arm upgrade is aimed at providing possible balance to your bicycle.

The Shimano hollow tech crankset’s rigidity ensures that the rider will have an efficient pedaling motion.

In contrast, the rider’s ability to adjust the weight of the crankset is beneficial for cycling longer distances.

The following steps are ways you can upgrade your bb-rs500:

  1. The first step is to raise the chains out of the chainrings in your bicycle and when you do so, rest them on your bearing cap. When you have done this, move into pushing your tensioning arm a little bit forward to loosen your chains—with this, loosen your pinch bolts on your crank arm, but don’t remove it permanently.
  2. Secondly, you can use your bottom bracket tool, unscrew it and let the plastic cover one side. Now confirm with the help of your crankset maker to ensure everything is in place. 

BB-RS500 Upgrade Bearing Size

Bottom brackets compatible with Hollowtech II and measuring 24 millimeters at the axle are most suitable for the Shimano BB-RS500.

Cranks from the Tiagra, Sora, and GRX series and a wide variety of group versions. It may be mounted on road bikes with BSA bottom bracket bolts and a shell width of 68 millimeters.

More impressive is the BB-enhanced RS500’s seal design and long-lasting construction.

BB RS500 Upgrade Alternatives

A wide variety of cranksets are available, each from a different manufacturer. Therefore, it may be tough and complicated to determining the type most suited for you may be tough and complicated.

Are you going to go with the Shimano hollow tech cranksets, or perhaps even an Andel crankset?

The following are my top three picks for an alternative crankset when considering an upgrade;

#1. SHIMANO M361 Hybrid Crankset

This crankset is one of the easiest to put together and take apart on the market. In addition, the SHIMANO M361 is suitable for use with bicycles equipped with a square bottom bracket.

A chain guard, a crank arm measuring 170 millimetres, and three chainrings are all included in this set.

#2. FSA K-Force Light

This crankset brand is well-known for its expertise in producing road bike parts. The package includes the 53/39, the pro compact 52/36, and the complete compact 50/34 ratio options.

In total, the package contains four distinct chainring alternatives.

However, the available alternatives for crank lengths range from 170mm to 175mm for this particular model.

#3. SRAM Red 11 Speed Crankset

Your riding experience will be enhanced thanks to the 165mm length option and double chainring on the SRAM Red crankset.

Because of the shorter length of the crank, pedalling is simpler. The pedal threads and spindle are of a high grade. This crankset was designed to be used with a road cycle.

BB RS500 Upgrade Dimensions

You can determine the size of the bottom bracket that your frame requires by measuring the inside of the bottom bracket shell; it will be either 73 mm, 70 mm, or 68 mm. 

Older frames may feature Italian threaded bottom brackets rather than the current English style.


After reading this, you should have a much better understanding of the benefits of updating your crankset.

The only thing left for you to do is think about the fundamentals of improvement and the recommended choices that will suit your requirements.

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