Does A Good Road Bike Make A Difference (Let’s See)

Does a Good Road Bike Make a Difference

They are different types of road bikes you will come across if you are bike hunting. From cheap $100 – $500 road bikes to $2,500 and even $10,000 carbon fiber road bikes.

Situations like this can confuse those looking for affordable but good-quality road bikes. So you might ask, does a good road bike make a difference?

Good quality road bikes are a big upgrade compared to cheap mall-bought road bikes. Good road bikes accelerate faster, have higher top speeds, and are more responsive than their cheaper counterparts. You are also guaranteed a better life expectancy and durability from good road bikes. However, price should not be a determinant of bike quality.

Do Good Road Bike Wheels Make a Difference?

Does a Good Road Bike Make a Difference

Road wheels are a very important part of bicycles that is very easy to overlook. Your bicycle tires are the only part of the bike that is constantly in contact with the ground.

That means good performance wheels must be light and be good shock absorbers. Bike wheels play a vital part in the overall functionality of your road bike.

They contribute to aerodynamics and can make or break your bike’s ability to handle high speeds and tight corners.

Low-quality wheels will negatively affect the performance of your road bike and leave you winded after short bouts of cycling. 

Here is a list of the advantages of good quality road wheels compared to their cheaper counterparts.

#1. Lightweight

Good road bike wheels are very light compared to others. Lighter wheels mean you can accelerate faster and expend smaller energy, allowing you to cycle for longer distances.

Swapping your bike wheels for higher quality wheels like carbon fiber will reduce your road bike weight.

#2. Better Top Speed

It would help if you had good road wheels to stand a chance of winning competitive racing.

Good bike wheels are lighter and allow you to reach and maintain high speeds easily.

They also have a low rotational coefficient causing you to spend less energy cycling at high speeds.

#3. Outstanding Aerodynamics

Good road wheels should be as curved as possible and produce small aerodynamic drag.

The flatter a tire is, the more grip it will generate, but it will experience higher levels of drag.

The energy saved by more aerodynamic wheels might not be much at low speeds, but it immediately becomes apparent at higher velocities.

#4. Shock Absorption

Good road wheels are rigid and have good shock absorption and power transfer. Good bike tires also handle high speeds better and give a comfortable riding experience.

#5. Better Handling

Road tires have good aerodynamics and superior handling. That means you can handle tight corners and bends with ease.

Good handling is needed, especially when regularly weaving in and out of traffic.

Does an Expensive Road Bike Make a Difference?

Buying a fairly expensive road bike will improve your riding experience. Although the difference might not be like heaven and earth, any experienced rider will notice many improvements.

You will experience better power transfer, road comfort, bike durability, and a better riding experience.

These are the advantages expensive road bikes have over cheaper bikes.

#1. Comfort

One can argue more expensive versions of road bikes are very comfortable to ride. The frames of bikes like this provide maximum comfort for extended riding sessions.

That means if you are fit enough, you can ride for tens of kilometers without much strain on your body.

#2. Durability

Even though cheaper steel bikes have very durable frames, expensive high-end road bikes are also very strong and durable.

Expensive road bikes use the finest and toughest carbon fiber, with modern versions resistant to UV degradation.

That means you can take long rides without fear of your bike frame failing and leaving you stranded in remote areas.

#3. Flexibility

High-quality road bikes are flexible and can be easily modified. They have hard points where you can mount water holders and even a full-blown carrier.

They can also handle gravel terrains fairly easily. That means you can convert your road bike easily into a touring bike.

#4. Competitiveness

There are two main classes of road bikes: racing and enduro road bikes. Racing road bikes are a very good choice if you plan to participate in competitive racing.

They have better stiffness to weight ratio and are light enough to give you an extra boost when climbing hilly regions.

Will a Better Road Bike Make Me Faster?

Theoretically, a good-quality road bike should make you a faster rider, but this is not the case often.

Sure, high-end road bikes use lighter components and better craftsmanship, but this doesn’t mean you automatically become faster.

Ultimately the total performance of a bike is skewed towards the rider’s ability. 

Every new cycling enthusiast needs to build up leg strength because speed and endurance come from the rider, not the bike. It would be best if you put in lots of hard work and practice to ride faster.

You can also ask more experienced riders for guidance and search online for the proper nutrition needed during your training. 

Remember, it’s not about the ride but the man behind the wheel that matters.

How Much Difference Do Good Road Bikes Make?

Good quality road bikes have many advantages compared to cheaper road bike models.

You can expect good road bikes to be more responsive, have a good lifespan, and perform spectacularly on road journeys.

Even though you might not experience a 100 percent increase in all areas of your riding experience, good road bikes are a good investment.

Here are some advantages you will get compared to riding cheap road bikes.

#1. Better Acceleration

Premium versions of road bikes are the lightest bikes you can find on the market.

Manufacturers use carbon fiber to make these very stiff bikes. The stiffness gives road bikes excellent power transfer and outstanding acceleration.

#2. Hilly Climbs

Good road bikes are rigid and have good power transfer, allowing excellent climbing power. 

#3. Better Stopping Power

Since good road bikes are rigid and light, they can easily be brought to a stop while braking.

#4. Lower Maintenance Cycles

High-grade materials make good-quality bikes. They are all durable and last for long periods before needing repairs or replacement.

How Much Should You Spend For a Good Road Bike?

A good-quality road bike is never cheap. Although you don’t have to spend a fortune purchasing one, you mustn’t be thrifty if you want a quality bike.

Sadly due to the law of diminishing returns, the more expensive road bikes do not provide any qualitative improvement over their entry-level counterparts.

Here is a table of different types of bikes and their average price range.

Type of BikePrice Range
Retail store road bikes and MTBs$100 to $500
New mid-range road bikes$800 to $3000
New mid-range MTBs$100 to $3500
High-end road bikes$3500 to $8000


It is not a good idea to cheap out when selecting a road bike. It would be best to search for fairly used high-end road bikes at your local dealership to save a few thousand bucks.

But you do not need to buy overly expensive road bikes; bikes within the range of $1000 to $2500 are perfect.

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