Specialized E5 Columbus SLX (Beginners Guide)

Specialized E5 Columbus Slx

Newly produced bicycles come in designs; some are made with aluminum while others are made with carbon fiber; whichever you purchase is a good choice.

A good bicycle is an added advantage for cyclists because you don’t have to break down on the road to fix anything.

Columbus is an amazing bike that provides satisfaction and a good riding experience.

This post will cover all you need about the Specialized E5 Columbus Six and its components.

Specialized E5 are beautiful bikes produced to support users to get comfortable while riding through different terrains. The E5 Columbus comes with a stunning frame, good wheels, and tires—these bikes are heavily sought after because of their rigid structure when moving on the road.

Specialized Allez Elite Columbus E5 Slx

Specialized E5 Columbus Slx

The E5 Elite is the most expensive of the standard, non-DSW varieties of the Allez.

It has a similar general appearance to the carbon Tarmac, but it isn’t quite as sleek because it has visible welds and exterior cabling where the tubes meet, and the tubes themselves are enormous.

It has a traditional aluminum frame rather than a D’Aluisio SmartWeld one that is welded unusually.

However, the Allez’s geometry is almost identical to that of the more advanced Tarmac, despite its pricing placing it in the entry-level category.

A size 54 has a reach of 387 millimeters and a stack of 548 millimeters, so achieving a fairly long and low position is possible.

However, if you want to achieve a truly aggressive position, you will need to replace the 20-millimeter conical headset spacer with something shorter and install a longer stem.

The ride is brisk, and the Allez is an exceptionally stiff bike that tackles inclines with gusto.

If thrills are what you’re looking for, then there’s a lot to appreciate about it, although it does occasionally bring to your attention that it is not the most sophisticated of frames.

Specialized E5 Columbus Slx Review

The Specialized E5 has existed in a variety of forms. The goal is to offer a responsive and compliant ride on a 100-miler as in a criterium.

It might fulfil this promise if it has frame geometry comparable to Specialized race-proven bikes, a stiff front end, and the natural sharpness of an alloy frame.

#1. Specialized E5 Frame

The Specialized E5 Columbus Slx frame is made of aluminum features and an innovative welding technique, as the bike’s name implies.

Before being welded inside a forged 120mm head tube, the frame’s hydroformed top and down tubes are rolled at their ends.

The rolling of the tubes at this intersection is intended to increase front-end stiffness while maintaining the lowest feasible total weight. 

#2. Specialized E5 Components

The gearing range of the specialized E5 Columbus is the same as the Trek and Vitus bikes in our test, thanks to an 11-28 105 cassette.

It adds a little weight; in our experience, it has proven reliable. Barrel adjusters and 11-speed 105 shifters enable quick adjustments.

The gear cables for these shifters run externally below the down tube. 

#3. Specialized E5 Wheel

The Axis 2.0 wheelset is one of the first items we would upgrade, and they are only available on Specialized bikes; you cannot purchase them separately from a dealer.

Our set weighed 2.98kg, which is very heavy but gives the impression of being very sturdy. 

If the weight wasn’t already a problem, we also experienced some rear-wheel rubbing on the Allez’s Axis rim brakes when slogging up some steeper peaks.

#4. Specialized E5 Riding

After only ten miles on a test loop consisting of fifty miles, it is already apparent that this frame is among the stiffest and most purposeful bikes.

Honestly, I get the impression that it is just as responsive as Specialized’s Tarmac race model. 

Since it shares its geometry with the Tarmac, it also offers a riding stance ideal for attacking turns rather than rolling around them.

You’ll love these if you’re a fast rider, but if you spend long days in the saddle, you could find them a little uncomfortable. 

The superb carbon fork does an excellent job of isolating the rider from some vibrations transmitted from the road, but they are not completely removed.

The FSA unit also lacks connection with our chainset when riding a bike equipped with a Trek 105 chainset. 

Frame Material for Specialized E5 Slx Tubing

The E5 Slx Aluminum frame has fully controlled tubing with smooth joints, which increases the frame’s stiffness and efficiency while also making it appear equally as nice as it does its job.

The Allez E5 Sport is the ideal bike for you to ride. It features a fully modified E5 Premium Aluminum with smooth welds and reliable Shimano Sora components.

The E5 Premium Aluminum frame has fully controlled tubing with clean welds, increasing the frame’s stiffness and efficiency.

The Allez is an excellent option for anyone interested in taking up road cycling for commuting or simply in the market for a new bicycle.

It boasts a lightweight aluminum frame, a carbon fiber fork, and mounts for racks and fenders, making it extremely flexible and packed with performance features.

The Allez has the lightest weight in its category because of its newly revised E5 Alloy frame.

Compared to models from years ago, the frame and fork alone have seen a weight reduction of more than 450 grams (one pound), thanks in large part to the use of tubes with walls that are aggressively thin but still very strong.

Each Allez model combines Aluminimim and Carbon fibre. The table below shows the properties of these materials that make them a great choice for your bike.

AluminumCarbon Fiber
Aluminum is cheaper.Carbon fiber is stiff and thus, improves handling.
Aluminum is very durable. It does not corrode.
Aluminum is tough and can handle more weight.Carbon fiber is light and improves aerodynamics.

Specialized Allez Comp E5 Slx Columbus

The E5 is the least expensive model in Specialized’s Allez lineup of aluminum road bikes.

Still, it seems like it should be priced much higher thanks to its paint job, which is uncomplicated but shockingly vibrant red and wouldn’t be too much for a bike that costs significantly more.

It weighed 9.62 kilograms and was a bike that caused many people to look at it while it was being tested.

However, can the beauty translate into a similarly enjoyable cycling experience?

The Allez E5 comes equipped with Shimano Claris, which does the gear-shifting duties in its customary faultless manner.

Although specialized, the brakes are unbranded Tektro units have gone with cartridge brake pads, and the difference is noticeable in comparison to units that do not use cartridges. 

Allez’s bottom bracket incorporates external bearings to boost stiffness while reducing weight.

When coupled with an 11-32 cassette (which provides a wide range of gears for climbing and sprinting), the 50/34 FSA chainset delivers the best of both worlds: a compact chainset with a wide range of gears.

Another area in which the Allez shines is in its wheels and tires.

There isn’t as much width in the Axis Sport rims compared to more modern road cycles, but Specialized’s 25-millimeter Espoir Sport tires stretch to a little over 26 millimeters, and their softness and grip were reassuring in the sub-zero temperatures.


Talking about the Specialized E5 Columbus Slx is quite enjoyable, but this bike involves many technicalities, which would be great if you knew before now.

This article explains why you need to get one and helps resolve issues affecting your bike.

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