Are Fit BMX Bikes Good? (Read This First)

Fit BMX Bikes Good

BMX bikes are great for beginners who want to learn how to ride a bike and do some tricks.

But they are also suitable for experienced riders who want a fun time.

Some people who have been riding BMX bikes for years still love their bikes and use them regularly. 

Many people like you find it challenging to pick the best bike brand to gift themselves.

You have heard a lot about fit BMX bikes and how they are the hottest toys in the biking industry.

So, you came here to find out: Are Fit BMX bikes good?

Fit BMX bikes are excellent and live up to the hype. These bikes have some parts that are awesome in terms of high quality. A fit BMX bike has a quality that is essential for street riding and racing. Quality parts last longer, but they also save money as time passes. Good quality parts also ensure safe riding and prevent injuries.

Is Fit a Good BMX Bike?

Fit BMX Bikes Good

Fit is a great BMX bike. Fit BMX bikes are one of the latest toys-making waves in the biking industry.

The Fit Bike Co. brand is known for producing high-quality bikes at affordable prices, so it is no surprise that they have impacted their entry of excellent BMX bikes into the biking world. Read our post to know how much should be your BMX selling price be.

The Fit BMX bike is designed to be an all-around performer as far as BMX bikes go. 

Where Are Fit BMX Bikes Made?

Fit BMX bikes are made by Fit Bike Co., located in Santa Ana, California. 

Who Owns Fit BMX?

The company, known for its designs in the freestyle area, has made bikes since 1987.

Founded by friends Greg “Scott” Swingrover and Chris “Mad Dog” Moeller, they are one of the most innovative companies in the bike manufacturing industry.

Fit Bike Co. has also done a lot to keep BMX bikes exciting and fun to ride.

What Are Good Cheap BMX Brands? 

The best BMX brands are the ones that offer quality, durability, and affordability.

As a general rule of thumb, you should always try to buy the best bike you can afford.

Most of the bikes you will find in the market are good, but some are better than others.

You should pick the bikes with the best BMX bike features and, at the same time, are affordable.

However, plenty of good cheap BMX bikes can help you get started without breaking the bank.

Here are some of the most affordable and best BMX brands:

#1. Mongoose Title Elite Pro XL BMX Race Bike

The famously known Mongoose Title Elite Pro XL BMX Race Bike is one of the best bikes in the Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike Series.

The Mongoose Title Elite Pro XL BMX Race Bike is excellent if you are looking to get into the sport of BMX racing or freestyle BMX riding.

You can also categorize it as a Freestyle BMX bike.

It has all the features you need in a racing bike to go out there and win races.

This bike has a lot of acceleration, making it easy to ride at high speeds for long periods without losing momentum.

The tires are wide enough to give you better traction on rough surfaces, but they are not so broad that they slow you down when going up hills. 

The brakes are strong enough that you can stop if needed, but they will not wear out as fast as more expensive brands like Shimano or Tektro brakes would.

This bike also comes with linear-pull brakes, which give riders more control over their speed when doing tricks or taking corners quickly.


  • Allows High Performance For Riders, Even Professionals
  • High-Quality Construction
  • Linear-Pull Brakes Give Amazing Stopping Power
  • Easy Assembly


  • Small Plastic Pedals Hinder The Experience Sometimes.

#2. X-Games FS20 Freestyle BMX Bike

If you are looking for a good BMX bike in terms of form and function, then the X-Games FS20 Freestyle bike is definitely for you.

Apart from this bike being a high-performer, it also has a stunning design.

It has a lot of features, but I’ve outlined the best below:

  • Stylish Aesthetics
  • Gyro Braking System
  • Strong Frame and Fork

BMX bikes like this utilize top speed during hardcore sporting activities. Therefore they will need good stopping power.

That being said, both the front and rear brakes of the bike perform exceptionally well. 


  • It is sturdy and durable
  • A lot of safety components and features
  • Fancy Design


  • It is heavy compared to other BMX bike models

#3. Redline Bikes Roam 20 Youth BMX Bike 

The Redline Roam 20 is an excellent bike for the young BMXer, who wants to ride with the big kids.

It has a 20-inch frame and can handle riders up to 120 pounds. The bike is made of a Hi-Ten Steel frame, which gives it a solid feel that will last for years to come.

The fork is made of alloy and has a spring in it to absorb bumps along the way. The rust-resistant wheels are also made up of alloys.

The wheels are designed with both grip and durability in mind.

This is so that you can ride on almost any surface without worrying about getting stuck or having your wheels bend out of shape.

In addition, this bike comes with a padded seat for extra comfort on long rides. It also has powerful rear brakes.


  • Rust-Resistant Wheels
  • Comfortable Position While Riding
  • Lightweight and durable Design
  • Amazing Braking Power


  • The Cranks Are The Weakest Parts Of The Bike

#4. Redline PL 26 BMX Race  Cruiser

The Redline PL 26 BMX Race Cruiser has a simple design and is perfect for beginners or those who want to ride casually.

The bike is a sleek, stylish BMX cruiser built for speed. The Redline PL 26 is made of a high-quality Chromoly steel frame for durability. 

The handlebars are adjustable, so you can set them at the right height to accommodate different riders.

This bike is budget-friendly. The tires on the Redline PL 26 are so excellent for traction and control.

The bike wheels will not get damaged easily because of the presence of the double-walled rims installed with Aluminum hubs.


  • It is durable.
  • it is super comfortable to ride in
  • It has incredible stopping power


  • The spoke design Is not reliable

#5. Mongoose Legion L500 Freestyle

The Mongoose Legion L500 Freestyle bike is one you should have if you are an advanced-level rider.

This bike is still a good fit for beginners, but it is most beneficial to professionals as the hike is specially designed for freestyle purposes.

 So to avoid experiencing complications and injuries, it would be advisable for beginners to stay clear of this bike.

It would help if you headed to Amazon to check out the latest price.

It has a lot of features, but I’ve outlined the best ones below:

  • Beginner-Friendly Low Geometry
  • Aluminum U-brake and brake levers for speed control.
  • The durable Chromoly frame is lightweight enough for off-road riding yet strong enough for racing.
  • 20-inch tires offer good traction both on dirt trails and paved roads.

The performance of this bike is stunning when you combine the low geometry nature of the bike with the frame and fork.

And this is just one of the many excellent bikes in the Mongoose Legion Freestyle BMX Bike Series.


  • Excellent Single-Speed Performance.
  • Amazing aerodynamic abilities.
  • Top-class gearing system, which is beneficial to freestylers.


  • Frequent replacement of tires.
  • Comes In Only One Size.


Many different companies make BMX bicycles and have produced quality bikes for decades.

As a result, they have gained a massive following among those who enjoy riding their bikes for fun or competitively.

So, if you are looking for a great way to get into BMX racing or want to improve your skills as a rider, consider investing in one of these brands of bikes today!

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