Can Vasque Hiking Boots Be Re-Soled? (Explained)

Can Vasque Hiking Boots Be Resoled

Going on a hiking trip with your Vasque hiking boot, experiencing nature, and probably exercising is fun until you discover your boots are worn. 

Then, it inconveniences you as it hinders your hiking activity. You’re concerned if this is the end of your Vasque boots that you purchased at a high price.

Although you’ve got some good years with the boots, you then wonder whether you can prolong your Vasque hiking boot lifespan by resoling them. 

Yes, you can resole your Vasque hiking boot sole. However, you can only resole some Vasque hiking boots; it depends on how your sole is structured and its damage. For example, if your Vasque bootsole is a mold, it can’t be resoled, but if it’s a welt sole, it is possible. Resoling your boots help prolong their use.

In this article, I’ll explain whether or not you can resole your Vasque hiking boots and how much resoling it will cost you.

I’ll then further explain if resoling your boot is a good idea. By the end of this article, you will know if you can resole your Vasque boot and if you should do so.

Can You Resole Vasque Hiking Boots?

Can Vasque Hiking Boots Be Resoled

Yes, you can resole the Vasque hiking boots, but it depends on the type of sole your Vasque boot has. 

If your Vasque boot has a molded sole, it isn’t possible to resole it, but if the sole is welt-constructed, you can resole it.

However, before resoling your Vasque hiking boots, ensure it’s worth it and that the upper part of your hiking boots is in good order.

You do not want to spend extra money fixing your sole only to use it for a short period, and it gets damaged again.

To fix your Vasque hiking boots that need a resoling, you can contact a repair shop or Red Wing on what to do. You can also try fixing it yourself if your boot is one that you can resole.

There are benefits and downsides to resoling your hiking boots. The table below will show the pros and cons of resoling your hiking boots.

The cost of resoling is less than getting a new hiking boot.Resoling your hiking boots does not fix the problem with the upper part of the boot.
You still get more years with your boots that hold sentimental value.Your resoled hiking boot isn’t as good as a new one in cushioning.
You only fix what is damaged when resoling your boot.Resoling will take time which might not be convenient for you.
You prolong the lifespan of your hiking boot.
You get better use of your old hiking boots than you currently get.
It is more eco-friendly to resole your boot than dispose of it.

How Much Does It Cost to Resole Vasque Hiking Boots?

There is a flexible price for resoling your Vasque hiking boots. However, you can get your boots resoled for about $75-$200, depending on the sole type and how much damage it has.

Some other factors can affect the price it costs to resole your Vasque hiking boots, such as the repair man or cobbler, area, etc.

Your local cobbler might charge you less than a certified repair man to resole your hiking boots and do it perfectly. 

The rate everyone charges for their jobs differs based on their experience and craft. Also, the area where you reside might affect the price they charge.

If you live in a big area, you might get charged more than you would if you get it done in a small area.

Also, additional costs may apply to your boots based on the damages they will fix while resoling them.

You can get a quote for your hiking boots and compare them to your local cobbler. 

You can get one from a specialized repair shop or a famous repair man like Dave Page, Gary’s shoe, based on where you live.

However, before taking your Vasque hiking boots for resoling, ensure it’s worth the stress and the upper part is in excellent condition.

Also, ensure that the boots aren’t cheap so you won’t spend so much resoling.

Is Resoling Vasque Hiking Boots a Good Idea?

Yes, it is an excellent idea to resole your Vasque hiking boot depending on the quality of the Vaque boot you are resoling. However, whether you want to do it or not is a personal choice.

It may be more stressful to resole your Vasque hiking boot than to get a new one. But you’ll love the result after getting a resole for your hiking boots.

Let’s take a look at whether or not it is a good idea from these angles;

  • Cost
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Time
  • Sentiment
  • Use

#1. Cost

Resoling, your Vasque hiking boots are significantly cheaper than getting a new pair.

Vasque hiking boots are generally great boots that last a long time, but as with other hiking boots, they can also succumb to time.

So, the result is a worn-out sole. However, the upper part of the hiking boots is still in excellent condition, so it doesn’t make sense to dispose of the entire boot.

So resoling it makes more sense than disposing of it. Besides, you can save up and get a new boot to add to your collection.

#2. Environmental Friendly

It is more environmentally friendly to resole your hiking boot rather than dispose of them to get a new one. 

If you can get good use out of your boots, you should recycle them rather than dispose of them. That way, you’re reducing the amount of waste in the environment.

#3. Time

It takes time to get a resole for your Vasque hiking boots, probably 2-3 weeks.

However, you’ll get your boot fixed and ready to work if you are okay with the time it takes to resole it.

#4. Sentiment

Sometimes, we don’t let go of our boots because of the sentiments or value that boot holds.

If you have Vasque hiking boots that you’ve been using for years and they got damaged, resoling helps you prolong their lifespan. 

You get to keep your favorite boot, which functions properly due to the resole job.

#5. Use

If you resole your Vasque hiking boot, you get more use out of it than before. In addition, your boot now grips better and protects your feet; you can cover more mileage than before.

So, resoling your Vasque hiking boots is a good idea. Hence, they produce some of their boots so you can resole them because they know you can prolong their use.

However, I’m not promising that resoling your Vasque hiking boots will make them as good as new ones, but you get more use resoling them.

How Long Do Vasque Hiking Boots Last?

It depends on how you use your Vasque hiking boots, the maintenance, and the quality of your Vasque boots.

Customer reviews on Vasque hiking boots vary; some people were able to use theirs for 20 years+, others 10+ or less.

The customers all have in common that Vasque hiking boots are durable and long-lasting. How long it lasts now depends on how you maintain it.

You can prolong its lifespan by cleaning it in warm water after a hiking activity and allowing it dry. 


In summary, you can resole your Vasque hiking boot depending on the material used when creating it. 

For example, if it’s welt, you can resole it because of how the manufacturers initially did it.

Resoling increases your Vasque’s lifespan, wouldn’t take you more than three weeks to get it done and is cheaper than a new one.

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