Korean Bespoke Hiking Boots (All You Need To Know)

Korean Bespoke Hiking Boots (Everything You Need To Know)

For decades, Korean bespoke hiking boots have been comparably the best pairs of hiking boots you can ever have. 

The bespoke hiking boots’ ergonomic design and pattern are like no other you’ve come across, which makes for the boot’s durability.

Korean bespoke boots are the best choice for hiking in the mountains. This article contains everything you need to know about Korean bespoke hiking boots.

The Korean bespoke hiking boots are one of the most high-quality base boots that suit every hiking desire. Korean bespoke hiking boots mean any hiking boots that are specifically tailored to a particular customer specification. They are custom handmade boots designed to protect the foot and ankles during outdoor activities such as hiking.

Are Korean Bespoke Hiking Boots Handmade?

Korean Bespoke Hiking Boots (Everything You Need To Know)

All Korean bespoke hiking boots are 100 percent handmade. However, machines are used here and there to get the final finishing touch.

As mentioned earlier, bespoke boots mean any custom-tailored boots that meet a particular customer’s specifications. 

The above means that all the shoe-making processes ought to be manual which in another sense means custom/handmade. 

The Tyrolean and patented downhill ski boots are common examples of Korean bespoke handmade hiking boots. 

While other boots can come easily from a shoe plant, bespoke boots are custom-tailored, which affords them certain advantages. 

It is no new thing that Korean bespoke handmade hiking boots come off the best quality material you can have. Sometimes, the material quality is a tough job for machines.

While the human hand can use old-school fashion methodology to handle hard materials, it is not the case with machines. Some boots-making machines cannot work directly on boots.

And just like other machine-manufactured products, you must convert the material to another form before using machines.

One amazing fact to reckon with the handmade Korean bespoke hiking boots is that they are built to be rebuilt. It is a particular advantage with handmade products. 

You don’t have to go buying boots over and over again. Whatever the cause of its damage, you can turn directly to any professional boots repair shop to repair. 

You have your favorite shop back to new, saving resources, time, and stress from getting a new pair. 

How Much Do Korean Bespoke Hiking Boots Cost?

Be sure to pay over $700 for Korean bespoke hiking boots. The least bespoke hiking boots go for $750, considering they are custom-made

For high-end materials, you can be sure of paying $900 to above $1000. It is to say that the quality of material used in production affects the cost price of the bespoke hiking boots.

The higher the quality of the material, the higher the cost of the bespoke hiking boots and vice versa.

A lot of other factors contribute to making Korean bespoke hiking boots that expensive. 

Factors ranging from the nature of the boots, and their specialty, down to the cobbler’s cost affects their cost price. Also, the type of hiking boots in question is another factor to reckon.

For starters, the fact that Korean bespoke hiking boots are usually handmade is enough reason to be expensive.

For all certainty, the cobbler’s time and labor are included in the cost price.

Custom-made, bespoke hiking boots are more expensive than those you’ll get as part of hiking gear. Be prepared to pay higher for custom-made hiking boots.

The reality is that bespoke hiking boots are generally expensive since it’s a specific custom, mostly handmade kind of shoe. 

The specialty of hiking boots is a good selling point for cobblers. Bespoke boots are more common amongst people who require high-quality boots for work than fashionable users.

Since boots are specific in purpose and somewhat special in use, it is enough reason to be expensive.

Aside from the above-stated factors, the nature of production also comes into place when talking about shoe-making. 

There is a huge advantage of custom hiking boots over mass-produced hiking boots hence why the nature of production affects the cost price.

Are Korean Bespoke Hiking Boots Comfortable For Long Hikes?

Korean bespoke hiking boots that are custom handmade are comfortable even for long hikes.

The fact that they are bespoke handmade speaks volumes about their comfort regardless of distance. 

Since Korean bespoke hiking boots are custom-made and handmade, they usually have a good grip. 

Usually, Korean bespoke hiking boots are neither too tight nor too loose since they are custom boots.

For many trekkers, Korean bespoke hiking boots are a dream come through in terms of comfort. It is rare to have discomfort and blisters with a custom boot, regardless of distance.

Even though the Korean bespoke hiking boots are hard and sturdy at hand, the interior is soft and supple. 

With your hiking socks on, your feet will enjoy enough cushion, which is a win-win.

For this reason, they are also good for labor-intensive outdoor jobs since they are hard on the outside and soft inside. 

You can use them comfortably for every long hike without feeling pain or discomfort. 

Handmade boots are your best bet for quality custom boots for mountain hikers, adventurers, and most outdoor users.

As the name implies, bespoke hiking boots are specific to customers, which was and is the practice. It means that every boot is specially patterned to fit the customer. 

Also, hiking boots come in various standard foot sizes and structures such that the customer’s foot fits right.

The Korean bespoke custom-made hiking boot is truly a game-changer. You will agree that boots that fit perfectly will certainly be better for the owner’s comfort, even for long hikes. 

The exterior make-up of the Korean bespoke hiking boots looks more like leather material, but it is tanned cow skin. This material makes its water-proof nature an added advantage.

Where Can I Buy Korean Bespoke Hiking Boots?

You can find their brands in any well-established shoe store near you. Korean bespoke hiking boots come in various styles and design patterns.

Hiking gear stores close to hiking centers are the most assured spot for getting bespoke hiking boots. You can be sure to check for your size therein.

However, in a case where you have a cobbler shop that is close by, you can easily hop in to get your boots. It is even advantageous since you can opt for a custom hiking pair.

Again, you can browse online and place an order for the desired hiking boots available on the site.

There are many valid and trusted websites through which you can make your order. However, while going to a shoe shop, it is possible to buy the wrong bespoke hiking boot. 

At this point, about three different types of bespoke hiking boots are available in shops. Knowing which to buy will increase your chances of not getting the wrong hiking boot.

Below is a table containing the three different types of bespoke hiking boots with their specific use.

Specific Use
Trail ShoesPreferably for the dry climate and less rocky terrains.
Trail HikersBetter suited for steeper inclines or muddy paths.
Hiking or Mountain Walking BootsRocky and mountain hillsides. They are advanced hiking boots that suit difficult and dangerous mountains and hillsides.


Every outdoor adventure requires some gear, especially outdoor hiking activities. One of the most required gear is high-quality custom hiking boots.

The Korean bespoke handmade hiking boots are among the best options for hiking pairs whenever you decide to go hiking.

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