Can I Use Garmin Edge 530 For Hiking? (Explained)

Can I Use Garmin Edge 530 For Hiking

The Garmin edge is a great device that you can use to keep track of your speed during cycling activities. 

Due to how great these devices are with their functionality, people keep wondering if they can use them for other activities like hiking due to their ability to show a wide map area. 

So now, is it possible to use the Garmin edge 530 for hiking?

Irrespective of how excellent the Garmin edge 530 GPS is, you cannot and should not use it for hiking. The reason is that, in this case, the GPS tracker automatically records a low-speed movement, and even if the map tracking is correct, the distance displayed wouldn’t be accurate. 

In this article, I will provide detailed information on the uses of the Garmin GPS and also state what other activities you can use the GPS for comfortably; please stick with me. 

Can You Use the Garmin Edge 530 For Hiking? 

Can I Use Garmin Edge 530 For Hiking

Manufacturers did not program most Garmin edge devices for walking purposes like hiking. 

Generally, Garmin edges were not designed for hiking and other related sports; manufacturers created these devices for faster sports. 

The Garmin Edge is not considered the best for hiking because it does not sit well and work appropriately with slow movements and speed. Therefore, the calculation becomes more difficult. 

Several other models have the “walking or hiking” profile, but on the edge devices, you would not find any, and the reason is that these computers were majorly for cycling. 

You can be able to carry out a test to prove this point. Get a Garmin edge GPS and a regular GPS that is used to record walking speed and your speed when walking on both devices. 

You would notice that the speed recorded with the Garmin GPS is about half the point or close to half. 

Does The Garmin Edge 530 Track Walk? 

The Garmin Edge 530 was not designed to keep track of your walking activities, but instead, it was designed for hiking. 

Using the Garmin 530 for your hikes and walks would only provide adequate mappings and long battery life; the data won’t be very accurate. 

You can get several products out there in the market that could do all three specifically for hiking purposes. 

Some of these Garmin walking devices include; 

  1. Garmin eTrex 22x
  2. Garmin Montana 700i
  3. Garmin GPSMAP 66i

These devices are excellent for you if you’re a hiker or love to go on jogs. Although they can be costly, they are worth the performances. 

Which Garmin Is Best for Hiking? 

Some excellent Garmin devices that work well with walking that manufacturers made in the past include;

  • Garmin edge 800
  • Garmin edge 1000. 

All those have a walking mode. 

But with that being said, those Garmin models are old, about ten years ago, and you would not be able to get them in the market conveniently. 

Several newer models, like the Garmin 510, 520, 530, and 1020, have more advanced features. 

But if you want to get a GPS from Garmin so severely, you can opt for the Garmin outdoor GPS computers. These are specifically for hiking purposes. 

How to Reset the Garmin Edge 530 GPS to Track Walking?

It is known that the Garmin edge 530 GPS does not provide accurate records when you use them for hiking, but the mappings are correct. 

With that information and the proper knowledge, you can redirect the distance to give accurate results without touching the mappings. 

Below is a step you can follow to recompute your Garmin edge 530 GPS and make use of it for hiking; 

  • Create a new activity profile. To do that, go to settings, tap on activity profile, then add and enter your name. 
  • The app would ask you to select your default riding type and tap on the mountain. 
  • Turn off the auto lap and auto pause features. 
  • Go to time starter mode and select manual. 
  • After that, you can now go back to your main menu. 
  • Select your settings and then the system, followed by the data recording. 
  • After that, ensure that you change the recording interval to every second.  
  • To ensure the best experience, make sure that you keep the GPS in your backpack in your hands. 

If you follow all the steps, you will have a higher chance of getting a more accurate result when hiking with your Garmin edge 530. 

Apart from that, you can also opt for the regular street maps instead of the Garmin maps when you hike; they provide you with better information.

Can Garmin Edge Be Used for Running?

There are specific models of the Garmin GPSs that are suitable for running.

There are several premade plants by Garmin for its cycler and runners that enables them to get the most accurate result. 

To work by this, you must have a Garmin account, and if you do not have one, you can create an account on “Garmin connect.”

Afterward, go to the settings plan to select which is suitable for you. Apart from being impressive, the Garmin edge has premade training and can be displayed on your phone. 

What Is the Difference Between the Garmin Edge 520 And 530? 

Over the years, Garmin has continued to increase the functionality of each GPS they produce by expanding the functionality. 

The Garmin edge 530 and 520 are closely similar but still differ. 

Below is a tabular difference between the Garmin edge 530 and 520 models; 

Garmin Edge 530 Garmin Edge 520 
This model is more extensive and has a rounder design. The Garmin edge 520 is smaller when compared to the 530 models. 
It has a battery life of 15 hoursIt can last up to 20 hours in use. 
It comes with the bike apart features and hydration and nutrition alertThese older models do not have these features. 
The MTB bundles in the 530 are correctly packed. The MTB bundles here are not as packaged  as the edge 530 models
It is a bit more expensive It is cheaper than the Garmin edge 530
It has a colored screen type It comes with a color TFT. 

How Do I Download Apps from the Garmin Express? 

Downloading the Garmin map using the Garmin express is very easy once you follow these steps below; 

  • connect your edge device to your computer. 
  • Launch the Garmin app on your windows by double-clicking the express icon, and on your mac, you can find it in our application folder. 
  • Select the device you want to launch and click on add a  device. 
  • Tap on tools and content. 
  • Tap on the purchased tab and click on the download icon. 
  • Once the downloading process is in progress, Garmin Express will display it in your current progress. 
  • After the installation and download are complete, a message will display, and you can safely connect and disconnect your device from your computer.


#1. Is Garmin Edge 530 Waterproof? 

The Garmin edge 530 is waterproof because it is rated IPX7 for water resistance. 

#2. Is The Garmin Edge 530 Worth Buying? 

If you compare functionality and price, you will realize that the Garmin edge 53o is worth buying. 

#3. What Can the Garmin Edge 530 Do?

The Garmin edge 530 is majorly used for cycling purposes. 


There are several other alternative Garmin devices you can use for your hiking activities, like the; 

  • Garmin venu 2 S is; the best Garmin lady’s smartwatch. 

It would be best if you do not use the Garmin edge 530 for your hiking experiences because it was not for that purpose. Although you can rest it, the result cannot be up to 99% accurate. 

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