How To Measure Standover Height Of BMX? (Explained)

Measure Standover Height Of BMX

A bad bike fit is an indicator that something is amiss. The primary issue is that the bike is often too small or big for the person using it.

In addition, a wrongly adjusted saddle height can also cause a bad bike fit.

This is why it is essential to have the right bike frame size and know how to measure the standover height of a BMX.

The measurement is from the top tube to the ground. The size is taken in the middle of the top tube, halfway between the seat and the head tubes. To measure standover height, ensure you can straddle your bike while having your feet flat on the ground

What is The Standover Height Of BMX?

Measure Standover Height Of BMX

The standover height of BMX is the distance between the lower and the top tube’s top.

Standover height of BMX is mainly used to refer to the frame’s seat tube length. However, it can also refer to the seat tube length center to center measurement. 

BMX bikes have around 20inches wheels size. They are built for extreme mobility, good speed, and strength.

Their basic construction makes them robust and easy to maintain and understand.

For BMX frames, the standover is how tall your frame will be. There are two major categories of standover height.

A shorter standover height makes things like tailwhips easier. A shorter standover is less stable in the air.

This is because it is more responsive and easier to handle and operate while in the air.

A higher standover height is more stable and less responsive than a shorter standover.

Higher standover height requires more material which makes it heavier and more stable. 

Most manufacturers and retailers provide the standover height measurement for their online products.

This is to make the buyer choose which one is convenient for them. It also enables the buyer to choose accurately even though the bike is not there physically.

You can also compare the standover height with your inseam measurement to make sure both feet are stable on the ground while standing on the bike.

Inseam measurement is critical when shopping for bikes online. It can be compared to standover height, especially if it is unavailable.

Just look for the listed standover height and compare the value with your inseam value.

To get your inseam value, stand up straight with the riding shoes and measure the distance inside your leg from the crotch to the floor.

BMX bikes mostly come in one frame size, although there is some variation in length sometimes.

In addition, the wheel sizes of BMX can change depending on the bike rider’s choice, height, and age.

You can find most information about BMX bikes’ different styles and sizes in the buying guide.

How to Measure Standover Height on a Mountain Bike?

To measure the standover height on a mountain bike is relatively easy. Just measure from the center of the bottom bracket to the center of the top tube.  

The standover height of a bike shows the distance between the ground and the top of the top tube.

If the full tube length is sloppy or curved, you can measure the median length of the tube.

Ensure you wear your cycling shoe when taking a stand-over measurement since it adds to your overall leg measurement.

Standover height is a suitable method of sizing seat tube length. It shows how high the top tube of your bike is.

This is when you are astride on your bike and straddling it.

There is no standard for where the measurement can be taken along the top tube length.

The measurement is currently taken between 50mm in front of the bottom bracket to around the middle size of the bike’s top tube. 

The top tube length can be sloppy or curved, making the standover height measurement vary.

Therefore, bike riders should check a comfortable clearance between the standover height and the rider’s inseam.

Does BMX Standover Height Matter?

BMX standover height matter a lot. A lower standover is less stable in air, making it easier to manipulate side by side.

In addition, there will be more provision for clearance for any trick that involves raising one leg or foot over the top tube. 

BMX standover height makes you choose if you need a tall or short height for your bike.

If you cannot stand over the top tube without touching it, you can hurt yourself when you suddenly stop in motion. 

The seat tube length of BMX is dependent on the standover height of the frame. This can change without having too much effect on how the bike operates. You may learn more about what the height of a BMX seat should be?

Some bike riders, especially the young ones, like the standover height to be lower because they think it will help with tricks like tailwhips.

Some other riders prefer a higher standover for aesthetic reasons as they believe it will give the bike a classic look.

Although the standover height is critical, other things to consider to get a bike that fits well.

Different size chart guides entail guides for different types of bikes. Mountain bikes, road bikes, and hybrid bikes are the major types of bikes.

An essential parameter to consider apart from standover height when buying bikes is the handlebar reach.

Since you ride a bike by holding the handlebars, knowing how well you can reach the handlebars while sitting on the bike is essential.

The distance affects whether you sit more upright or stretched to the front to reach the handlebars.

It is also essential to know the ratio between the length of your torso and the length of your legs.

These measurements will determine whether you have long legs or a long torso.

For example, a bike with an excellent standover height can provide a rider with long legs with a step too far to reach, making the person too stretched.

However, a bike rider with a long torso will have the handlebars too close to the body, which might cramp the rider’s muscles. 

How Much Clearance Do You Need for Standover Height?

There should be a minimum of 2 inches of clearance space separating the tires and the ground when the bike is lifted.

This will enable you to conveniently get off the saddle for quick dismounts on the trail.

If your bike is suspended, it is good to have less initial clearance of 1-2 inches.

The primary concern here is that there should be space on the top tube when standing flat-footed.  

There is negative and positive clearance for standover height. Negative clearance is when the top tube is higher than you are.

The clearance amount needed for a standover height depends on the slope of the top tube measurement toward the rear wheel.

As a result, you cannot use only standover clearance for determining the fitness of a bike.

There should be at least a one-inch clearance between the bike standover and the rider’s inseam.

For a mountain bike, more clearance is advisable because of the likelihood of experiencing unexpected dismounts on uneven terrain.

In addition, an excellent standover height is advisable because it guides the clearance of the crotch. 


A bike that fits well is a bike you will love to ride. However, a bike that fits poorly can lead to muscle aches and pain.

Though it is not a significant indicator, standover heights can determine if a bike fits you or not.

Therefore, in choosing a bike, knowing the standover height is essential.

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