Is Road Bike More Expensive Than MTB? (Explained)

Is Road Bike More Expensive Than MTB

Before you decide on either the road bike or a mountain price, you would like to know how much it costs.

The price difference may have a huge impact on your decision. In this article, I will compare the prices of road bikes and mountain bikes.

The road bike is more expensive than the mountain bike. Depending on your location, similar models of road bikes are more expensive than mountain bikes. This price difference results from the cost of the different materials used in their production, reflecting their performance.

Road Bike Price vs. MTB Price

Is Road Bike More Expensive Than MTB

Road bikes come at a variety of prices. The prices range from 200 to 10,000 dollars based on the type you want.

In between these prices, there are several Road bikes to choose from. There are various products to pick from when choosing a road bike.

Some factors greatly determine the price of a road bike, which are solely responsible for the price mark.

Among these factors, the frame material, the components, and the crafting of the road bikes are key factors that determine the price of the road bike.

Other non-essential factors include the shipping cost, marketing and sponsorship cost, and retail markup. These factors make the retail price of road bikes expensive.

On the other hand, mountain bikes are cheaper when compared with road bikes of the same quality.

The price of a mountain bike of the highest quality is about 8000 dollars. The mountain bike costs about 500 dollars for its least quality.

There are two types of road bikes. The compact and traditional road bikes have different varieties and fall within the range of prices. 

In the case of mountain bikes, there are broadly three types. The hardtails, full suspension, and rigid mountain bikes make up the category.

Just like the road bike, the prices of mountain bikes can be affected by the frame material, the crafting, and the shipping cost.

There might be slight price variations as you move from one location to another. 

Why Are Road Bikes More Expensive than Mountain Bikes?

Road bikes are more expensive than mountain bikes because of the materials used to make them.

Another reason you have the road bike is more expensive than the mountain bike is that the road bike requires more parts to function effectively.

These constituent parts contribute significantly to the price of the road bike.

The frame of the road bike is made from high-grade carbon fiber. These are very expensive materials.

The high-grade carbon fiber is light but durable. The road bike is meant to be light but fast.

This architecture differs from the mountain bike, which is made for rugged outdoor and heavier.

The risk of materials breaking on a mountain ride makes the mountain bike cheaper. The material needed to make this bike needs to be heavy. 

When the kinds of stuff break often, it would be cheaper and easier to replace, unlike the road bike.

Carbon fiber is ultra-lightweight and demands the highest price. The mountain bike frame is made from heavy aluminum and is much cheaper than carbon fiber.

The road bike frame accounts for 15 percent of the road bike cost. The road bike’s frame is the skeleton on which the other components of the bike hinge.

It is made to be studier and larger than the mountain bike frame. This variation in size is a significant difference in comparing the road bike. 

Which is Better; MTB OR Road Bike?

Your fitness goals and the location where you plan on riding the bike has a lot to do with your choice.

You cannot tell whether the road bike is better than a mountain bike or vice versa. Both bikes do better on different terrains, so you cannot tell which is better at a glance.

Another important factor to consider is your budget; this will serve as the purchasing power.

If you go with friends to the rocky countryside where you navigate through rock and trees, then the mountain bike should be your choice.

In this condition, the mountain bike is well suited for the terrain and better than the road bike.

The frame geometry in this condition helps provide traction for steep contours and loose climbs.  

The road bike is faster, light, and agile, designed for speed. The components of this bike are light, and they have thin tires that prevent friction.

You can also determine which is better, judging by your budget. If you are low on budget and want to cut off your spending, you should try the mountain bike.

On the other hand, if your route is in the city center through well-paved streets, then the road bike should be better.

When you want a bike whose components can last longer without worrying about breakage and damage, your choice should be the road bike because it is durable.

Yet you must also know that the constituting parts are more expensive than the mountain bike.

The table below compares the road bike and the mountain bike based on some selected features:

FeatureRoad BikeMountain Bike
Cost EffectiveexpensiveLess expensive
DurabilityMore durableLess durable
Light Very lightHeavy and sturdy
Suitable in The Country SideNot suitableVery suitable
Suitable in the city centerVery suitableNot suitable

Road Bike Accessory price VS Mountain Bike Accessory Price Comparison

The prices of the accessories of a mountain bike and that of a road bike differ. These prices are a vital component of what affects your choice during purchase.

The bike accessories are those components of the bike that can be replaced when the original ones wear out.

In other cases, the accessories may not be damaged. You may want to change how your bike looks or adjust a certain function in the bike.

When purchasing new accessories, be sure to look out for original ones. If you are unsure of the genuineness of the part, you can contact the company.

The companies that produce these bikes have stores where they sell the accessories to customers. They also provide services like installments and repair.

Here is a comparison of the prices of the accessories of the road bike and the mountain bike:

AccessoryRoad bike Mountain bike
Brakes800 dollars800 dollars
Shoes450 dollars300 dollars
Fork110 dollars98 dollars
Saddle235 dollars185 dollars
Frame.500 dollars 315 dollars
Wheel rims.985 dollars855 dollars
Hubs95 dollars90 dollars
Handlebars85 dollars70 dollars.

Does an Expensive Road Bike Make A Difference?

Any good road bike will serve just well as any other road bike. An expensive road bike does not make the difference.

You get great value for the price you pay for amounts around 500 dollars to 5,000 dollars. Beyond this price, the value plateaus.

Once you are sure you have a good road brand, regardless of the price, you can do just fine with that.

Most times, the rise in the road bike cost is channeled into retailing, shipping, and marketing.

The actual cost of a frame remains almost the same across various road bikes.

Remember that the most important component of the road bike is the frame. The frame is made from high-quality carbon fiber material.

Any other thing you are paying for are just added materials that are not more essential than the frame.


Depending on where you want to ride and what you hope to achieve, you can opt for either the road bike or the mountain bike.

The road bike is more expensive than the mountain bike. This price difference is due to the quality of material used in the production of the road.

A very expensive road bike does not make a difference since the major component is made up of the same material across all forms of road bikes.

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