Why Are Hiking Clothes So Ugly? (Everything You Should Know)

Why Are Hiking Clothes So Ugly

We all like to appear good and confident in our clothes. Even when going hiking, you’d want to look confident and comfortable. A look that says you’re ready for the adventure. 

Well, if you’ve gone hiking or seen some hiking clothes, you’d know one can’t describe them as beautiful. Ugly, perhaps, maybe the word. 

But why are hiking clothes not beautiful? Is the ugly appearance necessary? This article gives a better exposure to why hiking clothes are ugly. 

Hiking clothes are primarily for their function and not for aesthetic appeal. These clothes aim at the protection and comfort of hikers. From the choice of style to color and material of hiking clothes, they all work towards the same purpose: safety and comfort. Mountainous terrains are not the safest places to be or the easiest place to climb.

In this article, you’ll learn more about hiking clothes and gear and why they are not appealing.

Why Are Hiking Clothes Ugly?

Why Are Hiking Clothes So Ugly

Hiking clothes are not your usual beautiful clothes. These clothes are not fashionable because they focus more on their major purpose, safety and protection

Whereas wearing fashionable clothes is pleasing, you’d want something comfortable when going hiking. It’s better to wear something that’s adventure friendly. 

If hiking clothes are more for fashion purposes, enjoying your adventure becomes harder. You can’t struggle to climb a mountain and wear clothes restricting easy movement. 

All these factors play to mind to give an appropriate selection of ugly hiking clothes but quite suitable for the purpose. 

Various factors affect the choice of hiking clothes. These factors are responsible for the ugly hiking clothes we have. 

Hopefully, you’ll understand each factor and see why fashion is not a point in hiking. 

These factors are as follows;

#1. Comfort

The most important factor influencing the choice of hiking clothes is comfort. Imagine struggling with some jeans up a mountain. The thought of it is just as unpleasant. 

Well, hiking is not so easy an adventure, though fun, comfortable clothes go a long way to make things easier. 

#2. The Weather 

Weather conditions also affect the choice of hiking clothes. You’d want to wear something that suits the weather while hiking. 

Hiking is generally an extreme sport that causes you to sweat, so your clothes must be light unless the weather is too cold. 

Dark colors like black are heat absorbent and would make you sweat heavily on a hot day. White and light blue, however, reflect the sun’s rays off your body. 

#3. Safety

Colors like green and blue have a natural blend with mountainous environments. This choice of color goes a long way to offer protection to you. 

Although most mountains where people hike are relatively safe, it’s better to always be on the safer side. 

Why Are Hiking Gears So Ugly?

Hiking gears have an appearance that suits somewhat rough outdoor activities. The strength and durability of gears are more important to the makers of hiking gear. 

Durability is prioritized over the good looks of the gears. That is why hiking gears appear to be ugly. 

The nature of the adventure, hiking, does not require fashionable or beautiful things. Your gear could get damaged after a single hiking experience. 

But with more time spent on producing good gears with high strength and durability, you could reuse your gears often. 

If you constantly get sad about your gears being ugly, try remembering these few points. 

  • These gears have qualities of withstanding the rough hiking environment. 
  • Your hiking gear will last you a very long time.
  • Your hiking gears play their role well, regardless of their looks.

You may, of course, choose to go for more beautiful and fashionable materials or gear, but the chances of them returning in one piece are slim. 

The producers of hiking gear see the need to why they have to appear the way they do. The appearance is all for comfort, durability, strength, ease, and protection.

After properly evaluating the hiking environment, these brands have come up with the best options to suit it. 

Although the style, color, and material may not be as pleasant as we would rather have them be, they are perfect for the task.

4 Ideas To Make Your Hiking Clothes More Fashionable

The trick is to look fashionable and still feel comfortable as you hike in your clothes. Therefore, the ideas below present these two options, fashion, and comfort. 

We all want to look good, even when we’re going on an adventure. Our pictures must be just as perfect, so the need for fashionable clothes is understandable. 

Here are a few ideas that could help make your hiking clothes look more fashionable;

#1. Bandanas

Bandanas are very fashionable and nice for hiking. If you have long hair, wearing a bandana could help keep the hair away from your face. 

You surely don’t want to get tired and sweaty with hair making things worse. Bandanas are perfect for fashionable hiking styles. 

#2. Matching Outfits

Ensure the materials are appropriate for hiking. You could get a certain color of pants and tops to match.

A three-piece idea would also look very fashionable. You can match all your outfits appropriately down to even your gear.

Matching outfits will not only make you look fashionable, but they will also give you a more confident look.

#3. Accessories

There’s something about hats that makes them look so cool. If you’re yet to try out a hat with your hiking clothes, now is the right time. 

Hats, navigation wristwatches, and gloves are all accessories that give a fashionable look to hikers. They not only play the fashion role but are useful throughout the adventure. 

#4. Hoodies

Hoodies are perfect for hiking, especially in winter and spring. But it would be best if you were specific about getting lightweight hoodies in spring so you don’t feel too hot while hiking.

Here’s something extra, a table with different materials, their characteristics, and whether or not they are suitable for hiking. 

MaterialsCharacteristicsSuitable For Hiking or Not
CottonCotton is absorbent and soft, and retains water and sweat, keeping you hot.It is not suitable for hiking.
Polyester Polyester is strong, durable, lightweight, dries quickly, and is abrasion-resistant. It is suitable for hiking.
Merino WoolIt has Ultra-soft, quick drying ability, and warmth retention qualities. It is suitable for hiking.
NylonIt is strong, nonabsorbent, and dries up quickly. It is suitable for hiking.


#1. Are They Any Attractive Hiking Boots?

Yes! They’re good hiking boots out there that are very attractive. The only issue is they cost a lot of money. 

#2. Are Leggings Good For Hiking?

Yes, leggings are good for hiking. Leggings are lightweight, comfortable, and allow easy movement. But ensure your leggings are not cotton material. 

#3. Can I Go Hiking In Jeans?

Jeans are appropriate when hiking short distances. Jeans may not be the best option if you plan on going a long way. 


Hiking clothes are not attractive because the producers prioritize functionality over aesthetics. Hiking is an outdoor activity that requires durable clothes and gear.

If your hiking clothes are not as appealing as you’d want them to be, you can throw in a simple trick or two to keep you in fashion. However, remember your safety and comfort are a priority. 

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