Bent Schrader Valve ( Beginners Guide)

Bent Schrader Valve

The Schrader valve is one of the most crucial parts of an automobile tire. Likewise, it’s essential for the well-being of your bike, motorcycles, and bicycles.

Any issue with it will affect the whole performance of your automobile. For this reason, you must always ensure it’s in a good state.

In this article, I will discuss the causes of a bent valve and the solution.

The main reason your Schrader valve is bent is the wrong installation of the inner valve tube. If your inner tube isn’t seated at the right place, it will cause your Schrader valve to bend. Make sure you’re careful when installing your inner valve tube, don’t install it off-center because it will directly affect your valve.

Why Did Valve Pin Bend?

Bent Schrader Valve

The pump head will be placed on the valve whenever you want to inflate your tire.

Once the bike pump head containing pressurized air or gas is inserted, it will depress the valve pin, allowing air to enter or escape the valve stem.

Therefore, any issue that may happen to the valve pin must have come through inflation. The road, environmental conditions, and so on have nothing to do with a bent valve pin.

Instead, your valve pin bent because you kept moving the bike pump head while inflating

In addition, your valve pin bent because you didn’t remove the bike pump head properly after you were done pumping.

For this reason, you must be very careful when pumping. Make sure you do not move the bike pump head unnecessarily while pumping.

You should pump in a straight condition and ensure to remove the pump head vertically when you are done to avoid the valve pin being damaged.

What Happens If Your Valves Are Bent?

What happens if your valves are bent on the type of automobile. For example, the rim could enter into the bent valve if it’s a bike or bicycle.

This will lead to the rim creating a hole inside your valve inner tube which will later lead to a flat tire. 

In addition, if your valve is bent, the valve will be rubbing against the edge of the rim. Meanwhile, if you do not attend to it on time, it will finally lead to a total failure of the valve.

However, if an engine valve bends, these are the things that happen.

#1. Your Engine Will Be Shaking

Bent valves affect the way your engine operates. You should check your valves if your engine shakes, vibrates, or gives you some jerk motion while driving.

The earlier you attend to this problem, the better because if the shaking persists for so long, it may cause the engine to stop working totally.

#2. Imbalance Compression

Compression is simply the pressure that builds up inside the engine cylinder. And imbalance compression is the most common effect of bent valves. 

When a valve bends, it creates a low compression. And if the compression is too low, it directly affects the engine combustion system, causing the fuel not to burn appropriately and eventually causing fuel leakage. 

When you notice that your fuel is leaking, the best thing to do is carry out a compression test.

#3. Excessive Oil Consumption

If your valve bends, it automatically affects your valve seal. The valve seal helps lubricate your valve stem when it moves with it.

And you should note that the valve seal helps in preventing lubricating oil from moving into the engine cylinder.

So, if the valve seal is damaged due to the bent valve tube, it will allow oil to flow into the combustion chamber.

This situation will lead to oil wastage because too much of it will be burning. In addition, if you do not fix this problem on time, it will affect the performance of your engine.

#4. Power Loss 

If your engine valve bends, it reduces the pressure in the cylinder. This problem causes the combustion mixture to give off.

If this problem is left with fixing it on time, it will lead to the engine losing power.

What Type Of Valve Is Schrader Valve?

The Schrader valve is the most popular among the inner valve tubes. The Schrader valve type is pneumatic; it is void or has an air-filled cavity.

Virtually all motor vehicles use a Schrader valve type. 

Unlike the bike Presta valve, which is slim and lightweight, the Schrader valve is robust, cheap, and very easy to install.

As a result, the Schrader valve is also known as the American valve.

Schrader valve comprises a threaded outer wall designed to accept a bike pump head or cap, with its bottom wrapped in rubber, most significantly, when you’re using it on wheels. 

The Schrader valve also consists of a pin located at the center. This pin is a spring-loaded check valve responsible for controlling airflow in and out.

To let air inside, you must press the pin down carefully to prevent it from bending.

How Do You Fix A Schrader Valve?

For you to be reading this, perhaps, your Schrader valve is faulty, this worries you, and that’s why you are surfing the internet to learn how to repair your damaged valve. 

Worry no more because you’ve come to the right place. To proffer a solution, you will need to examine what the problem is.

For example, if it’s a bent Schrader valve, then here’s what you need to do to straighten the Schrader valve. 

The easiest way to fix a bent valve stem is to deflate the tire. After the deflation, remove the cap from the valve.

Next, squeeze the tire and press down the pin at the center with a screwdriver while squeezing it. Once you press the pin, it will release air pressure. 

Then pull the valve stem back through the rim, and once it sticks out far enough, the stem will straighten back on its own if the valve didn’t bend much. 

After this, you can pump back your tire; make sure you pump it vertically. Ensure to be conscious of this whenever you need to inflate your tire other times. 

Another thing that may cause a bent Schrader valve is under-deflation.

A flat tire causes the inner valve tube to protrude, thereby pulling the valve stem from its proper place. If the valve stem sits at an angle, the bent valve tube will cause it to bend. 

The solution to this is to be airing your tire regularly. If you follow the instructions above, you will indeed have a beautiful riding experience!


This article talks about everything you need to know about bent valves.

After reading it, you should be able to discover why your valves bend, what you need to do to prevent it, and the solution to fix it if it happens.

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