Are Dyno BMX Bikes Good? (Must Know Things)

Dyno BMX Bikes Good

A bike’s efficiency and reliability depend on its parts, structure, and capacity to withstand any stress.

However, these bikes can not be entirely efficient because they may wear out or get spoiled.

Therefore, a bike’s strength and reliability can be determined primarily by the brand that manufactures it. You may be curious to know if the Fit BMX bike is good.

Dyno BMX bikes are suitable for anyone looking to have a fantastic cruise around the neighborhood for off-road riding or trick riding. Dyno BMX bikes are featured with a solid ten steel frame that is reliable and ensures safety for bikers who are learning new stunts or tricks. 

Who Made Dyno BMX? 

Dyno BMX Bikes Good

Bob Morales started the BMX bike and bike products brand in 1982, known as DYNO.

It is currently being manufactured as a brand and sold by Pacific Cycle, a sub-company of Conglomerate Dorel Industries in Canada. 

BMX is an acronym that stands for bicycle motocross. It is strictly for off-road and trick riding. They have their origin in California way back in the 1970s.

They were inspired by motocross bikers who wanted to fill the need for riding bikes on dirt tracks.

BMX freestyle bikes are perfect for off-road biking. They were initially designed for the sole purpose of racing and stunt making.

They have features such as a small and rigid ten steel frame structure, short length, lightness, low wheelbases, and short height that all riders take advantage of when riding off-road trails. 

BMX bikes are made for aggressive riding on rough roads while doing a stunt or trick in the air. 

BMX bikes are used for sports; however, a traditional BMX bike has one pair of single brakes.

Sadly, riding the motorcycle on deep holes, large stones, and hurdles punctuated with many turning points is very difficult because these brakes cannot withstand such trails. 

The small wheelbase on the bikes also enables bikers to make jumps and swing the bike in the air.

They are also used for carrying out other very complicated and advanced techniques while riding on trails, such as making impact jumps and suspension on the BMX freestyle bike, which is unnecessary, especially when riding on trails. 

They have a rough and robust structure that makes riding comfortable. BMX bikes can also be used for mountain biking as a pro cyclist.

However, newbies and kids should never use BMX bikes for mountain climbing due to the risk involved. 

The low saddle position makes the BMX bike paddle stand upright. Therefore, keeping the bike moving requires a lot of energy, pressure, and work

As a biker using a BMX bike to mountain climb, you must change your bike’s speed to enable you to match your bike’s speed to ride faster or slower.

This action helps to withstand the sudden mountain shocks, ups, downs, and hurdles in the turning points on the mountain.

Unfortunately, the BMX bikes are not flexible enough for mountain climbing due to their single-geared system.

Not only is the brake system too fragile, but tackling the obstacles and mountain shocks on the mountain road is almost impossible. 

The BMX bike is very suitable for short-distance riding and off-road biking due to the pressure and works your body has to do to keep up. 

However, Dyno BMX freestyle bikes are for street riding where stairs, handrails, big rocks, rough structures, and unusual shapes used as obstacles are made and designed by man.

BMX bikes are small because the small size provides the bikers with bigger jumps. In other words, this means that the smaller the size, the bigger the jumps. 

Small box bikes are often used for Olympic Bmx cycling, where racing and jumps are recognized as a sport.

The bikes enable bikers to go fast and withstand the impact of repeatedly bouncing on the bike after every jump. 

Are Dyno Bikes Still Made?

No, Dyno bikes are no longer being manufactured. Complete dyno bike manufacturing stopped in the early 2000s. They are now owned by Pacific Cycles.

It isn’t easy to find any new parts for Dyno bikes. However, they can only be found in precise components of the bike. 

GT brands were also using Dyno soft goods for manufacturing its products.

In 1985, GT bought the Dyno brand, and at that time, the two brands had similar and identical compartments and framesets, but modifications were made after two years.

 The manufacturing date of the Dyno BMX bike is the serial number on the bike. The serial number is often stamped on the bike in a visible place.

The 4th letter of the serial number is often the manufacturing date. 

Cyclists and bikers mainly chose BMX bikes due to their solid build parts. They offer value for the money used in purchasing them.

These solid build parts help to achieve farther and faster riding. In addition, their unique build is their trademark and what they are known for. 

Newbies who use BMX bikes find it easy to navigate and ride when paddling the roads or just in the neighborhood. It is possible by the strong steel accounting for its strength and stability.

GT BMX bike tires are made of American-based bottom brackets, steel frames, and lower tube gussets to withstand rough handling. 

Sadly, GT BMX bikes are not very durable. They may not serve you for a long time like you may have anticipated or expected them to because they get damaged faster.

However, you could replace them or just the damaged parts. Some of the tools used in repairing the bike are an Allen key, Tyre puncture kit, pump, spanner, Spoke key, and a socket set.

GT BMX bikes are made to reach an expected standard or quality build. They are bikes that tick most of the boxes for a standard bike.

They turn quickly and swiftly when paddling. The brand manufacturers have put their best to ensure that BMX bikes are built for high performance. 

These bikes can withstand sudden shocks, spins, and complicated stunts. They always deliver and hold up no matter the stress they are exposed to. 

GT BMX bikes have thick cushions on their handlers. They are perfect because Bmx bikes are ridden for long distances.

These cushions help bikers maintain balance when paddling and help them get a firm grip on the bike as they ride for long hours or long distances. 

These cushions make cycling comfortable and less tiring. BMX bikes also have protective helmet gear for safety while cycling. 

GT BMX bikes feature potent breaks. The gyro system of the brakes allows bikers to hold onto handlebars and spin freely. They also make speed control very easy.

The brakes allow bikers to cruise at any speed while still controlling the stopping power.

Aside from the undue stress that bikers put on the BMX bikes, they also hold any weight exerted on them.

This issue is a primary concern for other brands where the bike becomes bent after some time. However, this is not so for Bmx bikes.

They all have strong, sturdy, and efficient parts, making them one of the most muscular models. 

The GT brand gives it all in manufacturing bikes with high and quality performance.

In addition, they make an extensive rider’s weight range expected to ride on the bike. So, a reasonable BMX bike costs around 500 to 1000 dollars. 


Dyno BMX bikes are excellent for cruising around the neighborhood, off-road riding, and trick riding. Bob Morales first started the brand in 1982.

The brand is currently being manufactured and sold by Pacific Cycles, a sub-company of Conglomerate Dorel Industries in Canada.

The BMX bike stopped being manufactured in the early 2000s. 

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