Road Bike Part Names! (Must Know Things)

Road Bike Part Names

If you are new to road biking, the first image that comes to mind when you think about a road bike would be the two wheels and the body framework which holds them in place.

Yet, other parts play a pivotal role in the cycling process, and it is important to know their names and functions.

Road bike part names are labels given to the various parts of a road bike which play a diverse and specific role in facilitating the process of moving the road bike from one point to another.

What are the 5 Main Parts of a Road Bike?

Road Bike Part Names

There are five main parts of a road bike. They are the bike’s most primary and important parts.

Without these parts, initiating or keeping the bike in motion is impossible. The five main parts of a road bike include; the frame, the wheels, the pedals, the handlebars, and the seat post.

#1. The Frame

The frame, usually known as the backbone or skeleton of a road bike, is the most important part of the bike.

It is the part of the bike that provides structural support and holds all its components together.

Steel is the most common material of the several materials used to make road bike frames. Other materials include; aluminum and carbon fiber. 

Frames come in various sizes for the different sizes of riders. Using your height, you can find the right frame measurements, but it is not always accurate.

The general guide for road bike frames is given in the table below to help you find your right road bike frame measurements.

HeightSizeBike Size
4 ft 10 inches – 5 ft 2 inches47 inches – 48 inchesXX-Small
5 ft 2 inches – 5 ft 6 inches49 inches – 50 inchesX-Small
5ft 3 inches – 5 ft 6 inches51 inches- 53 inchesSmall
5 ft 6 inches – 5 ft 9 inches54 inches – 55 inchesMedium
5 ft 9 inches – 6 ft 0 inches56 inches – 58 inchesLarge
6 ft 0inches – 6 ft 3 inches58 inches – 60 inchesX-Large
6 ft 4 inches – 6 ft 7 inches62 inches – 64 inchesXX-Large

#2. The Wheels

They are attached to the bike by hubs and spokes. The hub occupies the center of the wheel and connects the spokes.

The spokes are thin rods stretching from one side of the hub to the other. Carbon fiber, aluminum, and steel are materials used in making wheels.

Carbon fiber is common in road bikes as its lightweight nature and strength make it a good choice. Aluminum is cheaper and more durable. 

#3. The Pedals

Pedals are also essential parts of bikes in general. They are devices attached to the bike’s cranks, providing power when you pedal to propel your bike forward.

There are three main pedals, but the pedal used on a road bike is a road pedal. 

Road pedal designs fit cycling on paved roads. They possess a flat surface that grips the road and provides power when pedaling.

A road pedal is made of metal or plastic and has a screw-driver-like head that tightens the pedal’s axle to the bike’s crank arm.

#4. The Handlebars

Another very important component of road bikes is the handlebars because they are important in steering the bike in different directions, controlling the bike’s speed, and using it to slow down.

They sit on opposite sides of the bike and have the bike’s brake levers attached.

In a front-wheel drive system, which most road bikes are, you also use handlebars to shift gears.

Most handlebars are either plastic or metal. Metal handlebars are more expensive than plastic handlebars, but plastic handlebars have proven to be more durable.

#5. The Seat Post

The seat post attaches the saddle to the bike, comfortably enabling the rider to sit and ride while providing balance and stability.

A good seat post is very important for rider safety as the rider rests his whole weight on the seat post. A bad seat post will cause harm to the rider.

Using a carbon seat post is best to avoid this as it is resistant to corrosion and reduces vibrations and shock while riding. It is the most common type of seat post, and you can purchase it here.

What are the Different Parts of a Road Bike?

There are different, numerous parts of a road bike, and they comprise the five main parts listed in the section above and other parts which include;

#1. The Head Tube, Top Tube, and Seat Tube

The part where the forks fit into the front of the bike is known as the head tube. Forks are shaped like prongs holding the front wheel in place and fit through the head tube.

The down tube runs from the forks to the bottom bracket, while the front tube is the part where the top tube runs down to the seat post clamp.

These three tubes make up the front triangle. The seat post fits into the seat tube, giving the rider room to adjust the saddle height easily.

The seat post is in place once fitted by a clamp wrapped around the tail end of the seat tube.

#2. The Bottom Bracket

Bearings are in the bottom bracket and the headset. The crankset fits into the bottom bracket. The pedals fit into the crankset to drive the chain.

Cups are metal guides that hold the bearings in place and are fixed into the frame to allow free movement of the crankset.

The working of the headset is not different from the bottom bracket as cups that contain bearings are fixed into the head tube and hold the forks in place for free movement.

#3. The Drivetrain

All components that make up the road bike’s gears are known as the drivetrain. These components include:

  • The chain.
  • Cassette (gears fixed to the rear wheel).
  • Chainrings are attached to the crankset.

#4. The Chainstay

The chainstay is a tube that links the rear hub to the pedal and crank. It sits in the middle of the bottom bracket shell and the rear dropout.

There are two types of chain stays; short and long stay chains. The difference between both is their length.

With a longer chain stay, your road bike will be more stable but less agile at high speed. 

Your bike will be less stable but more agile with a shorter chain stay. Other bicycle parts include; the seat stays, the saddle, the cog, the bottom bracket, the derailleur, and the stem.

Road Bike Part Diagram

What is the Name of the Bike Part that Holds the Chain?

The bike part that holds the chain is the chain ring. The chain ring is a metal gear with several teeth that fit into a chain, helping propel the bike forward.

It is usually fixed to the bike’s crank set and provides a large surface area for the cog to connect.

Chain rings are important as they help propel the bike forward and make pedaling the bicycle easy. Without a chain ring, it would be impossible to propel the bike forward.

Although the chain ring is an important component of bikes, it isn’t necessary for most bikes as several bikes function without a chain ring.

Final Thoughts

If you ever need to replace a faulty part of your road bike and go to a bicycle store, you will need to tell the sales representative the name of the part you want to replace or its function.

In a situation like this, it is important to learn the various names of your road bike parts and their functions.

You may not need it at the moment, but always remember no knowledge is lost.

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