Can You Hike in Timberlands? (All You Need To Know)

Can You Hike in Timberlands

You see Timberland boots everywhere. When you wear them out, you make a fashion statement with these sturdy boots.

However, you have many of these boots at home, and as an avid hiker, you wonder if you can use them for hiking.

Aside from that, you probably saw a Timberland boot that is on sale and is waterproof and wondered if you should go for it. 

Will this Timberland boot be suitable for hiking or a waste of good resources?

Yes, you can hike in Timberlands, but not all Timberland boots are suitable for hiking. Although there are some Timberland boots for hiking, they are less comfortable or suitable for hiking than modern hiking boots. They’re more suited for short hikes but have no traction and are too heavy to be used as regular hiking boots.

In this article, I’ll explain whether or not you can hike in Timberland boots. I’ll then further explain if they are waterproof and which Timberland boots are best for hiking.

By the end, you’ll know if you can wear that Timberland boot in your house or get a new one for hiking.

Can I Hike in Timberland Boots?

Can You Hike in Timberlands

You can hike in Timberland boots, but I wouldn’t advise using them for a long hike; their boots are popular and are for fashion.

Although the manufacturers make some Timberland boots for hiking, it still needs to be as good as regular hiking boots. So if you decide to use it for hiking, it has shortcomings.

A primary reason you can’t use Timberland boots for hiking is because of the design, as it is heavier than typical hiking boots.

When hiking, you do not need a boot that will slow you down or add extra weight to your weight which is what Timberland does. 

However, there are some advantages to using Timberland boots for hiking.

The table below shows the pros and cons of using Timberland for hiking.

It is suitable for short hikes in both the rugged and city paths.They are more fashionable, and you can only use them for short hikes.
If you want a boot suitable for fashion and short hikes, it is the boot for you.The leather material in the boot can crease and result in blisters on your feet.
They are cheaper than other hiking boots.The material used in Timberland boots is outdated, unlike typical hiking boots.
Their hiking boots have anti-fatigue technology that helps when hiking.They are heavier than modern hiking boots.
They can spoil fast if used daily.
It has lesser traction than regular hiking boots.

Which Timberland Boots Are Best for Hiking?

Timberland boots manufacturers designed some of their boots for hiking.

The best boots among their products are;

  • Timberland Euro Sprint Hiker.
  • Mt. Maddsen Mid Waterproof.
  • White Ledge.
  • 1978 Waterproof Hiking Boot.
  • Chocotua Trail.
  • Garrison Trail Hiking Sneakers.

#1. Timberland Euro Sprint Hiker

This Timberland boot is comfortable and doesn’t need time to break in. In addition, this Timberland boot is lighter than others at 480g per boot, and it’s because it uses less overlay.

The collar of this boot keeps your ankles secure and is true to size. So you can order this boot in your size. 

This boot is budget-friendly and won’t hurt your pocket compared to other hiking boots. This boot ranks 5% of the best Timberland hiking boots. 

Overall, it is the best Timberland boot for hiking.

#2. Mt. Maddsen Mid Waterproof

This boot has a leather exterior replacing the cover of the typical hiking boot. Of the Timberland hiking boots, this one provides the best support for your feet with its firm rubber sole.

It won’t cause blisters while trying to break it in and is lighter than typical Timberland boots. It is waterproof and fits the feet snugly when. 

You can wear these boots outside, apart from when hiking, and still look good.

#3. White Ledge

This Timberland hiking boot is best for rugged paths with its thick outsole; however, they are lightweight. As a result, it holds its own when hiking on rugged paths without damage. 

As rugged as this hiking boot is, it is soft and comfy inside. It is waterproof and a little costlier than some other Timberland hiking boots. You should be okay with breaking in these boots.

#4. 1978 Waterproof Hiking Boot

With the 1978 Waterproof hiking boot, you get the look of a traditional Timberland boot. Still, this boot is more suited for hikers. 

It provides more comfort than the normal Timberland boot and is more suited for hikers. However, the comfort of this boot is less than other hiking boots.

#5. Chocorua Trail

This Timberland boot is excellent for you if you are an avid hiker, with its reinforced sole and upper leather part waterproof.

The good thing about this hiking boot is that it is more affordable than other hiking boots. In addition, it provides good support for the higher ankle.

#6. Garrison Trail Hiking Sneakers

The Garrison trail hiking sneakers feature EVA midsoles that help protect your feet and relieve your pain during long hikes. 

They contain plastic bottles, which is why they are lightweight. In addition, the TimberGrip technology in this boot protects your feet from slipping and falling and gives you more traction.

Are Timberland Hiking Boots Waterproof?

Yes, all Timberland hiking boots are waterproof. In addition, the upper part of the boots is made from leather and is water-resistant. 

The way the manufacturers designed this boot is to be 100% watertight. They seal the seam with extra silicone and attach it to the upper leather part of the boot.

Although waterproof, they are also suitable for an outing because the design looks fabulous and fashionable.

They are not suited for hiking in hot weather because of their waterproof material. In addition, the sweat in these hiking boots won’t go out very well due to their nature.

The boots need to be breathable, so air can pass through and go out, but it is different because of their nature. However, these boots are best in wet weather.

Their waterproof boots take longer to dry because of their minimal airflow. If they become waterlogged, it becomes bad for you and can result in blisters on your feet.

What Are Timberland Boots Good For? 

Timberland boots are suitable for hiking, everyday wear, and professional use. You can see people wearing these boots for almost everything.

Here are some uses of Timberland boots;

#1. Everyday Use

When going out to complete their looks, you see the yellow Timberland boots on people’s feet, which look good while wearing them.

You can also use this boot as everyday wear, which will serve you well, notwithstanding its features. 

These boots serve all purposes; whether you’re going camping, to the mall, or visiting, you can wear these boots. 

It is good in any weather condition, so you need not worry about when you’re wearing them.

#2. Fashion

It doesn’t matter what profession they do; the Timberland boots suit whatever look they’re going for. 

These boots are fashionable, and you can get one to pair with your clothing and end up fashionable. They are fashionable for both genders.

#3. Safety

Timberland boots are suitable for safety. For example, in professions like Engineering or construction, these boots are suitable as they provide comfort and protection to the wearer.

They can even be helpful in the workplace due to their traction and sturdiness.

#4. Hiking

Although Timberland boots are known for their yellow boots, they also make great hiking boots. It may not be on par with other hiking boots, but their products are excellent.

Timberland boots as hiking boots provide comfort to your feet as you wear them while hiking. They provide support and are waterproof, so they are suitable for hiking.

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