What Size Does Rim Fit A 26×1.95 Bike Tire?

What Size Rim Fits a 26x1.95 Bike Tire

Getting a rim that fits your bike tire is easier said than done as many complexities are involved.

One of such intricacies is the rim size, and getting this right is usually key to the best rim-tire combination. If that is the case, what size rim will be a good fit for a 26×1.95 bike tire?

A 26×1.95 tire will require a rim of the same dimensions to fit it. The rim should have the same diameter measured in millimeters according to the ISO/ETRTO guidelines. The rim width should also fall within an acceptable range for a 1.95″ tire.

Will a 26×1.95 Fit a 26×2?

What Size Rim Fits a 26x1.95 Bike Tire

A bike rim is not limited to only one tire size and is compatible with various sizes. Therefore, a 26×1.95 tire will fit a 26×2 rim.

Since the difference between the widths of the tire and the rim is negligible, you can use them together.

However, you should note that the tire and wheel diameter may differ despite having the same designation. You will know more about this as you read on.

How do I Know what Size Rim I Need for my Bike?

The dimensions of your bike wheel will give you a clue about the bike’s rim size requirements.

You can tell this size by checking the markings on the tire or measuring the wheel.

Usually, bike tires have labels indicating their sizes on their sides. Bike tire manufacturers indicate the size of a tire in three different sizing standards.

These methods of sizing bike tires are English, French, and the ISO/ETRTO.

For instance, a bike tire will have a size like this: 28-622 700x28c 28×1.10. These figures represent the ISO, French, and English sizing standards.

You can check here to know more about the bike tire sizing standards. The optimum rim size for your bike is the one that corresponds with the size of the tire.

If you are getting a new rim, you can copy this size and use it as a reference. You can also tell the rim size you need for your bike by measuring the original wheel.

This method is useful if, for some reason, you can’t find the size label on the tire. You can measure the size of your bike’s wheel using the steps below.

  • Prop the bike against a wall or make it stand upright on its kickstand.
  • Measure the distance from the edge of the tire to the center of the wheel. This measurement will give you the radius of the wheel.
  • Find the diameter of the wheel by multiplying the measured radius by two.
  • Next, strip the tire off the rim and measure the internal width of the rim. 
  • Record the wheel size by putting the diameter first and then the width as 26×1.95.

Note that this is the conventional English method of sizing bike tires. You will need to measure in millimeters for the ISO/ETRTO sizing standard.

If your tape has no provisions for millimeters, you can multiply the inches by 25.4 to convert them to millimeters.

You can also tell the rim size you need for your bike from the information in the user manual.

Your bike dealers should also be able to help you with this detail if you can’t find it in the manual. Also, a quick online search can bring out your bike’s rim specifications.

Can I Put a 1.75 Tire on a 2.1 Rim?

Generally, a bike’s tire is supposed to be wider than its rims. However, narrow tires can also fit a rim if the actual diameter (in millimeters) of both the rim and tire correspond.

A 1.75 tire on a 2.1 rim is not advisable, and you should consider getting a suitable rim. The width of bike tires increases 0.4mm for every 1 mm increase in the rim.

Therefore, bike owners make tires wider by using them on wider rims without incurring extra weights. there must be a concordance between the bike tire and rim width.

You should follow the ETRTO guidelines for pairing tires and rims for optimum bike performance.

This guideline will help you select the best tire width for your bike rim. The figures are in millimeters; for easy understanding, you can convert them to inches by dividing them by 25.4.

What Size does Tire fit a 26-Inch Rim?

There is a range of tire sizes that will fit a 26-inch rim. In theory, any tire with a diameter of 26 inches should fit a rim of 26-inches diameter.

However, the tire’s width also matters; in practice, the best tire for a rim corresponds with its size.

This vague sizing method is one of the complications resulting from the diverse standards of sizing bike tires and rims.

Notably, the 26-inch wheel and tire diameter designation does not accurately represent the size. The ISO/ETRTO gives a more accurate size of tires in millimeters.

On that note, you can only get the right tire for your rim if you know its actual diameter in millimeters.

The table below gives the common tire sizes for rims of different diameters under the 26-inch designation:

ISO/ETRTO Sizing (millimeters)English Sizing (inches)French Sizing
20-55926 x ¾
23-55926 x 0.90
26 x 7/8
25-55926 x 1.00
28-55926 x 1.10
30-59926 x 1.20
32-55926 x 1.25
35-55926 x 1.35
37-55926 x 1.40
44-55926 x 1.75
47-55926 x 1.75
50-55926 x 2.00
26 x 1.90
26 x 1.95
54-55926 x 2.10
26 x 1.95
57-55926 x 2.125
23-57126 x 7/8 650 x 23C
47-57126 x 1 1/3 650 x 45C
54-57126 x 2 x 1 1/3 650 x 50C
20-59026 x ¾ 650 x 20A
25-59026 x 1.00650 x 25A
28-59026 x 1 3/8 x 1 1/8 650 x 28A
32-59026 x 1 3/8 x 1 ¼ 650 x 32A
37-59026 x 1 3/8650 x 35A
40-59026 x 1.50650 x 35A
42-59026 x 1 5/8650 x 40A
32-59726 x 1 ¼ 

Check here for more tire sizes under the 26″ rim diameter and other size designations.

An actual measurement of your 26″ rim will help you choose the best size that matches the rim.


A bike tire can only fit a rim with a compatible diameter, and its widths fall within an acceptable range.

Therefore, a suitable rim for a 26×1.95 tire should have the same diameter accurately measured in millimeters.

Adhering to the ISO/ETRTO guidelines will save you a lot of stress when looking for the best rim for your bike.

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