Excessive Sweating While Hiking? (All You Need To Know)

Excessive Sweating While Hiking

Hiking is a physical activity, so you tend to sweat while doing it, but when you sweat excessively, you start wondering if it’s normal and if there’s nothing wrong with you.

It may or may not be, but this excessive sweating is irritating and can attract bugs to you while hiking, making you not enjoy your hiking activity.

This article will explain how excessive sweating while hiking can be caused by various factors and how to treat and prevent it.

There are several reasons you are sweating excessively while hiking, apart from your body system trying to cool itself. It can be due to excess caffeine, diabetes, heart problems, a problem with your perspiration functions, or other illnesses. So, when hiking, note if you are under the weather to know if your excessive sweating is normal.

Why Do I Sweat Excessively While Hiking? 

Excessive Sweating While Hiking

There are several reasons you sweat a lot while hiking. I’ll list some of these reasons for you.

  • One of the reasons you sweat excessively is because your body is trying to cool itself down. 
  • It can be caused by nerves, which send blood vessels more blood than usual in the skin. This additional blood makes the sweat glands go into overdrive, resulting in increased sweating.
  • It can also be because of excessive exposure to heat. If you aren’t used to hiking, and the weather is scorching, you’ll sweat a lot.
  • Other causes of excessive sweating while hiking could be too much caffeine, fever, heart problems, diabetes, or other illnesses like cholera.

Excessive sweating can cause problems for you while hiking. It could result in dehydration and lack of electrolytes in your body and escalate to other things if not treated.

So, if you notice you sweat a lot while hiking, it’s best if you contact a doctor for a checkup to know if underlying issues are causing you to sweat excessively.

Is It Okay to Sweat a Lot While Hiking?

It depends. Sweating while hiking is a normal function of the human body, but excessive sweating should not be considered normal.

Although sweating is entirely natural, if it is much more than expected with a good workout, there could be another cause, maybe a medical condition.

Excess sweating can ruin a hike, be it from the heat, being outside too long, or something wrong with your body system.

Depending on your level of sweating, there are different solutions to reduce sweating on the hike. It is healthy to sweat while hiking. Just make sure you drink enough water as well. 

Excessive sweating, especially when accompanied by dizziness, chills, nausea, or confusion, can signify heatstroke and should be treated immediately.

Heatstroke is life-threatening, so seek medical attention if symptoms persist for more than five minutes.

The American Red Cross recommends packing sunscreen in your hiking pack to protect you from sunburns and heat exhaustion due to overexposure to the sun’s rays.

The first step for people who sweat excessively during hiking is to consult their physician. 

Next, it’s crucial to maintain proper hydration levels by drinking at least two quarts of water a day, preferably one or two hours before hiking.

How Do I Cool Down On a Hike?  

There are many ways you can cool down when hiking. Follow the instructions below while hiking and enjoy your hike.

#1. Drink Lots of Water

Dehydration is a concern when hiking. So to stay cool while on a hike, you should drink lots of water.

Try to stay hydrated and take little sips of water before you can feel thirsty. Ensure when going for your hike, you take an extra bottle of water along and refill the bottle whenever you can.

You can also put ice in the water or the freezer the night before a hike so that the water stays cool all day.

#2. Take Regular Breaks

Take a break to cool down while hiking, especially when the weather is hot. While hiking, you get exhausted from heat stroke, so relax and take a break to stretch your muscles.

Taking a break is crucial to cool down because your body system can’t cool down while on a hike. You can rest in a cool, shaded place to recover before continuing your hike.

#3. Follow the Shaded Path

On a sunny day hike, follow the shaded path to cool down. The shade will protect you from heatstroke.

You can follow the path of a tree, a path with more shade. Never mind if the shaded path is longer than the original route.

#4. Wear Appropriate Clothing

You should wear appropriate clothing to help you cool down while taking a hike. However, do not wear heavy clothing, as it would make your hike uncomfortable.

When hiking during the summer, wear light clothes that aren’t too tight and are light in color. For example, you can wear a white shirt and pants to stabilize your body temperature.

Wear cotton material because you can quickly get it, and air passes through it, allowing air to pass through and cooling down your body while hiking.

#5. Use Sunscreen

While hiking, apply sunscreen to your skin. Sunscreen protects your skin from sunburn. While hiking, you are exposed to the sun and lose bodily fluids, causing dehydration.

So, apply sunscreen to help with sunburn and the fluids you lose in your body, which helps you cool down while hiking.

How Can I Prevent Excessive Sweating While Hiking? 

The most important thing to remember when trying to prevent sweating is that everyone is different, so what works for one person may not work for another.

That being said, there are a few different strategies you can use to avoid sweaty hiking situations. 

To find out which of these strategies works best for you, try experimenting with each while on your next hike. You might be surprised by how well they work! 

In the table below are several ways to prevent excessive sweating while hiking. 

Avoid caffeine and alcohol.Caffeine increases your body’s temperature, so avoid it while going on a hike.
Avoid spicy food.Spicy food causes you to sweat more. So when going for a hike, avoid it.
Visit a doctor.Visit a doctor to know if you have a medical problem and receive medication for your condition.
Don’t use lotion or makeup.Avoid lotions or makeup that allow you to sweat more when going on a hike.

How Do I Prevent Dehydration While Hiking?

There are several ways you can prevent dehydration while hiking. Try a few of these steps to remain hydrated while on a hike.

  • Drink 1-2 cups of water before going on a hike. Don’t wait until you feel thirsty while on a hike before drinking water. Also, take regular sips of water while on the hike.
  • Do not drink alcohol during or before a hike. Avoid it during your hike, as alcohol can cause dehydration and is not hydrating.
  • Take food and water along when going for a hike. You lose electrolytes while hiking, so take snacks, energy bars, and water to keep you hydrated and replace the lost electrolytes.
  • Don’t wait until your throat is dry before drinking water. Instead, drink half a glass or more every hour. Depending on the weather and hike, you may need more water to stay hydrated.

Even after your hike, drink water or energy drinks containing electrolytes to restore what you’ve lost while hiking.


In summary, you can sweat while hiking, but if the sweating is beyond normal and you’re feeling dizzy or nauseous, it’s best to contact a physician to help determine the problem.

Remember to stay hydrated and wear light clothing while hiking to prevent excessive sweating. Then, follow the tips in the article and enjoy your hiking exercise.

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