Shimano RX100 Components (Things You Must Know)

Shimano RX100 Components

Good Bicycles are a result of their high-quality components. In other words, good components are essential parts of a bicycle. Without them, a bicycle won’t offer you its best. 

Shimano has always done its best to deliver high-quality bikes consecutively. A good example of their products is the Shimano RX100.

Its components are top-notch, and that makes people crave the components. So, let’s go over these components.

Shimano RX100 Components include; Cranksets, Pedal, front and rear derailleur, brake lever, dual control level, shift lever, free hub, pivot brake, pedals, and chain wheel. All the above components make up the groupset of the bicycle.

What Are Shimano RX100 Components?

Shimano RX100 Components

The components include the rear derailleur, front derailleur, free hub, brake lever, Crankset, Pedal, etc. Read more for detail.

#1. Rear Derailleur

The rear derailleur switches gears and still maintains the tension of the chain. It changes the gears by moving the chain’s bottom from side to side.

#2. Front Derailleur

Unlike the rear derailleur, the front derailleur moves the top of the chain under tension when paddling. It moves the chain between the three front sprockets.

#3. Free Hub

When paddling, the free hub engages with the tire, and you drive forward. But when you stop paddling, it disengages with the tire.

It allows the tire to rotate freely without the movement of the gears and pedals.

#4. Crankset

It consists of one or more chainrings (sprockets) that attach to the cranks holding the pedals. As the pedal moves, the crankset rotates and drives the chain.

#5. Brake Lever

This lever attaches to the handle for applying the brake calliper through a cable. It is the foremost safety feature of the bicycle.

#6. Pedal

Shimano has three cleat pedals, and their uniqueness is the release angle. They are light in weight, serviceable, and very durable.

One of the best Shimano RX100 pedals is the vintage Shimano pedal. These pedals are useful with or without any toe-clip and are perfect for roads, tracks, and touring bikes.

Below are the uses of the Shimano RX100 components.

1.ChainThis component transfers the rotation from the crankset to the rear wheel of the bicycle.
2.Rear DerailleurThis component transfers the rotation between the cassette’s sprockets on the rear wheel.
3.CassetteThis component includes several sprockets usually found on the bike’s rear hub. The sprockets are connected with the derailleur gears.
4. Dual control leverThe rider uses this component to activate the brake and shift functions.
5.CranksetAlso known as chainset, which houses the crank arm, chainrings, and bottom sprocket
6.PedalThis is the bicycle component in which the rider pushes with their foot to propel the bike.

Are Shimano RX100 Components Worth Keeping?

All bicycle components must be in good working conditions to get the best out of them. Also, these components are scarce since the RX100 is an old bike.

Several models of the Shimano components are so good and expensive. Thus, to save the stress of looking for cheap parts or buying a new bike, keep the components of your bike safe.

You can keep them safe by prioritizing maintenance.

Here’s a quick maintenance guide on how to safeguard your bicycle’s components from damage;

  • Before riding, always check if all the nuts and bolts are intact.
  • Ensure there is no wear on the brake pad.
  • Inspect the levers to know they’re firm in their positions.
  • Always lubricate the chains, front and rear derailleur, brake cables, and other metallic components.

Where to Buy Shimano RX100 Components?

Shimano RX100 has all the components bikers need for an amazing biking experience.

However, the components could get damaged and need replacement, which tends to be a major concern for the rider.

You can get the Shimano RX100 components in your neighborhood’s retail bikes and accessories stores.

A notable example is Hargroves, one of the UK’s leading stores for the sales of bikes and their accessories.

The components are readily available on the Shimano official website and other online shopping stores like Amazon, eBay, and other leading online stores worldwide.

Some people also sell used components locally and online too. For instance, is a good example where the rider can connect to other riders with the components for sale in the USA.

What to Do if Shimano RX100 Components Are Fairly Damaged?

When your bicycle’s components get fairly damaged, you can try some DIY projects to fix them.

Sometimes all you need to do is lubricate them. However, if you see no improvement after servicing, take it to a professional.

But before you take your bike to a professional, consider these simple ways to repair some faulty components.

#1. How to fix the Rear Derailleur?

If your derailleur doesn’t switch to all the gears, it makes a grinding noise when driving or the chain jump gears.

The steps in fixing are below. 

  • Switch to the sixth gear.
  • Crank the pedals to allow the chain to drop to the smallest cog.
  • While cranking, turn the cable adjusting barrel on the rear derailleur or the shifter in a clockwise direction. Keep turning till the chain begins to drop on the third cog.
  • Rotate the barrel once in a counter-clockwise direction.
  • Switch to the seventh gear, and check if the chain moved to the first cog.
  • If it didn’t, rotate the barrel a one-quarter counter-clockwise.
  • Inspect the other gears by switching till you reach the first gear.
  • If the chain doesn’t shift when you turn the moveable grip, turn the barrel one-quarter clockwise.

#2. How to fix a Skipping Chain?

  • Put your bicycle in park and pedal forward till the derailleur adjusts into the smallest cog. To see if the chain moves to another gear, press the shifter.
  • Reach for the barrel adjuster at the back of the derailleur and turn it on.
  • Inspect the shifter to see if the chain will move to the cassette’s smallest cog. If it doesn’t, keep adjusting the barrel adjuster to add more tension until the bike starts shifting normally.
  • If the skipping persists, check the cable. Tighten it if it’s slack. If it’s too tight, slack it a little.
  • Keep adjusting the tension till your bicycle can switch gears without skipping.
  • If the bike hasn’t stopped skipping, check the limiting screw on the derailleur. Find the screw with an inscription of (H). Loosen the screw, and the chain will stop skipping.

How to Replace RX100 Components?

If some of your components are faulty, so you need to repair them, here’s a simple guide to doing so;

#1. The Front Wheel

  • Remove the spacer from the holder
  • Loosen the front wheel to release the lever
  • Set the new axle in its position
  • Align the wheel properly before riding

#2. The Front Derailleur

  • Loosen the cable that’s on the derailleur
  • Loosen the fork fixing bolt to pass the chain over it.
  • Loosen the clamp fixing bolt.
  • Remove the derailleur.
  • Put the new front derailleur on the vertical tube. After ensuring that it’s kept above the chain, tighten the screws. 

#3. The Rear Derailleur

  • Read the service instruction carefully before loosening and replacing the rear derailleur.
  • Ensure the B- Tension adjustment does not come in contact with the fork to avoid bending.
  • Shift the derailleur to the smallest cog on the chain.
  • Loosen the limit screw to position itself on the upper pulley.
  • Fix the barrel adjuster by tightening it clockwise.
  • Shift the rear derailleur to the largest cog and adjust the lower limit.
  • Adjust the B-tension screw.
  • Lubricate the bolts and tighten them.

Final Thoughts

Shimano RX100 is a very old bike with components such as; a crankset, rear and front derailleur, free hub, etc.

They deserve extreme maintenance, so lubricate and service them regularly.

These components are available in various online shopping stores. Just place an order!

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