Can Hiking Shoes Be Used For Golf? (Must Know Before Using)

Can Hiking Shoes Be Used for Golf

It might seem unusual to some people that you will want to use a pair of hiking shoes for golfing. For most people, hiking has nothing to do with golf, but I beg to differ. 

It may not seem obvious, but many hikers play golf in their free time and use their hiking shoes for it. Hence, this begs the question, can a pair of hiking shoes make it on a golf course?

The perfect hiking shoes are a good replacement if you don’t have a pair of golf shoes you can use. Manufacturers create hiking shoes and give them good traction across different terrains. And the best part, it is extremely durable. Hence, you can use hiking shoes on grass, sand pits, and muddy areas around the golf course. 

There is a lot of argument about using hiking shoes on a golf course.

You will learn why hiking shoes are also perfect for a good golfing session. Without further ado, let’s delve into it. 

Are Hiking Shoes Good for Playing Golf?

Can Hiking Shoes Be Used for Golf

Scientifically, no data suggest that hiking shoes aren’t good for golfing. It is a mere assumption that wearing hiking shoes will ruin your club’s swings. 

It’s not uncommon to find hikers who are also fans of golf. And since there’s so much assumption going around that hiking shoes aren’t good for golfing, many hikers don’t like wearing hiking shoes for golfing. 

Ideally, it all comes down to whether the shoe fits you properly or not. The assumption that the rubber soles on hiking shoes ruin golfing is wrong. 

The rubber soles provide you with better traction, especially during wet seasons.

If the shoe fits properly, you’ll have a nice time golfing. Hiking shoes are a solid replacement for golf shoes. 

Furthermore, you can use the metal spikes on hiking sneakers to walk uphill and hit a ball. Hiking shoes are better for hitting balls out of sand traps. 

You can also glide across the grassy parts of the golf course without losing your touch or missing a swing because of the type of shoes. 

These sneakers are also waterproof. Thus, you don’t have to be afraid of dipping your shoes in some water to get the perfect swing. 

Hiking sneakers are usually more durable than golfing sneakers since manufacturers design them to withstand harsh conditions. 

Hence, you have a rubber toe cap that protects your toes against rocks and other sharp objects on the golf course. 

These protective measures aren’t common with golfing sneakers. Golfers don’t give hiking sneakers enough props. 

Hiking sneakers are good for different terrains. Since the soles are naturally spongy and flat, it is a valid alternative for golfing sneakers. 

Are Hiking Shoes Allowed on a Golf Course?

Yes, but it depends on which golf course you’re playing. It is unusual in golf, but some courses require golf-specific shoes. 

Especially if you’re a member of a luxury golf club, a private golf course, or a fancy resort, it is fairly common to come across a policy that requires players to wear golf shoes.

It is common law among fancy golf clubs worldwide. Sometimes, the laws only ban specific types of shoes. 

Hence, if you’re to play on any golf course you haven’t been on before, ensure you call ahead and inquire about the policy there.

In most cases, you can even rent golf shoes in fancy establishments. You can also play golf in tennis shoes or cross trainers. 

You can even play barefoot if the golf course doesn’t have a rule against it.

However, golf shoes are highly recommended by experts because it prevents your feet from sliding during a swing. 

After you swing the club, the force from the swing transfers to your back leg, and that will cause you to slip if you don’t have good shoes. 

It is almost certain that your swing will produce a terrible golf shot. 

Comfort is essential when golfing on a proper golf course because a golfer walks an average of 6,500 yards. Hence, most golf courses insist that golf players wear proper golfing shoes. 

Hiking shoes are okay if you’re still learning the game, but once you get the hang of it, you will want to look like a proper golfer. 

Furthermore, manufacturers designed golfing shoes to withstand any terrain you will be playing on. Traditional golfing shoes have spikes underneath them. 

You can remove these spikes if you choose, but they help you gain more traction in wet conditions. Modern golfing shoes have rubber soles that also have dimpled spikes. 

Originally, the designers of these golf shoes intended them to be used in the summer when conditions are dry. 

However, they have become a popular alternative to traditionally spiked golf shoes. 

Many golf clubs are banning the more traditional spiked golf shoes because of the marks they leave on the course. Hence, hiking shoes have become a worthy replacement. 

Can You Wear Running Shoes for Golf?

Yes, you can. Most golf courses have no rules specifying that you can’t wear running shoes while playing golf. 

However, check the rules of your golf course to ensure you’re not breaching if there is such a rule. Keep in mind that some golf courses only allow their recommended shoes. 

Wearing running shoes for golf might seem unusual to others, but it could be the foothold you need for the perfect swing. 

Running shoes provide just as much traction as traditional golf shoes. Hence, it is also a good replacement if you don’t have a pair of golf shoes. 

Running shoes perform excellently on every terrain. Hence, you won’t be wrong for thinking it will do well on grass. 

Once your running shoes provide great traction for you, it is perfect for golf

Benefits of Using Running Shoes for Golf

There are several benefits of using running shoes for golfing. 

#1. Multipurpose 

Running shoes are the perfect example of multipurpose shoes. Running shoes provide extra grip on multiple surfaces. 

Many golfers consider it the ideal replacement for traditional golf shoes. 

#2. Economical 

Golf shoes are usually expensive. You can use the shoe for golfing and running whenever you choose, and it will last longer. 

When you compare the price between running shoes and golf shoes, a standard running shoe almost has the same price tag as a standard golf shoe. 

Thus, you can invest in a proper running shoe rather than buying golf and running shoes. 

#3. Comfortable 

One of the best benefits of using a running shoe for golfing is it provides different levels of comfort. 

Running shoes are more comfortable because manufacturers built them for long-distance running or jogging. 

They have extra layers of cushioning you won’t find in traditional golfing shoes. Running shoes will be perfect if you prefer walking around a golf course instead of taking a cart. 

Running shoes have some major differences from golf shoes. Below is a table that brings out some of the major differences between both shoes: 

Golf ShoesRunning Shoes
Manufacturers use leather or synthetic materialsManufacturers use mesh fabrics
Good stability on wet and smooth surfacesGrip on all terrains, no matter how aggressive

Pros and Cons of Using Hiking Shoes for Golf

Hiking shoes are becoming a trend for the newer generation interested in golf. Hiking shoes are a viable replacement, especially if you can’t afford golfing shoes. 

Below is a table that brings out the best and not-so-good qualities of hiking shoes: 

Waterproof Not accepted in fancy golf clubs
Offers good tractionIt might seem odd if everyone is wearing golf shoes
You can use it for various purposesNot all hiking shoes are ideal for golfing due to rigid soles.


You don’t have to worry if you don’t own a pair of golf shoes and you need to go golfing. 

Most golf clubs worldwide allow golfers to wear any pair of shoes they have with the condition that it doesn’t damage the grass. 

Hence, even if you have a pair of hiking or running shoes, you can enjoy an afternoon of golf. 

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