How Much Do Songlim Hiking Boots Cost?

How Much Do Songlim Hiking Boots Cost

Songlim handmade shoe company is a shoemaker brand in Korea famous for producing high-quality footwear. The shoes are 100% handmade to fit the shape of your feet.

Songlim hiking boots are one of the most rugged trail boots on the market. But, the quality of the boots can make the price questionable.

It is normal to wonder how much Songlim hiking boots cost. However, it would help to read this article thoroughly to get answers to your question.

Songlim hiking boots cost at least $750. But the price of the boots can be higher depending on the design and the features you want. In addition, the cost of materials at the time you ordered them and the cost of labor can influence the price. So, you can only settle on a specific price once you make an order.    

In this article, I will explain how much Songlim hiking boots cost, if they are worth the money, and how long Songlim hiking boots last.

By the end, you’ll also know what customers say about Songlim hiking boots.

How Much Are Songlim Hiking Boots?

How Much Do Songlim Hiking Boots Cost

Songlim hiking costs at least $750, and the price goes up. The total cost depends on the features of what you order.

For example, if you order a specific type of sole or heel, the price of the features you order may increase the price of the boots.

The unique features may make the boot extremely or minimally expensive, but the price should begin from $750.

Another factor that influences the price of Songlim hiking boots is the cost of labor, skill, and time that goes into making each pair.

Unique crafts like handmade footwear have few practitioners, so getting a skilled shoemaker to make the shoes is quite difficult.

The few members of the Songlim shoe company that makes the boots need to get value for their hard work.

Plus, the time and effort it takes to make each pair make the manufacturer increase the price of the hiking boots.

In addition, the cost of materials when the company makes your boot will affect the footwear price.

Since Songlim hiking boots are handmade, you need to order them before the company makes them. 

So, the time you ordered the boots and the cost of the shoe materials will determine how much the boots will cost.

Although the amount of leather each boot contains isn’t costly, bootmakers like Songlim shoe company put a lot of effort into getting quality materials.

So, handmade hiking boots cost more than factory boots depending on these factors.

The price may be less than you expect if you do not order the boots and come across them in a store.

However, it would be best to be careful in such situations because the boots may be fake or old defective ones that the seller has cleaned up.

It is best to order hiking boots directly from the Songlim company to get excellent and long-lasting quality.

Are Songlim Hiking Boots Worth the Money?

Songlim hiking boots are worth the money you spend purchasing them. The boots are handmade and built to last for a long time.

High-quality materials and careful construction are the significant characteristics of Songlim shoe company. So, it would help if you were confident that your hiking boots are worth it.

Furthermore, hiking boots can handle any trail or terrain you encounter. Impacts do not leave scratches on any part of the boots.

Seeing the boots for the first time, you would notice how strong and durable they look. However, they may seem thick and uncomfortable when you touch them.

But, the design of the hiking boot also focuses on comfort and support. So, you don’t get sore feet and blisters even when you wear them hiking the whole day.

Songlim hiking boots are best for any hiker, irrespective of the person’s hiking experience. You will find a boot suitable for you in the company’s catalog.

In addition, the price of these hiking boots may seem expensive, but in the long run, it is best as a one-time purchase. 

It is the best shoe investment you can make, and you won’t have to buy boots every six months to replace the old ones you have.

Songlim hiking boots’ quality makes them durable against other brands of hiking boots.

It is best to buy a Songlim boot once than buy a new pair of store-brand boots twice a year.

Additionally, you can customize the boots to whatever you prefer instead of settling for whatever a factory produces.

This advantage is one of the benefits of wearing handmade hiking boots. You get to describe what you want for the shoemaker.

You can even decide to resole the boots whenever you want. Resoling gives it a new look, which is cheaper than buying a new pair.

Below is a table to help you understand why Songlim hiking boots are worth it.

DesignIt allows weight distribution and breathability.
CustomizationYou can customize them according to your feet ‘condition.
UniquenessYou get to choose a unique design.
Shape and sizeThe boots are to fit your exact foot size.

How Long Do SonglimHiking Boots last?    

Songlim hiking boots last for years; you can use them for more than 30 years. Most people who own the boots eventually give them out to others.

The hiking boots contain pure leather material with a highly durable sole that can go through any weather.

The boots stay together irrespective of the trail terrain you wear them on. So you only need to clean them when you want to put them on.

However, you may notice tiny scratches on the boots over time, but these scratches do not affect the quality or longevity of the boots.

Impacts can not cut through the shoe materials. Although, the design may get boring and outdated as time passes by.

But you can resolve them and customize some of the designs. So the hiking boots will come back looking as good as new after you get it done.

What Do Customers Say About Songlim Hiking boots?    

Customers that have purchased Songlim hiking boots keep giving positive reviews about them. In addition, many people keep praising the quality of the footwear.

Some customers still wish to have an extra pair of hiking boots from the Songlim shoe company. 

Positive reviews about the shoe keep encouraging hikers to wear Songlim hiking boots. Some people are willing to travel to Korea to get a pair of these handmade boots.

Well, making the journey to pick up a pair of Songlim hiking boots is worth it. But you should order them ahead of your trip.

It could be challenging to get a pair immediately when you get to Korea. Lots of people are also making orders, and the design of the boots requires a lot of time to build.

In addition, customers are talking about how much quality Songlim hiking boots have compared to factory-made boots.

The former is a dream for every hiker who understands the importance of quality footwear on hiking trips.

People are willing to spend a lot of money to acquire this masterpiece. So Songlim’s durability, class, and quality are not surprising.

The company has put a lot of effort into shoe production for generations. However, modern designs may influence some parts of the boot’s appearance.

However, the Songlim trademark, which is quality, is still in their footwear production. 

Final Thoughts 

In conclusion, Songlim hiking boots prices vary because of factors like:

  • Cost of labor and skill.
  • Raw materials cost around the production period.
  • Type of customized features.

Although, these factors may make the final cost of the shoes expensive. But, Songlim hiking boots are worth the money you spend getting them.

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