Average Inseam by Height (Things You Must Know)

Average Inseam by Height

Bikes significantly differ from cars because being relaxed is the only way to enjoy cycling. You can only experience such comfort when you get a perfect size.

Many choose the bike size chart option, and while that is helpful, going for the inseam length/height measurement as an alternative is equally practical. 

To a reasonable degree, a male, female, and child inseam measurement determines if your bike will be fitting, but how does that work?

The calculation for an average height inseam is dividing the bike rider’s height by 2.18-2.3. For instance, a biker 5’11” or 180 centimeters will have their height divided by the said number to achieve an inseam length of 30.7”-32.7″. Men & women most likely share comparable inseam height ratios, excluding taller individuals with longer legs differentiating them.

Average Men’s Inseam by Height

Average Inseam by Height

The average male’s height inseam ratio refers to the figure obtained after calculating their height in inches or centimeters and dividing it by 2.18-2.3.

Your inseam refers to the inside of your leg. This measurement runs from that inside leg slightly near your crotch to the floor. 

Men may be tall, but their heights vary. Still, their inseam length may be similar if they share a comparable height measurement, like 5’8″ or 6’2″ or leg lengths.

But it can also differ, meaning the figure they’ll get after this calculation will likely not be identical to others.

Nevertheless, this measurement option is a clever way to find good bikes as various men have uneven body proportions.

Just as people have different heights, they also have varied torsos and arm spans which could sometimes give undue measurements when relied on.

After all, there are unsurprising cases of 6’ft tall men with different height dimensions from others who share a likely arm and inseam span. 

This massive contrast deems inseam measurement appropriate aside from relying on a men’s size chart guide.

Additionally, cyclists who engage in simple bike riding will consider leg dimensions a crucial option as it will help them contemplate how high the seat and top tube length should be. 

Higher Top tube length won’t cause issues if you have longer legs, as you’ll need the seat tube length to correspond with your leg proportions.

In contrast, serious cyclists who participate in bike races will require more measurements like arms span, flexibility, and torso length to ascertain the bike structure’s fitting. 

Always consider these points before choosing what bike to buy as you may notice that they’ll reshape your decision and help you obtain a better suiting bike you may have never known was right.

Average Inseam by Height Female

Most women are slightly shorter than men by almost four inches, so their inseam measurements will differ.

But it still follows the similar measurement process of calculating height and division.

Inseam length/height measurements run inwardly from your pelvic bones to feet to attain that specific length likened to sitting on a bike.

It is imperative to comprehend the basics of inseam and bike measurements aside from following bike size charts.

Knowing these measurements give you an accurate calculation and minimizes the likelihood of mistakes.

For example, women’s bikes are measured in inches or centimeters depending on the bike type, but MTBs use inches to describe seat tube lengths while CM is for top tube lengths.

Average Inseam by Height Chart

After calculations, the average inseam height ratio chart shows people’s height and their minimum & maximum inseam length.

Men and women share a likely calculation process while kids’ own differ. Obtaining a kid’s bike size inseam often follows the age strategy instead of the height measurement technique. 

Below is an average male inseam by height that also applies to women, and a child inseam measurement chart is beneficial for finding kid bike sizes. 

Height in feet/ inches(cm)Average minimum inseamAverage maximum inseam
4’11” (150 cm)25.6″ (65 cm)27.2″ (69 cm)
5’1″ (155 cm)26.4″(67 cm)28″(71 cm)
5’3″(160 cm)27.6″(70 cm)28.7″(73 cm)
5’5″(165 cm)28.3″(72 cm)29.9″(76 cm)
5’7″(170 cm)29.1″(74 cm)30.7″(78 cm)
5’9″(175 cm)29.9″(76 cm)31.5″(80 cm)
5’11”(180 cm)30.7″ (78 cm)32.7″(83 cm)
6’1″(185 cm)31.5″(80 cm)33.5″(85 cm)
6’3″(190 cm) 32.7″(83 cm)34.3″(87 cm)
6’5″(195 cm)33.5″(85 cm)35″(89 cm)
6’7″(200 cm)34.3″(87 cm)36.2″(92 cm)

Child Inseam

Age RangeInseam lengthBike Wheel Measurement
Ages two to three years14–17″(35–42 cm)12″(30 cm)
Ages three to four years16–20″(40–50 cm)14″(36 cm)
Ages four to five years18–22″(45–55 cm)16″(41 cm)
Ages five to eight years22–25″(55–63 cm)20″(51 cm)
Ages eight to eleven years24–28″(60–72 cm)24″(61 cm)
Ages eleven and above 26’+(70+ cm)26″(66 cm)

Males and females share a very identical average inseam length ratio with a minor variant resulting from height.

The reason is that taller individuals undoubtedly do not have short legs. Instead, their legs are built to fit their tall stature; hence the males have the edge over women in height. 

The proportion between inseam length and height leans towards 1:2.2 and 1:2.5, so dividing your height by these numbers will give you an estimated inseam length you can work with.

If this doesn’t work for you, don’t worry, you can follow the other inseam measurement strategy.

How to Measure Inseam

Measuring inseam involves using a tape and a book or any object like that with a rectangular shape while leaning against a wall barefoot.

Place the item between your thighs and snuggle it against your crotch to reach the pubic bone. 

After achieving that perfect position, remove yourself from that area with the book still intact and use the tape to measure the span between the book’s region starting from the top to the ground. 

A better method to increase the precision of the outcome is having someone perform the measurements as you stand in place to prevent wrong dimensions resulting from mistakes in length measurements. 

You can compare inseam heights to measuring crotch seam as it runs down from that area following the inside of your leg to the ground to give you the exact measurement you need for accurate results.

Crotch seam measurements make it easy to find a bike that sizes you from the saddle area, making it easier to relax while riding and pedaling the bike without overstretching.

Further, repeat this procedure repeatedly to guarantee you get the same variables.

Sometimes going with the first measurement obtained could cause a measurement error as it may not be accurate.

But trying until you get the exact value a few times proves you’re on the right track.


Many have resorted to online bicycle shopping, and since you can’t test-ride the bikes, an average height inseam will help you find the best bike size.

You can liken obtained inseam ratios to a bike size chart of any bike type. Don’t forget to use the repetition method to ensure you find the right inseam length you can work with.

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