How Do SCARPA Hiking Boots Fit? (Everything You Should Know)

How Do SCARPA Hiking Boots Fit

SCARPA boots are high-performance footwear notable for their durability and resistance. The SCARPA hiking boots are one of the top choices from the brand.

Although, the fit of the hiking boots is a little questionable. This problem is because most hiking boots generally either fit large or small.

However, it would help to read this article thoroughly to help you understand how the sizing of SCARPA hiking boots works.

SCARPA hiking boots fit the exact size. The footwear neither fits large nor small. The hiking boot sizing is according to the European standard. So, converting your US measurement to the European equivalent is essential when buying SCARPA hiking boots. The boots would only fit if they were your exact size.

In this article, I will explain if SCARPA hiking boots fit large or small, how to know your boot size, and if SCARPA boots are half sizes.

By the end, you’ll also know how long it takes to break in SCARPA hiking boots.        

Do SCARPA Hiking Boots Fit Large or Small?

How Do SCARPA Hiking Boots Fit

SCARPA hiking boots neither fit large nor small. The boot is always almost the exact size. SCARPA hiking boots are true-to-size.

The meaning of SCARPA boot’s true-to-size phrase is that the shoe size matches the Brannock device accurately.

Hence, any figure you see on the hiking boots is always the exact size.

Generally, the boots’ sizing depends on the model, but they don’t fit large. However, when you wear them, you immediately notice they are your exact size.

The only time you feel the size fits large or small is if the boot was never your size. It is best to purchase your SCARPA hiking boots size.

Although it is possible to customize a hiking boot that fits large, you can’t do the same for small sizes.

In addition, you should note that the length of the boots is not adjustable, but you can modify the width if they fit too small.

So, it would be best to go for your accurate size whenever you test the sizes on a SCARPA hiking boot. The indicated size on the boot is always accurate.

How Do You Know Your SCARPA Boot Size?         

Knowing your SCARPA boot size depends on many factors. But first, it is essential to know that the boots use Mondo sizing to measure.

SCARPA boots use European sizing, except for skiing boots. So, it would help to find the European equivalent for your size before buying them.

In addition, the European sizing allows SCARPA to make a broader range of sizes. Therefore, this method helps you to get a more exact fit.

However, there are ways to know your SCARPA boot size. You can use these methods to find your exact size if you need clarification.

Here are the ways to know your SCARPA boot size.

#1. Measure the Foot

The first step to knowing your SCARPA boot size is to measure your foot. It would be best to stand on paper to measure your exact foot.

Then, use a pencil to trace an outline of your foot. Next, use a tape rule to measure your heel’s tip to the big toe to get your foot’s length.

Write the measurement on a separate paper. Then, locate the widest points on the foot outline and measure the distance between these points.

This measurement will give you the width of your foot. Although, you only need the length of your foot to get your exact boot size.

After getting your foot dimensions, subtract 0.2 inches (5 mm) to represent the pencil line. It is essential to measure both feet because they are likely to have a slight difference.

It is essential to wear your hiking socks while measuring your feet. It will help you to get a more accurate measurement.

#2. Wear Socks

When trying hiking boots, you should wear the socks you intend to wear for hiking.

It will help you check if the shoe is your exact size. It is your exact size if you feel comfortable wearing the boots with your socks.

#3. Lace Up the Hiking Boots

It is essential to lace up the boots properly and ensure the lace pressure distributes evenly from the toes to the ankle.

Your toes should not apply pressure against the front of the boots. Or else, the boots will make your toes ache when you walk downhill.

In addition, there should be no space at the heel when you lace up. If there is a gap around that area, it means the boot is too large for you.

#4. Carry a Loaded Backpack

Using a hiking boot should determine how you find your exact size. You also need to consider the size and weight of your hiking backpack.

The backpack’s weight will affect the loading and shape of your foot inside the hiking boots. Therefore, you need to carry a backpack with the exact weight while testing the boots.

#5. Imitate Inclines and Declines

You wear boots uphill and downhill when you go on hiking trips. Therefore, you must imitate the inclines and declines while testing the hiking boots.

Some footwear shops provide incline boards for you to test the boots. These boards stimulate uphill and downhill mode when you test the boots on them.

You must ensure your toes do not feel pressed or cramped against the front of the boots. If your toes are cramped, you will feel pain in your toes when you test the board.

#6. Wear Them Around the House

It is best to wear hiking boots around the house for a while to see if they fit perfectly. Wearing them would also help you notice any changes to the fit.

You must make sure to wear it indoors where the surface is clean. So, you can return the boots if they don’t fit and ask for a new pair.

Do SCARPA Boots Do Half Sizes?

Yes, SCARPA boots are half sizes, which implies that a half size and the full size above it have the same shell length. But, each liner is pre-molded to half size.

For example, 26.5 and 27 SCARPA hiking boots have the same shell size. However, the SCARPA shoe brand uses European sizing, meaning your US shoe size will differ.

One Euro full size equals 6.6 mm, equivalent to 0.26 inches. On the other hand, one US full size equals 8.4 mm, equivalent to 0.33 inches.

It would always help to know your exact size and the European equivalent. You can use a sizing chart to know your accurate size.

Here is a table to help you identify the US and European size equivalents.

EuroUS MenUS Women
258 ½
269 ½
3012 ½
331 ½
342 ½3 ⅔
34 ½34
353 ½ 4 ½ 
35 ½45
364 ½ 5 ½ 
36 ½4 ⅔ 5 ⅔ 
37 ½5 ½ 6 ½ 
38 ½6 ⅓ 7 ⅓ 
396 ½ 7 ½ 
39 ½78
407 ½ 8 ½ 
40 ½7 ⅔ 8 ⅔ 
41 ½8 ½ 9 ½ 
42 ½ 9 ½ 10 ½ 
43 ½ 10 ⅓ 11 ⅓ 
4410 ½ 11 ½ 
44 ½ 1112
4511 ½ 12 ½ 
45 ½ 11 ⅔ 12 ⅔ 
46 ½ 12 ½ 13 ½ 
47 ½ 13 ½ 14 ½ 
4914 ½ 15 ½ 

How Long Does It Take To Break In SCARPA Hiking Boots?

It takes 15 hours to break in SCARPA hiking boots. But first, you need to wear them for a few easy and short hikes and climb with them.

Try emulating a few hiking stages and positions while trying to break in the boots. By the end of 15 hours, you would have broken in the boots.

However, there are other essential tips when breaking your SCARPA hiking boots. These tips include:

  • First, wear them for short-distance work and lengthen the walks gradually.
  • Second, do not take your new boots for a long trip.
  • Third, wear a piece of Elastoplast or second skin before wearing them to prevent blisters.
  • Finally, treat any blister that occurs when breaking in the boots.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, SCARPA hiking boots fit true to size. Therefore, the figures on the boot are always the exact footwear size. The boots do not fit large irrespective of the model. 

Therefore, knowing your exact shoe length is best to get an accurate size. Then, you can convert it to European sizing.

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