Can You Take A Cockapoo For Hiking? (Explained)

Can You Take a Cockapoo Hiking

Many hikers enjoy taking their dogs to the trail with them. The dog also can exercise and keep them company on the trail.

But if you want to take a dog to the trail, you must ensure that the dog is strong enough for the trail and can hike for at least a few miles.

You can take cockapoo hiking. Cockapoos enjoy going on hikes and can go on 5-7 miles-long hikes. They will be good if you don’t take them out when they’re too young. So, if you already have a Cockapoo and you’re thinking of hiking it or getting one that can accompany you on hikes, keep reading. 

Keep reading! You’ll find out how long a cockapoo can hike and often you can take out your Cockapoo.

Can You Go Hiking With a Cockapoo?

Can You Take a Cockapoo Hiking

You can take your Cockapoo to the trail with you on your hikes. Dogs don’t have the same energy level as humans, but your Cockapoo will happily accompany you on your hikes.

Cockapoos are especially energetic, and even when they’re young, they can walk about 5-7 miles without getting too wiped out. 

But you can’t take a very young cockapoo to the trail. So, please wait until your Cockapoo is older before taking it on longer hikes.

Cockapoos are good hikers who enjoy the trail, especially exploring new smells, but if you take a cockapoo that is too young to the trail, it will end up with joint and even respiratory problems.

So, you can take your cockapoo hiking, but don’t do it when the Cockapoo is still a puppy. If you begin to take cockapoos out on hikes at a young age, they can get bad joints as they grow.

Thus, until the Cockapoo gets to at least one year, keep the walks under 20kms. Once your Cockapoo is over one year, you can take it on long walks.

In addition to the age, you need to consider the size of the dog and the trail itself before you take your cockapoo hiking with you. 

If your dog is very small, it may tire faster than a larger, more athletic dog. The Cockapoo is not a large dog, and it will most likely walk for an hour before it gets tired and starts to slack.

Are Cockapoos Good Hikers?

Cockapoos are good hikers; they get their energy from the cocker spaniel as they’re a cross-breed of the cocker spaniel and the poodle.

If you take your Cockapoo out for a hike, it will be able to keep its energy, and cockapoos are usually very willing companions on hikes. 

Wait until the dog is at least over 12 months old. If the dog is below 12 months, its lungs and joints may not fully develop, making the hike difficult for your little friend.

If a dog is too young to hike, taking it along will cause difficulty breathing and lead to joint problems as it grows older. 

You can cover more area for an older dog, as they have more stamina and can follow faster. 

Cockapoos are also very intelligent and unlikely to go off trail except when they perceive an interesting scent.

They will surely investigate if they smell something on the trail. 

Besides, they’ll follow happily after you as long as they’re not tired. When you’re going hiking, always remember the needs of your hiking companion.

You don’t need to take a lot of stuff, just extra food and snacks for the Cockapoo. Also, take a water bottle; if your dog is particular about drinking from a bowl, remember to take a bowl.

If you can give your little friend water from a stream or a lake, you don’t need to take a lot of water as long as there is a lake or stream on the trail. 

Additionally, take a jacket or a blanket if the weather is cold, such as winter. But, if the day is warm, you don’t need to wear a jacket or blanket.

How Far Can You Hike With a Cockapoo?

An adult Cockapoo can walk for one hour and 30 minutes every day. A healthy adult cockapoo can hike for at least 5 miles every day.

And if you’re careful, the Cockapoo can even hike with you longer. Some cockapoos have been known to hike even up to 10 miles.

But your dog can hike longer if you take it out and build stamina. So, you start small with shorter hikes and build the Cockapoos stamina before increasing the distances. 

The age of the Cockapoo is very important in determining how far the dog can walk. If a young dog is less than 12 months old, don’t take it on long walks.

At 12 months, a cockapoo’s bones are still developing. So, if you impose a long walk on it, its bones won’t develop properly, and it may have issues with its joints.

Regarding the length of your Cockapoo’s walk, you need to consider several variables that can affect the dog’s ability to hike long distances.

  • The Cockapoo, a young dog, isn’t fit to walk for longer than 30 minutes.
  • The weather conditions, a cockapoo will become exhausted if the weather is warm.
  • If the dog is overweight, it will not be able to hike long distances.
  • The terrain you intend to hike is also important. A rough terrain will make the dog tired quickly.
  • How often does the dog exercise? If the dog exercises regularly, it will be easier to hike. 

How Many Hikes a Week for a Cockapoo?

A cockapoo will benefit from two walks a day, so an average of 12-14 walks a day will be enough for your average Cockapoo.

Cockapoos are quite energetic and need exercise to keep them healthy and entertained, but there is also the risk of over-exercising the dogs, which can cause health issues.

Younger and smaller cockapoos don’t need to go on hikes too often or for extended periods. For a smaller dog of less than a year, you can take it on shorter hikes once a day.

Then, you can take a grown cockapoo on a longer hike twice a day. If your Cockapoo is more than one year old, you can take it hiking twice a day for an hour or even more.

If you’ve built up the dog’s strength over time and notice that it can do more or needs more exercise, you can increase the distance and how often you take the dog.

However, the age of your Cockapoo is the major factor in determining how often you need to take it out for walks and hikes. 

The table below will detail how often you need to take your cockapoo hiking at various ages. 

Cockapoo AgeLength Of WalksNumber Of Walks a Day
Three months old 15 minutes dailyOnce a day
Five months old25 minutes dailyTwice a day
Eight months old40 minutes dailyTwice a day
One year old1 hour dailyOnce a day 


A cockapoo is a decent hiker and can prove a valuable companion on your hikes. You can take a cockapoo on hikes of up to 10 miles as long as it’s grown and healthy.

Cockapoos are energetic and very intelligent. If it’s not tired, the dog will happily hike the terrain.

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