Can You Learn To Ride A Bike On A BMX? (Read This First)

Can You Learn to Ride a Bike On a BMX

Biking is very common in the United States and other parts of the world. Many people bike just for recreation, and others bike professionally. 

Learning how to ride a bike comes with several challenges. One prominent challenge riders face is choosing the kind of bike to use.

Racers regularly use BMX bikes, as you can perform many stunts with the bike. However, due to its fancy nature, many ask: can I learn how to ride a BMX? 

Yes, a BMX bike is an excellent bike for beginners, and you can use it to learn how to ride a bike. This bike is perfect for beginners because it is affordable, durable, and looks great. You can equally purchase any model of your choice. Moreover, unlike several other bikes, it can handle abuse from young riders.

Before you begin your BMX bike tutorial, I bet you have some questions about the BMX bike. This article will answer your questions, giving you every detail you need.

At the end of this article, you’ll know everything you need to know about the BMX bike. Moreover, if you intend to learn how to ride, this article will prepare you. 

Can I Use a BMX Bike to Learn Riding?

Can You Learn to Ride a Bike On a BMX

You can use a BMX bike to learn how to ride. However, learning how to ride a bike comes with many questions.

 One of these questions is: what kind of bike can I use?

Before purchasing a BMX bike, you need to know that two types of BMX bikes are available in the market: the freelance BMX bike and the race BMX bike.

#1. The Freelance BMX Bike

As the name implies, the freelance BMX bike can handle the harshness and severity of street riding, dirt, and skate parks. 

This bike’s structure, wheels, and other parts contribute to its strength and mobility.

#2. The Race BMX Bike

Talking about speed and acceleration,  this is the bike for you. 

They enhance stability, and the manufacturers use lightweight materials to keep the rider and the bike stable, firm, and agile even at high speed.

Comparatively analyzing the features of these bikes, you may want to go for the race BMX bike because of its unique features.

Nevertheless, a freelance BMX bike is the most suitable bike for you as a beginner because it is solid and durable. 

As a beginner, you’re bound to fall a couple of times, so having a solid bike that can endure it all is the best option.

Another unique advantage of getting a freelance BMX bike is its affordability. Getting a cheaper bike as a beginner is advisable.

You will likely damage some parts of the bike during your test rides. The less expensive the bike is, the less you need to worry.

Are BMX Bikes Good for Beginners?

The BMX Bike is a perfect option for beginners, considering its ability to remain firm and stable through all the falls and damages you might encounter as a beginner.

As a beginner, it’s good to know the different types of BMX bikes we have to enable you to make a good choice for yourself or your kid.

Below are a few types of BMX bikes for beginners:

#1. Mongoose Legion Freestyle Sidewalk BMX Bike 

With a wheel size of 20 inches, the Mongoose Cobra offers a stable, responsive ride. 

In addition, the company offers a straightforward gearing system with standard construction. 

It is quite suitable for kids and will help them with balance. However, I would recommend that before moving to master pedaling and balancing simultaneously, you get started with training wheels.

#2. Mongoose Legion L-20 BMX Bike 

This bike is durable, firm, and excellent for beginners who want to start riding lessons. In addition, it is pretty stylish and affordable.

#3. Schwinn Sting Pro BMX Bike

The Schwinn Sting Pro BMX Bike is a 24-inch wheel bike suitable for dirt and the harshness of the street.

Previously, teenagers didn’t have access to this bike, considering it was expensive. However, a beginner can easily access the Schwinn Sting Pro BMX Bike in recent times.

Can You Ride A BMX Bike Like A Normal Bike?

It is possible to ride a BMX bike as a normal bike. You can do this by considering some features like the wheels, the bike size, the biker’s age, and, most significantly, commuting.

BMX is an off-road bicycle designed for driving on a not traditionally paved surface. An example of such a surface is the beach.

Initially, the BMX bikes were made for kids, but they caught the attention of adults, and they started using BMX bikes for stunts. However, the BMX bike size didn’t increase.

Here are some differences between the BMX bike and the normal bike:

The BMX BikeThe Normal Bike 
The BMX bike is comparatively tiny.The regular bike is relatively large.
The BMX bike is less expensive compared to the normal bike. The cost of purchasing a regular bike is relatively high.
The BMX bike’s wheels range from 20 to 24 inches.The normal bike’s wheels range from 27 to 29 inches.
The BMX bike is comparatively lightweight. The regular bike is relatively heavier than the BMX bikes.

Is it Easier to Ride a BMX or Mountain Bike?

Although the BMX bike is the best for beginners, it is easier to ride a Mountain bike than a BMX bike. The Mountain bikes offer comparatively smoother rides. 

Nevertheless, BMX bikes are more durable. Many consider them to be indestructible. 

Children can use mountain bikes because of their small size. However, adults, especially the taller ones, would have to stand to achieve a faster speed.

 Note that you can use  BMX bikes mostly for stunts and off-road activities. However, they also work well in urban areas, where many obstacles can be seen, primarily for stunts and bike tricks.

However, Mountain bikers often take their time when out on rides so they can enjoy the scenery. Therefore, most mountain bikers avoid areas with many bumps and obstacles. 

A lot of mountain bikers do not also use their bikes for stunts. The mountain bike is not built exclusively for performance off-road cycling.

Having different tire sizes for riders of all heights, mountain bikes are the most adaptable type of bikes because they often have 21–24 different speeds or gears.

These various specifications make them suited for multiple types of terrain. They also allow riders to handle rugged terrain without abusing their legs, arms, and rear.

At what Age Should You Start BMX Riding?

There is no minimum age for learning how to ride a BMX bike. Typically, BMX riders start at the age of four years old.

People tend to wonder when to start riding a BMX bike because of its size and because it was initially built for kids.

The manufacturers of the BMX customize the bikes to allow smooth control. Therefore, you can start to ride your BMX at any age. 

You don’t need special skills to be able to ride a BMX. Neither do you need special skills to learn how to ride? 

The bicycle has basics; if you know these basics, you can ride a BMX.

Adults can equally learn how to ride a BMX bike because it has different sizes, and you can determine your choice using the rider’s age group.

 Since the bikes come in various frame sizes, adults can participate in any BMX racing activity or any other activity that involves the usage of the BMX bike.

However, a bike with a higher seat post will enable the adult to ride it comfortably, regardless of its small wheels. 

You can divide the BMX bikes into four categories:

  • Mini: These bikes are for kids aged four to six.
  • Junior: These are best for kids that are six to nine years of age.
  • Expert: These are best for kids aged nine to thirteen years old.
  • Pro: These bikes are best for persons aged 12 and above

Adults fall in the category of the Pro BMX. You can adjust the Pro BMX to ensure the adult is very comfortable. 


What Skill Do You Need For BMX?

To negotiate a BMX track successfully, you need to have the skills of staring, pumping, cornering and jumping, and pedaling the bike.

What Is The Purpose Of BMX Bikes?

The primary purpose of the BMX bike is to complete stunts. It is also well-suited for beginners to learn to ride.

What Are The Risks Of BMX?

The most common BMX injuries are fractures, lacerations, abrasions, and contusions.

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