Di2 6770 Firmware Update (Things You Must Know)

Di2 6770 Firmware Update

Are you wondering if it’s possible to update your Shimano Di2 6770 Firmware and have it perform better?

Do you also wonder what materials you’ll require for it and if they aren’t too expensive?

Do you feel you have the level of expertise to update your Di2 Firmware yourself with 100% results? Fortunately, this post answers all these questions.

Updating your bike to run faster or perform better isn’t out of place if you know what you’re doing. That’s important because any little mistake on the update will result in a non-functional bike. So, if your bike is running well, I’d advise you to leave it else, be sure to let an expert carry out the update.

Di2 6770 Firmware Update Details

Di2 6770 Firmware Update

Before upgrading your Shimano Di2, you must ensure that you need it. Updating your Shimano Di2 Firmware requires a lot of expertise because a little mistake will cause damage.

However, if you’re sure you have the capabilities to do it yourself, then with my guide, you can achieve the desired results.

Damage to the Shimano Di2 due to a faulty update might result in your bike malfunctioning.

That’s because if you don’t upgrade or do it wrong, you’ll damage your Di2 Firmware.

To avoid that, you’d have to know how to fix it accurately, and you’d have to get all the necessary materials.

However, if you can’t do it yourself, take it to a dealer shop to have an expert run the update.

In such a case, you’ll have to spend more than you will if you do it yourself. These expenses stem from paying for the labor and buying the materials the dealer would need for the update.

How to Update Di2 6770 Firmware?

Even if it’s your first time updating your bike’s performance, it won’t be difficult if you pay attention.

However, you must pay attention and follow every little detail because doing otherwise will affect the whole process.

In this section, I’ll show you simple tips on how to go about updating your Shimano Di2 Firmware.

  • After connecting your PC to the bike using the interfaces, you’ll see a notification if an update is available. 
  • At this point, you can click on all or select the software you want to update. So, a simple click does the magic.
  • You’ll see a blue notification to tap and begin the update.

There are things you must not forget to do before and while updating your Firmware. For your update to run smoothly, take note of these tips.

  • Ensure that the battery in your bike is full or at most 60%.
  • Ensure that you connect your PC to a power source so it doesn’t go off while the update continues. An interruption to the update will disrupt the whole process and cause damage.
  • Don’t take off cables or USB cords while the update runs. That is so that no interruption happens because it would cause the update to malfunction.
  • Also, don’t turn off the E-tube software while the ongoing update.

Di2 6770 Firmware Update Requirements

Like every other process, there are materials you’ll need to have before you can start the process of updating.

If you already have these materials, you’ll save a lot of cash from buying them. So, let’s get right into enumerating what these materials are and whether you can improvise or not.

Windows PCTo start updating your Shimano Di2 Firmware, you must ensure that you have a Windows PC. Unfortunately, that’s the only PC you can use for this update because an IOS or Android won’t work. However an alternative would be a MacBook, but after you run it with a virtual machine.
An Interface Device for your PCThere are two interface devices, depending on whether your bike has a charging port or an external battery. If your bike has a junction A to connect a charger, you’d need an SM BCR-2, which is inexpensive. You’ll have to go for the more expensive interfaces with an external device, the SM-PCE1 or the SM-PCE02.

Updating your bike would prove difficult or won’t work if you don’t use a Windows PC. That’s because the Shimano E-Tube software works only with a windows PC.

So, getting this qualification won’t work if you have an android or an IOS, but if you get wireless updates.

With the wireless unit, you can give this update a try, but this has a high failure rate.

Also, SM-PCE1 and SM-PCE02 are expensive, so if your bike has an external battery, you’ll need to get those interfaces.

To avoid all these uncertainties, get yourself a Windows PC so that we can begin the update process.

However, because of the high cost of those interfaces, you wouldn’t want to risk it if you aren’t sure of your abilities. I advise you to take your bike to a dealer shop so an expert can do the job.

How Do You Know There Is Di2 6770 Firmware Update?

There is more than one way to check if your Shimano Di2 6770 Firmware needs an update or not.

Here are some common ways;

#1. Website Check

To check if there’s Di2 6770 update, you’d have to check the Shimano E-Tube Firmware website.

You’d find notifications of available updates after clicking on “Firmware Updates.” However, you can sort out the updates using the model number of your bike.

When you see the available updates, pick the one that you choose to update and begin the process.

#2. Windows PC

You can connect your bike to your windows PC and check if there’s an indication for an update.

So, to enable the connection, plug in the SM-BCR-2 charger and run the E-Tube Project. After that, all the available updates for your Di2 Firmware will display for you to select.

But Why Di2 6770 Firmware Update; What Does It Do?

There are different reasons why you’d want to update your Di2 6770 Firmware, such as;

  • To enable its compatibility with other components.
  • To get better and newer features for higher functionality.
  • You can also update your Firmware to enable ease of access. 

Although an update comes with new features, it can also harm your Firmware if you do it wrongly.

Updating your Di2 can improve functionality, but it doesn’t mean a faster bike. Also, when you upgrade your bike properly, you’ll likely get good results 100% of the time.

That depends on the interface you use for your PC because the SM-BCR2 charger gives only 95% results.

Updating your bike often works better with SM-PCE1 or SM-PCE02 with 100% assurance.

So, your bike should have an external battery with an SM-EW67 Junction to get better results.

However, you must be sure that your bike needs an update before venturing into this because it comes with risks.

That’s because getting an update can give either good or bad results. There isn’t a guarantee, especially when you’re doing it with little or no expertise.

Aside from those issues, if your bike doesn’t require an update and you try one out, it can become slower than before.

It can also become unresponsive, so confirm if you need an update to avoid these. 


It’s a good thing to try updating your PC, especially when updates are available.

However, before trying that, ensure your bike needs an update and that you have the necessary materials available.

If you’re sure of your skills, you can do the update yourself but if not, take the bike to an expert.

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