Can Garmin Edge 830 Be Used For Hiking? (Explained)

Can Garmin Edge 830 Be Used For Hiking

Knowing whether you can use a Garmin Edge 830 for hiking is vital. Programmers program software with specific functions, so most often, users are curious to know details like this.

In this piece, I will give a piece of detailed information on the Garmin Edge 830.

I have listed all the information you need regarding what the German Edge 830 can and cannot do. All you need to do is to keep reading. 

You cannot use The Garmin Edge 830 for hiking. Its manufacturers do not program it for activities such as hiking. The Edge cycling computers have been designed to provide the cyclist with a comprehensive set of features set for cycling. This fact makes it recommended for only activities that rely on cycling. 

This article contains everything you need to know about Garmin edge 830 and whether you can use it for your hiking adventures.

Is Garmin Edge 830 Good For Hiking?

Can Garmin Edge 830 Be Used For Hiking

No. The German Edge 830 is not good for hiking. The German edge 830, as a tracker’s designer, did not design for any activity other than cycling. 

The German Edge devices are great; any amount you pay for them is worth it. But they have limitations as you can only use them for cycling.

The Edge device has a long battery life, can display a complete map, record your data, and even lets you plan the route on the go. 

These excellent features often contribute to people demanding they can do more. 

A German Edge 830 can automatically filter low-speed GPS drift and low-speed record movement with struggles even when you put off the auto-pause. 

The map tracking might be correct, but you can question the accuracy of the distance displayed and recorded.

This fact shows that the German Edge 830 is not good for hiking but for cycling. 

So, if you want a device used as a GPS tracker for cycling, the German Edge 830 is your best option. If you want a GPS device for hiking, you should look elsewhere.

The table below lists some Garmin Edge devices that are good or not good for hiking.

Garmin Edge Devices Good For HikingGerman Edge Devices Not Suitable For Hiking
Garmin Edge 1030Garmin Edge 830
Garmin Edge  530Garmin Edge 1000

Does Garmin Edge 830 Track Accurately While Hiking? 

No. The German Edge 830 does not accurately track while hiking. Its designers did not design it to be used for hiking, only cycling activities.

Accurate tracking is one function for which the Edge has programmed the Garmin Edge 830 device well.

It makes people ask if they can use this device for activities beyond cycling. After all, it has some limitations as a tracker when it comes to hiking.

German Edge has programmed this device for cycling and cannot handle low speeds and arm movements well. 

So, using a Garmin Edge 830 can reduce your speed by 25% if you do not fiddle with the settings. 

There’s a way out of the reduction in speed during recording, which I will put out the guidelines for next. 

Steps To Use a Garmin Edge as a Hiking GPS 

  • Make another profile for your Activity. From settings, you click on Activity, then click on profile, then click on Add, and then enter a name for the profile. 
  • When you arrive at the type of Default Ride, you select “Mountain.” 
  • Next is to turn off Auto pause and ‘Auto lap’ in the Features. 
  • Then, you select ‘Manual’ in the Timer Start Mode. 
  • Afterward, you retrace back to the main menu, Select Settings, click on System, and lastly, Data Recording Change Recording the Interval and select “every 1 second.
  • “Leave your device outside your backpack and maybe in your hand to help the GPS connection.

Making all the above points, the recording interval helps increase the number of points to record the distance accurately. 

This becomes your best chance at using a Garmin Edge 830 for hiking. You can also try walking and running with it. 

Can You Use Garmin Edge 830 For Walking and Running? 

No. You cannot use a German Edge 830 for walking and running. German Edge computers do not integrate a walking, running, and hiking profile. 

This leads to you getting an incorrect distance when walking. The German Edge 830 is a designer’s design for hiking, running, and walking movements. 

Garmin did not add the features from their outdoor GPS software and multi-activity watches into the cycling computers. Garmin Edge makes it solely for biking.

The Garmin Edge model records data with a “smart” interval. This item is a different range computed by Garmin software. 

After comparing the number of points your Garmin Edge tracks with a specific walking GPS computer, you note it only records half the points.

This item is the main reason the distance is incorrect when walking. 

Hence, you should know that Garmin cannot use The Edge 830 for activities such as walking and running. That’s mainly because Edge’s design is for cycling activities. 


#1. How Old Is the Garmin Edge 830? 

The German Edge 830 was realized in May 2019. It is two years from manufacture but still a contender in the market.

#2. What Is the Difference Between the Garmin Hike 830 and the Garmin Hike 530?

The main difference between the two is in their navigation. The 530 can navigate only routes already uploaded in advance, while the 830 can navigate new routes. 


The German Edge’s design for the 830 is for cycling, so tracking activities beyond cycling is not its function. This idea is to say that you cannot use the Garmin Edge 830 for hiking. 

Although it is good at what it does, it cannot cover activities such as walking, running, and tracking a hike. 

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