Can You Barspin On A BMX With Brakes? (Answered)

Can You Barspin On a BMX With Brakes

Biking as an outdoor sport requires a lot of spinning and jumping. However, the tricks you can pull with a BMX allow either of the actions stated earlier.

Hence, if you are new to bike riding, you might wonder if you can try barspin on a BMX.

Look no further because you just found a solution to your questions.

Yes, you can try barspin on a BMX with brakes. However, you can only do this with some brake types. The most ideal is the Gyro brake type. It allows you to spin as much as you want when riding. But, of course, there is the brakeless set-up which is preferable for bar spinning.

This article will teach you all you need regarding bar spinning a BMX bike and the preferred brake type.

Ultimately, you will know if you can barspin a BMX bike with brakes or if it is impossible.

Can You Barspin On a BMX With Brakes?

Can You Barspin On a BMX With Brakes

Bar Spinning on a BMX bike is achievable with brakes. After all, riding bikes are supposed to be brakes because they ensure safety and controllable movement.

You do not need to worry about bar spinning as a primary rider.

Because bar spinning and other stunts are mainly for professional riders, they will be involved in 360 spins and high jumps.

Unfortunately, a BMX bike with brakes can be limited to some moves. Also, the brake type is responsible for how free a bike can be while riding.

There are different types of BMX bike brakes. But for the sake of this article, I will talk about two of them.

Here are the two types of BMX bike brakes.

  • V-brakes
  • U-brakes

#1. V-brakes

V-brakes are the cable type of brakes that pass between the steering rim of the bike. The brakes are particularly restrictive because they prevent bar spinning.

They are in front of the bike and can only be activated when you pull the handlebars. Each cable is looped with a handlebar and allows you to slow down. 

During riding, if you eventually achieve a 180-degree turn, that is the most you can get without tangling yourself.

However, if you go brakeless, you can achieve a 360-degree spin. Also, if your BMX has back brakes, it’ll be perfect.

#2. U-brakes

This category of brakes is the best option when it comes to BMX bar spinning. They are cableless and enable fluid spins.

They are located at the rear of the BMX bike and carry the Gyro pack. With the U-brakes, they can spin 360 degrees without any hassle.

Since we can differentiate between the two types of brakes, it’s up to you to make your choice.

The U-brakes are for you if you are doing lots of off-road riding. On the other hand, if you are riding within your surroundings, the V-brakes are better.

Ultimately, if you want to achieve the best bar spinning experience, it would help if you went brakeless.

Can You Barspin on a Brakeless BMX?

Yes, you can barspin on a brakeless BMX. Bar spinning on a brakeless BMX bike is the best way to clean spin.

The absence of cables allows free movement and avoids entanglement. 

Professional BMX bike riders prefer the brakeless set-up. However, it would help if you knew that some of them removed the brakes.

This process involves manually detaching the V-brakes cables and clipping them. Although this action is quite dangerous, it is widely practiced.

Running a car or bike without brakes is more like driving with a death wish in mind. So brake systems were built to prevent collisions between bikes or cars while driving.

Of course, driving with just a clutch doesn’t make sense. How would you be able to stop?

It is safer and more reasonable to have brakes. However, I don’t know if BMX bikers would agree with me at this point.

However, despite all these things, BMX bikers prefer the brakeless set-up because of bar spinning.

Bar Spinning allows for navigating narrow situations and more flexibility. Seeing that biking can be a little more demanding as a sport.

In essence, it’s best to know that a brakeless BMX is better than one with brakes

 to bikers.

This point might raise a question about the differences between brakes and brakeless BMX bikes.

The table below shows the differences between brakes and brakeless BMX bikes.

BMX With BrakesBrakeless BMX
It is easier to stop while riding.It takes extra effort to stop it, especially at high speed.
It limits your creativity with the handlebars.It allows you to perform a plethora of tricks.
It is regarded as non-fashionable.It is more acceptable in society than in the former. 

Do Brakes Prevent Barspinning on a BMX?

While brakes do not entirely prevent bar spinning on a BMX, it is an unwanted limitation.

The cable’s restrictions could make an intended smooth spin look chaotic.

It could be a disaster if the entanglement happens midair.

So, the active rider may prefer a brakeless BMX bike. But, on the other hand, a regular rider is too safely inclined to ditch his.

This situation boils down to preference, style, use, and exposure. 

Now, if you are keen on bars pinning a BMX bike, you must be very safety-cautious.

Here are a few things to have for extra protection:

If you will take a risk going bike riding, it would be best to do so with caution.

At least if you are involved in an accident, the damage will be minimal. 

In most cases, the report shows that people with safety gear are more likely to be safe than those who don’t have safety gear in case of an accident.

So, why not spend a few bucks and save your life?

How Long Can You Barspin a BMX With Brakes?

You can barspin a BMX with brakes only for a while. As long as the brakes are intact, movement will be limited.

Although it could do a few tricks, the ideal bar spinning can hardly be achieved.

As regards time, you can barspin a BMX bike with brakes as long as you want to.

You have nothing to worry about as long as you keep the parts clean and it gets checked regularly.

If you regularly lubricate the metal parts and check the others for cracks, your BMX bike will serve you better.

Even though BMX bikes are for rough terrains, it doesn’t mean it is indestructible. 

Ultimately, not performing regular maintenance checks after each significant activity will lead to a breakdown.

So, you can decide to detach the brakes when you want to go rogue. But, of course, daring the dangerous terrain of bar spinning is daunting.

Consequently, you cannot venture into it without thinking about ditching your brakes.

My advice for you who wants to get the best out of your BMX bike is three words. Cut those brakes.

Do not let some fears limit you from reaching your greatest potential. 

For instance, what if you were meant to be the world’s most excellent rider but are yet to do a barspin?

As ironic as it may be, you might have just lost a shot at greatness. So, finally, be bold and take that risk, but play safe.

Josh Matthews

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