Why Do Some Bikes Cost More Than Cars? (Read This First)

Why Do Some Bikes Cost More Than Cars

Generally, cars are supposed to cost more than these two wheels bikes, but there are cases where some motorcycles are more expensive than cars.

Bikes are small and lightweight but still manage to fit the engines, transmission, and several other components into their mini-build, making it more convenient for many users. 

Even with all those, cars have more space than bikes and would always be better, so why do some bikes cost more than cars? 

The major reasons motorcycles are more expensive than cars are that they are in less demand, the design of the particular motorcycle is unique, and the cost of manufacturing is also high. 

In this article, we will provide you with a list of some motorcycles that cost more than cars and why they are a better choice when you compare them to cars. 

Why Are Some Bikes More Expensive Than Cars?

Why Do Some Bikes Cost More Than Cars

There are several reasons why some motorcycles would eventually cost more than some cars, even if usually, it is the other way around.

These reasons include the following; 

#1. High Quality 

The quality of a bike is one major factor determining if it is worth being as expensive as a car or even more expensive than cars. 

Even with the very good quality, it requires a lot of routine checks from manufacturers, drastically increasing the value and price of these bikes. 

#2. Customization 

Some bikes come plain, while some come customized. Customized bikes would add more value to your bikes, increasing the price in the long run. 

Any extra feature you add to your bike, or device in general, would add to the price of that device. 

#3. Marketing And Branding Strategies 

Some bikes may not even look all that, but how they are branded and marketed would eventually lead to an increase in the price of that bike. 

#4. Lesser Demand for Bikes 

Unless you have to trail through a smaller path or you’re going to be taking part in a mountain bike, then there are lesser chances of you making use of a bike often. 

Bikes in countries like Vietnam and Thailand are the most preferred means of movement, which is why the environment affects the price. 

So, the more the demand, the lesser the price, and the less the demand, the higher the price. 

#5. Limited Number of Companies That Produce Bikes 

Compared to cars, only a few companies produce bikes. 

The manufacturers of these bikes resort to using only high-quality materials like copper and titanium, which is why the price is significantly more than that of some cars. 

Why Are Some Bikes So Expensive? 

Bikes can be very expensive for several reasons, so you should pay attention to the price of a bike whenever you see them. Below are some reasons why bikes are very expensive: 

#1. Material Used in Production 

Bikes these days are made of high-quality materials.

Before now, most bikes were made of steel materials, but nowadays, more expensive materials like fiber and titanium are used in their production.

In general, using higher-quality materials would significantly increase your product’s price, which is the same for bikes. 

#2. The Cost of Research and Development 

Bigger companies that manufacture bikes spend a lot of money on the research and constant development of their bikes and mind you, these researches are costly. 

These producers or manufacturers are steadily looking for innovative ways to make their bikes better than they were. 

They still put in all of this money alongside the ones they pay to employees, the money they pay for prototypes, materials, and software engineers. 

#3. Cost For Branding and Marketing 

Even after spending a lot on the research and development of these bikes, you still have to pay for branding and letting your product be known in the market. 

These bike manufacturers still make a great deal of their newest models because they know several people are bike enthusiasts and would go head over heels for something new. 

Which Bikes Cost More Than Cars?

Many bike enthusiasts are ready to pay thousands of dollars to get the latest two-wheeled technology. The amazing thing is that some bikes are even more expensive than cars. 

For instance, the BMC team machine SLR01 disc 2018 bike costs about $10,000. That amount would get you a brand-new Dacia sander car. 

Below are some bikes that cost more than cars; 

#1. BMC Teammachine SLR01 Disc Team 2018 Road Bike 

The BMC machine SLR01 disc team 2018 road bike can be described as the world’s most wilful bike because of its success in several professional races. It costs up to $10 625. 

#2. Colnago Ottanta 85th Anniversary C60 Road Bike

The Colnago ottanta costs up to $10,000, making it suitable to be considered expensive. This bike is a limited edition because the manufacturers made only 85 of its type. 

The bike was manufactured to remember the 85th birthday of the Italian entrepreneur Ernesto Colnago. 

#3. Trek Madone Race Shop H1 2017 Road Bike 

The trek Madone road bike is described as a superbike because it was built majorly for velocity. 

When riding this bike, you are less likely to feel uncomfortable with the seat because trek claims the decoupler on the seat makes your ride one of the comfiest ever. 

This bike costs about $11,600. 

#4. Enigma Exemplar 

This modern-day English bike cost about $12,000 for its purchase. The enigma exemplar bike can be described as a made-to-order bike because instead of carbon, it is made with titanium. 

#5. Scott Foil Premium 2017 Road Bike 

This $11,000 bike already made a name for itself by winning several tournaments in the tour de France. 

Why Do People Prefer Bikes Over Cars? 

Irrespective of the carrying capacity of bikes, many people prefer to move around with bikes rather than cars. 

Below are some reasons why people choose bikes over cars for movement; 

#1. Flexibility 

Bikes make it much easier to move around, especially in crowded places. Due to the small size of these bikes, they can easily fit everywhere and anywhere. 

And that is why if you wish to beat traffic, you should move around on bikes. 

#2. Doesn’t Take as Much Space as Cars 

Finding a parking spot on a busy road in busy areas is almost impossible with cars, but with your bikes, you can fit it into the tiniest space. 

So, if your schedule is around a tight area, get yourself a bike instead of a car. 

#3. Affordability 

Although these days there are several expensive bikes, there are a lot more affordable bikes that you can get and still enjoy its services. 

You can use the bike EMI calculator to determine the affordability of bikes around you. 

Contrarily, you can reach out to a local bike store and get to know which bikes fit your budget and preferences. 

#4. Bikers Do Not Pay Tolls

Unlike driving a car, you do not have to pay tolls when riding a bike. This way, you can save yourself a good amount of money. 

#5. Bikes Are Faster Than Cars 

The designers of bikes did a great job because, unlike cars, the nature of these bikes makes them cover longer distances in a shorter time. 

Some factors like size and speed prevent cars from reaching their destination faster. 

Even with all these, some disadvantages come with getting a bike over a car. 

Here is a table showing the pros and cons:

Pros Cons 
Bikes are FlexibleCan only carry a limited amount of people or goods 
They are cheaper than cars Accidents with motorcycles are  fatal 
They are more convenient in tighter areas Bikes are more susceptible to bad weather 

Are Expensive Bikes Really Worth It?

Yes, expensive cars are worth it because it helps improve your ride and performance and enhance your comfort during trips. 

Even with this, there are some factors that you need to consider to know for sure if getting an expensive bike was worth it because the answer to that question is not fixed. 

Some factors like your needs, environment, and what you plan on doing with these bikes should be used to determine if you made a good choice by getting yourself an expensive bike. 

You can break down the use of the bike into various sectors; 

  • Leisure. 
  • Sports like mountain biking. 
  • Mode of transportation. 
  • Exercise. 

For each of those activities, there would be a need for certain types of bikes, and sometimes, you may not even need to get an expensive bike. 

Also, there are certain questions you should ask yourself before opting for an expensive bike. Questions like; 

  • How fast do I need to travel with the bike? 
  • What is your environment like?
  • What is my budget like? 

So, from the use of your bikes above, activities like cycling and mountain biking in tournaments and competitions can require you to get a more expensive bike. 

But if you are riding for leisure or exercise, opting for a very expensive bike is unnecessary. 

Several cheaper bikes are also very good, so you must know that cheap does not always mean bad.”

Josh Matthews

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