Is Mountain Biking An Extreme Sport? (Must Know This)

Is Mountain Biking an Extreme Sport

When you hear the word extreme, all that comes to mind is a few sports because many common sports are not known to be extreme. 

When watching mountain bikers do their thing, it is tough not to be awed by the extremity of the sport. 

Even with this, many people consider it a regular sport because it involves “biking.” So, we will answer your question and explain if mountain biking is regarded as one.

Mountain biking is one extreme sport because there are usually a lot of risks and injuries that come with it. But even with the injuries, it is enjoyable to watch mountain bikers. 

In this article, we will be going into detail on how extreme mountain biking can be and why you must be physically fit to partake in this sport, and please stick with us. 

Is Mountain Biking Considered An Extreme Sport?

Is Mountain Biking an Extreme Sport

Yes, mountain biking is regarded as an extreme sport, and this is because it requires a lot of energy and physical willpower and leaves you with one or two injuries. 

Mountain biking is daring and involves many inclined climbs, which are usually too complex for a regular biker to pull off. 

There are several disciplines in mountain biking, and depending on your choice, one is usually more complex than the other. 

Some common disciplines in mountain biking include; 

#1. Slopestyle 

The slopestyle, also called dirt jumping, is usually considered free biking. 

Free biking in the sense that it involves a rider biking down a set slope and performing various tricks as he goes down. 

#2. Freeride 

You can also consider this aspect of mountain biking as extreme. It involves riding down hills and dirt jumping, showing off your skills as you go. 

#3. Enduro 

Enduro is rare, but it is one of the fastest-rising disciplines in the sport. 

Enduro discipline is more like a combined element of the cross country combined with downhill, and of course, the downhill part of the ride makes it very extreme. 

The most intense part of this discipline is that the participants get only one test run before joining this competition. 

#4. Downhill 

The downhill is considered the most extreme case of mountain biking, undoubtedly. It requires bikers to go down the hill as quickly as they call on steep tracks. 

Some steep features bikers come across when participating in downhill involve road gaps, jumps and drops, rocky parts, and twisted pathways. 

Is Mountain Biking Physically Demanding? 

Yes, mountain biking is physically challenging because not everybody can endure the intensity of the sport. 

So, mountain biking is an excellent sport that can be enjoyed by many people of different ages as long as they are fit enough. 

Before going on a mountain bike, you should test if you are fit enough to ride a mountain bike.

To take the test, follow the steps below: 

  1. Firstly, get a bike that fits you, either an e-mountain bike or an MTB
  2. Get your protective gear, like your gloves and helmet, on. 
  3. Start riding on trails for about an hour comfortably, and if you need to drink water, take note of how often you have to stop. 
  4. Note, immediately you drink water, get on your bike again and start riding, only wait to rest for a while unless you cannot go again. 

After an hour, you can now check how many times you stopped to drink water, as that would help determine if you are fit enough to ride a mountain bike. 

Before taking the test above, you want to ensure that you are physically fit. Some physical factors you should check out before you bike on a mountain includes; 

#1. Muscular Strength 

A very good muscular strength makes you capable of lifting things up. If you do not have very good muscular strength, your legs are most likely to hurt when pedaling too much. 

Also, having bad muscular strength affects your posture. That is why you must work on your muscles before hitting the tracks. 

#2. Great Body Composure 

Apart from mountain biking, great body composition is one of the secrets to scaling successfully through several sports. 

The amazing part is that this is even achievable. All you have to do is hit the gym to get skinnier and more muscular. 

You can handle your bike easily if you have a great body composition. 

How Hard Is Mountain Biking? 

Mountain biking can get physically challenging, especially when you start biking for the first time. 

This is usually because your muscles are not used to riding a bike, but as you go on, you realize that the sport will seem much less hard

It is sure for you to come across certain factors like rocks, skinny logs, and wooden ramps but the more you ride, the stronger you become. 

But even as you go on, you must constantly remind yourself that no matter how good you are, you can come across setbacks sometimes that don’t make you any less of a good rider. 

Mountain biking can be dangerous sometimes, but there are some things you can do to reduce the risk of getting hurt.

These factors include:

  1. Precheck your bike and other equipment like your helmet and gloves before you bike. 
  2. Always stretch and warm up your body before you ride. 
  3. Always wear a helmet. 80% of all mountain biking-related deaths are due to head injuries. 
  4. Always protect your eyes with glasses. Glasses make your eyes invulnerable to wind, dust, dirt, insects, and other factors that can harm your eyes. 
  5. Always wear a knee and elbow pad so you can be protected in cases of falls, and ensure that the pads do not affect your peddling activities too. 
  6. If you are riding in a new area, you should carry out a “Reece” before you go on your bike. 
  7. Ensure that you are well-hydrated before you begin. 

Is Mountain Biking Harder Than Hiking? 

Yes, there are a lot of risks and requirements that come with mountain biking compared to that that comes with hiking.

Many people would not think of this as a fair comparison because one has to do with two wheels and the other on foot, but with the risks they entail, the comparison is plausible. 

Below are a few comparisons between mountain biking and hiking, 

Mountain BikingHiking
This sport is a lot more physically challenging Not as physically challenging as mountain biking 
Requires more stamina and strength It also requires stamina and strength, but not as much as you need when mountain biking.
Requires a helmet, gloves, water, snacks, and sunscreen Requires a map, compass, first aid kit, sunscreen, insect repellant, and rain jacket 
You have to go for intensive training before you can be able to go mountain bikingYou do not need a lot of training; you have to be resistant to certain natural factors 

As a mountain biker, it is also very important to use a bike that suits your preferences, male or female, and not just go with any bike

In cases like this, there are specific bikes made for both genders.

Some amazing bikes for male mountain rides include; 

The best mountain bikes for women include; 

Difference Between Male and Female Mountain Bikes 

Male Bikes Female Bikes 
Have longer top tubes Female mountain bikes have shorter top tubes 
Male mountain bikes have a higher stand-over height Female mountain bikes have a lower stand-over height 
The gears on male bikes are more than those on women’s These bikes have fewer gears 
The tires on male bikes are wider The tires are a lot slimmer than that of male bikes. 
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