Can You Hike in Blundstone? (Everything You Should Know)

Can You Hike In Blundstone

Hiking is one unique outdoor activity anyone should engage in. However, one of the critical things you should consider before setting out to hike is your dress code.

Wearing the correct shoe is necessary to ensure safety while you hike. Over time, people have used Blundstone to hike, but is it appropriate to do that? 

If you’re looking for a quick answer to this question, don’t hesitate. Keep reading. 

Of course, Blundstone boots are a good shoe choice for hiking. They are not only comfortable to wear in any weather but also durable. However, unlike most hiking shoes, Blundstone lacks both support and traction. They also lack a firm grip on the body. Nevertheless, for lack of alternatives, you can always consider the Blundstone boot. 

In this article, I will detail the pros and cons of using a Blundstone boot for hiking, explaining the features that set it apart from other regular shoes and why people mistake them for hiking boots. 

In the end, this article will help you understand the kind of shoes to wear when hiking. 

Is Blundstones Okay For Hiking?

Can You Hike In Blundstone

If you enjoy a bit of flair when going for hikes, you will enjoy hiking in Blundstone boots. They are comfortable to wear, lightweight, and suitable to put on in any weather. 

Additionally, they come in various designs and colors. However, some factors could be a downside to your use of Blundstone for hiking. 

Most Blundstone lack traction, support, and a firm grip. They are also products of air-resistant materials, which makes it impossible for air to penetrate your feet when you wear them. 

It is worth noting that these non-breathable materials could cause you to have blisters. Now, who wants that?

Here are some reasons why choosing brownstone for hiking isn’t suitable for long trekking, as you might have presumed. 

#1. Shoe Fitting 

Most Blundstone shoes have loose fittings that are not always tightly fitted to your feet.

As a result, when trekking with this type of shoe, the friction between your feet and the shoe increases and may double or even triple the normal. 

As you already know, excess friction causes blisters. Additionally, Blundstone shoes do not have laces which is quite a red flag since the shoes will not fit properly on your feet. 

However, if you’re embarking on a short hike, you can use a Blundstone shoe, but It’s a no-go for long hiking, which is why you probably should get good hiking boots. 

#2. Traction And Grip 

While Blundstone has better traction and grip than any snickers, they are still not a substitute for hiking boots. Still, for hikes with low steep, a Blundstone boot can be your go-to shoe. 

However, hiking on an elevated steep or walking for a long time during the hike always requires shoes with a good grip and traction.

#3. Ankle Support 

Blundstones can never provide the ideal ankle support a hiker needs to sustain themselves for long walks. 

Therefore, to reduce ankle pain from steep hiking trails, always wear shoes with good ankle support. 

#4. Durability 

The durability of a Blundstone is not arguable because they are the former shoe brand for factory workers. 

However, even with recent modifications, it still stands tall and ranks as one of the top shoes in the market. 

Sadly, since they are not for hiking purposes, there is still a chance that even the cheapest hiking shoe is more durable than the best Blundstone boots. 

#5. Breathability 

Blundstones are a product of air-resistant materials such as leather, making it hard for people wearing them to breathe well. 

As expected, hiking is outdoor, and you will most likely sweat more on your feet and body. 

In addition, if you use a Blundstone as your hiking shoe, you risk having multiple blisters on your feet. 

#6. Price 

The price of a new Blundstone boot is at least $100. Interestingly, this is the exact price a new hiking boot costs. 

So, why buy Blundstone shoes for hiking when you can purchase a good shoe with the same amount and enjoy your hike experience? 

As I mentioned earlier, Blundstone is only suitable for short hikes and not long strenuous walks or trekking. 

Does Blundstone Make Hiking Boots? 

Of course not; most hikers only prefer to use Blundstone boots as a substitute when they do not have hiking boots. 

For some hikers, the fancy and classic look of the Blundstone boots makes them choose to use them for hikes. 

Ideally, it would help if you didn’t use Blundstone boots for hiking because it falls short of all the characteristics of a good hiking shoe. 

For example, it lacks good traction and grip and ankle support. Additionally, it is a product of waterproof materials, which means they are made of leather and are prone to cause blisters. 

As discussed earlier, leather shoes are non-breathable materials. Now imagine If you were to wear such shoes to hike, that would put due stress on yourself. 

Interestingly, the price for new Blundstone boots equates to that of a good hiking shoe. So, getting a hiking shoe and resting your mind when hiking is easier. 

What Are the Best Blundstone Boots for Hiking? 

There are at least two types of Blundstone boots hikers select from the whole brand for hiking. 

Blundstone boots have the original and classic series boots, otherwise known as the 500 and 550 shoe series, respectively. 

These two designs are pretty durable. However, some differences between them set one over the other. 

Original SeriesClassic Series
It has a cushioned soleIt has a broader fit for extra space when hiking due to its well-cushioned sole.
It gives room for air to reach the feet, giving it lack a leather liningIt comes with a leather lining and footbed to enhance the warmth 
It has a cotton or cambrelle lining to reduce the chances of having blisters It has a small, snug fit compared to the original series 
It has a dark brown colorIt has a light walnut brown color

Due to this analysis, it is evident that the classic series is more reliable and durable than the original series. However, yet another design compares with the classics series. 

It’s the Thermal series, and I will outline the differences between the brands below. 

Thermal SeriesClassic Series
It has a leather and Thinsulate thermal lining It only has a leather lining
It comes with a sheepskin insole It has standard and customized Blundstone lining
It comes with a factory-made waterproof abilityIt depends on the leather material of the shoe since they are naturally waterproof. 
It has large feet that fitIt has a well-cushioned sole

Is Blundstones Waterproof? 

Blundstones are manufactured from leather materials that resist excess water entering the shoes. Hence, the shoe uses its natural water-resistant ability to reduce the tendency of water damage. 

It is worth noting that Blundstone boots are not waterproof but only water resistant because they are products of oil-treated leather and water-repellent suede. 

On the other hand, some Blundstone designs, such as the thermal series, have factory-improved waterproof abilities. 

However, to make the leather materials maintain their waterproof abilities, ensure that each time your shoe gets wet due to snow or rainfall, dry it out at room temperature. 

As much as you can, avoid using artificial dryers to dry out the water in your boot. In addition, you can always use waterproof sprays or wax to maintain the water-resistant ability of your shoes. 

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